The Perfect Connection

Warning; Sexual references throughout story
Kailyn is just an average australian girl that decided to go on a trip overseas
she picked London, She has family over there
but what happens in to Kailyn in London with a certain member of a band?
and will he follow her back to Australia
or will he remain just a memory of her trip to London


5. Clubbing

I climbed out of his bed fast “I’ll talk to you later Niall” I said as I threw my clothes on and ran for the door, I was furious, I swung his door open, as it opened I saw all the boys at the door “Hi, excuse me” I said as I pulled my crew neck over my head walking out the door “babe, just wait please” I head Niall shout but I was already running to the elevator, I pushed the button signalling down and the elevator arrived almost instantly, I boarded it and went down to the lobby, I didn't care about these screaming girls at the door, I just ran out the doors and shoved past them, and hailed a cab down as I climbed into the cab I gave him the address I needed to go too it was a long trip to her house, and it gave me time to calm down I guess, but I still needed to question her motive in what she had done, then as I started to think about what she had done, I started to get worked up about it again, we pulled up out the front, I had the cab driver to give me 10 minutes and id be back out and I didn't care if he kept the meter running.

I got to the front door and knocked several times my auntie answered the door
“Kailyn, hey are you hear for Lucy?” Auntie Tabs asked “yeah actually I am, is she here?” I replied slightly snapping
“she is but are you ok? What’s happened?” she questioned “oh I just need to hear what Lucy has to say for what happened yesterday?” I replied “oh about Niall hitting on her why you went to the bathroom?” she said “excuse me? No that is not what happened yesterday” I snapped “LUCY” I shouted as I saw her walk pasted the door “I’ll leave you girls to this then” she stated gesturing Lucy to the door to face me “what happened yesterday? And tell me the truth because you are telling Auntie Tab’s one thing and Niall has told me something completely different, I need to know the truth” I snapped at her “look Kailyn, you need to calm down because it was nothing ok” she said back to me
“how on earth was it nothing when you told Niall that you had your heart set on him and you were pissed at me for being with him” I said to her trying to be as calm as possible “I’m sorry what, that is not what happened, Niall grabbed my hand when you left to go to the bathroom and told me that he thinks I was the most beautiful girl in the room and I told him not to do this because you were my cousin and grabbed my hand and said it again and then told me he is only with you to try and get closer to me so maybe if you plan on abusing me over this you should be getting every little fact before attacking someone, thank you very much and if you want some sort of proof than maybe ask mum how he looked at me the night you both came over for dinner” she said as she slammed the door in my face, the way he looked at her, I actually cannot believe this I said to myself as I walked back to the cab “back to the hotel please” I asked as I sat in the back seat I had so many things running through my head and so many emotions rushing through my entire body I didn’t know what to do, but I knew for sure I didn’t want to talk to him at the moment “here we are ma’am” I heard the cab driver say
“thank you” I said as I gave him the money, I walked in through the front door, I just had to push my way through the fans again, when one of them stopped me “remember me from yesterday?” she asked “oh yes, yes, hi, how’re you?” I replied
“good thank you and yourse-” I cut her off “hey I really need to go, but come back later tonight and you can come up to the hotel to see the boys” I said to her shoving my way through the rest of the fans into the hotel, id honestly had enough of seeing these fans out here every day all day, it was so frustrating I got in the elevator and made my way up to the 6th floor, I just didn’t want to see him at all why I was so confused and filled with different emotions I needed to just go to my room and just cry.

I got out of the elevator and the hallway was empty good I thought to myself, I started walking to my room and when I reached door 406 Niall’s door opened, I quickly rummaged through my bag trying to find my key, I grabbed it out and bolted for my door I put the key in my door and as I did they all walked out, including Niall, I unlocked my door and slammed it behind me, I leant up again the back of the door, slid down it and as all the emotions came pouring out I bawled my eyes out, I got up after a few minutes and moved to my bed, my door handle started turning shit I forgot to lock it I thought to myself “Kailyn?” I heard a voice, it wasn't Niall’s voice though, I sprung up as they appeared from behind a wall “Liam?” I said out aloud as I saw him “hey, is everything alright?” he asked “everything is peachy, I really just don’t want to talk about it to be honest” I responded “ok well would you prefer it if Niall came in so you two could talk” he asked “Definitely not” I snapped “I’d actually prefer to be left alone in general please” I continued to snap “ok, well if you feel like talking later come and see me, I’m in 440” he said sweetly as he let himself out of my room, I heard talking outside my door, and just as I was about to lay back down my door flung open like it was actually shoved open, I jumped in fright and walked over to where the door is, “Niall?” I said “what was that all about?” I continued “what’s wrong?” he questioned while he shut the door behind him “n-nothing” I said shaking my head towards him “don’t give me nothing, you told Liam you didn’t even want to talk to me” he continued with worry in his voice “you need to get out please Niall, I just don’t want to talk to anyone” I snapped “talk to me, trust me enough and talk to me” he asked “leave it alone, leave me alone” I shouted concern ran all over his face as he walked towards me “No, No I will not leave you alone” he stated “why are you so angry with me now?” he questioned “I’m angry because Lucy told me a whole different version of what you told me and I don’t know who to believe she also said she has proof of her version” I shouted as I broke down in tears with so much angry rushing through me right now I went to lock myself in the bathroom, but as I went to turned around Niall grabbed me in the tightest hug, I was shouting at him through the tears streaming down my face “what did she tell you?” he asked trying to calm me down “she said you told her she was the most beautiful girl in the room and you were only with me to get to her” I said in a shaky voice still crying “how would she have proof of that?” he questioned “how am I supposed to know Niall?” I asked slowly starting to calm down “play her bluff, it didn’t happen so she has no proof at all” he stated as he grabbed my chin to lift my head and leant down to kiss me “ring ring” my room phone started ringing, I wiped my tears and cleared my throat “Hello?” I spoke
“Kailyn, Lucy told me what happened when you showed up today, don’t let a boy get between you both please, but I can confirm the way he looked at Lucy that night at my house” she said, I felt my heart drop in my chest “thank you” is all I said and hung up.

“Get out” I shouted at Niall he went to speak but I cut him off “get out of my room now please” I asked he looked so confused “play her bluff, she doesn’t have proof” I said mocking what Niall had previously told me “well turns out Niall she did have some form of proof so get out” I shouted shoving him out my room and slamming the door right behind him and locking it this time, I threw myself on my bed and just cried it wasn’t until two hours later I realized I still have so much time to kill in London I have three days left here, why am I wasting them crying of him I said to myself as I got up and grabbed the dress my mother had conveniently packed for me, Thanks mum I said to myself out loud walking into the bathroom and taking all my clothes off and climbing into the shower, after about 20 minutes I got out and dried myself and tied my hair up in a hair tie leaving two bits of hair out on either side of my head, picked up my dress, this dress is actually really cute I thought to myself, it was all white with silver sequences all over the chest it was short it was tight and supportive around my chest and cute and flowing the rest of the way down, it just covered my bum, but it was so short it showed my scars on my legs so I threw some stockings on and some cute black ballet flats “shit” I shouted as I remembered that, that fan of Niall’s would probably be waiting out the front for me, so I raced out of my room not thinking about the fact I shouldn’t be running in such a short dress and jumped in the elevator as it was already there and made my way to the lobby as I exited the elevator I was in the presents of Harry Louis & Zayn “oh good I was hoping I’d see you guys” I said with enthusiasm will you guys do me a favour “yes definitely what is it?” they asked “will you please come and meet this girl I met yesterday she’s really lovely “yeah definitely” they said agreeing “you look lovely” Zayn