The Perfect Connection

Warning; Sexual references throughout story
Kailyn is just an average australian girl that decided to go on a trip overseas
she picked London, She has family over there
but what happens in to Kailyn in London with a certain member of a band?
and will he follow her back to Australia
or will he remain just a memory of her trip to London


17. Distance Will Be The Death Of Us

Since the accident and losing the baby, I’ve distanced myself from everyone except for Louis, for some strange reason we bonded and became really close since what happened, I haven’t been able to wrap head around everything that had happened, sometimes making me wish I’d never met the boys, but that was not the case I was ecstatic about having met them and having them be such a huge part of my life, but I knew deep down that soon enough I’d have to let go of Niall, because he’d have to leave me for his world tour for almost a full year and this had been playing through my mind a lot lately so I decided it’d be best to distance myself, and I did just that, I was sitting in my room on my bed just reading my twitter newsfeed, id confined in twitter a lot lately, which was probably my worst idea, considering everyone knew who I was and I had thousands of followers, but I needed to vent one way or another, I posted a status on twitter then got up to go and get something to eat, I placed my iPad on my bed and walked out my bedroom towards the kitchen “I’m starving” I heard Niall say dragging out the ‘g’ I popped my head around the corner to see Niall, I wasn’t sure if he’d read my twitter update and said that or if he was genuinely starving, who am I kidding this boy is always starving, I forced a smile and moved to the kitchen, opening the fridge first, not seeing anything I wanted so I moved to the pantry not finding anything I wanted again so I decided to go out to get food, I grabbed my phone and money shoved the money in my pocket and headed for the door “where are you going Kailyn?” I heard Niall say, he never calls me Kailyn anymore so this took me by surprise “er.. for a walk to get food” I said revealing a smile as I proceeded out the door “I’ll drive us” he shouted jumping up from the sofa “er.. umm.. no I’d rather walk” I quickly replied as I began walking but Niall wasn’t far behind me, he grabbed my wrist and yanked me back “what are you doing?” I asked concerned about what his reply might actually be “let’s talk” he replied not showing any emotion which left me stunned I don’t want to lose him what if this is the talk were he said he’s leaving me or he’s going on tour, which means he’s leaving me as well my thoughts wandered and he yanked me back inside, before he even said anything my eyes started to well up turning glassy the tears were building up but I was holding them back “baby don’t cry, I just want to talk to you, it seems like you haven’t wanted to even look at me lately” he said slightly pouting at me he wiped my eyes with his thumbs and leaned in and kissed my forehead “I have wanted to talk, I just haven’t kind of figured out what to say yet” I replied to him with my shaky voice “You can say whatever you want to me and you know that so what is the real reason, and please be honest with me, I want to  know what I can do to make you feel better” he replied with sincerity in his voice, this is something I’d never have expected to hear from him, I’d told Louis everything as to why I’m so distant from him and Lou gave me the best advice I just hadn’t figured out how to put that into action yet I got lost in my thoughts again until I heard my name i turned around towards the door “LOUIS!” I shouted wrapping my arms around him giving him a big squeeze hug, “I saw your twitter update and thought I’d come baring food for my girl” he said to me, for some reason he always refers to me as his girl now, “OH MY GOD, I FUCKING LOVE YOU RIGHT NOW” I said dragging him inside completely ignoring Niall, Louis was that one friend that would turn up on your door step uninvited but making you thank god he showed up to save you from an awkward situation, Louis and myself sat at the table in the dining room just talking, I heard Niall throw himself on the sofa and let out a big groan Louis gestured him to come and sit at the table with us “nah I’m alright mate, I’m going to go for a drive” he said, my head flung around when he said he was going for a drive my eyes widened and I just looked at him shocked, I really didn’t want him driving, I hated when he got in the car now, I was always worried it’d be the last time I saw him “is everything ok Kailyn? You’re as white as a ghost right now!” Niall said to me as he stood up “err… umm… yeah, I guess, umm… I’m going to erm… lay down for a umm.. a little while” I said forcing a smile while quickly pulling myself away from the table and rushing to my room, I slammed the door behind me and threw myself on my bed tears freely flowing from my eyes, as I cried loudly saw my door open slightly “baby what’s wrong?” I heard Niall say and he came and laid down next to me in bed “you’ve been acting weird towards me a lot lately then when I said I’m going out you do this, you’ve been making me feel as though you don’t care about me anymore” he said and paused for a while “it seems like you just care about Louis” he finished my head pipped up “you think I don’t care about you anymore? Are you fucking kidding me? You are the only reason I’m still here right now, the amount of times I’ve wanted to just walk into the bathroom and fill my body with every drug I could find, I wouldn’t be able to count the amount of times I’d thought about that on all my fingers, it crosses my mind every day until I remember I have someone I love deeply waiting for me outside this bedroom which makes me want to come out to you every time, until my mind fucks with me again and reminds me, you will be leaving me eventually anyways whether it be for tour, or the fact you just simply don’t love me anymore, I know it’s coming, so I’m just waiting it out I guess” I said through frequent sobs and tears streaming down my face “Kailyn, baby, I will NEVER leave you, I have no intensions on ever leaving you and when tour does come around I will be forcefully making you come with me, because honestly I wouldn’t last a whole tour around the world without you, you are honestly my everything” he said to me causing me more tears I went to say something to him in reply, but he cut me off “show me you still love me baby, spend time with me again, I’ve missed your comfort with me everywhere I go” he said as he leaned in and kissed my lips.

That night I had promised Niall I’d spend the whole next day with him and he told me he had so much he wanted to do with me, I was excited but I really just wanted to keep to myself, I wish he just wanted to stay in and have a movie day or something, but that wasn’t the case, I eventually fell asleep in Niall’s arms I really missed having him hold me of a night while I drifted to sleep.
The next morning, I woke up to an empty bed, had he really left me to wake up alone, after everything we spoke about last night, waking up next to him would have been the most perfect thing for me this morning, I sat up in my bed reaching for my phone from the bedside table and realizing it was 10:30am holy fuck had I really slept that long, I can’t have I rushed out of bed and into the living room, I was only wearing my underwear and my bra I came to a complete holt when I realized I was standing in front of Niall and the rest of the boys, plus Ashleigh was here Niall quickly jumped up and wrapped his arms around me “eyes off boys, this is mine” he said chuckling and pushing me back towards my room down the hallway “all yours hey?” I asked as I kissed his neck while walking backwards through the doorway of my bedroom “yes all mine, and I just can’t have you expose yourself to those boys, they aren’t that Lucky, I was the lucky one this time” he said staring into my eyes not dropping his gaze, he pushed me back on the bed and laid on top of me he began to kiss my jaw line “I wish we were alone right now” he whispered into my ear “I wish we were too” I said back as I knew he was getting turned on I could feel his boner rising in his pants “don’t do this to me baby, I’ve wanted this for a few weeks now” he said seductively in my eyes “guys really? Niall get off my girl, I need to talk to her” Louis said standing at our door and laughing at what he had just walked in on “Lou, fuck off mate, she has to get dressed first, you can talk to MY GIRL when she is dressed” Niall replied a little sarcastic I slapped him for being rude “boo-bear, I’ll be out in a minute maybe we can go for a walk?” I said smiling from under Niall and not dropping my gaze from Niall when replying “alright love birds, but hurry up” he said walking away from the door and leaving Niall and I unattended “Where were we baby?” Niall asked while kissing my neck “I believe I was getting dressed because we have company and they aren’t “Lucky enough to see me like this” according to you” I said laughing at him then pressing my lips against his, I pushed him off of me and moved to the wardrobe looking for a dress to wear today when I felt arms wrap around me from behind “boy you are really affectionate today aren’t you” I said chuckling to myself “I’ve wanted to be this affectionate for a few weeks now baby” he said and with that he kissed my neck grabbed a dress from my wardrobe “this would look beautiful on you, anything looks beautiful on you though…” he said handing me the dress and walked out before he left the room he said “I love you Kailyn, Mine forever and always okay?” and with that he walked out leaving me breathless with the dress in hand, it was a little white sun dress it came to just above my knees so I slipped it on and walked out the door and into the living room to find Louis waiting anxiously for me.



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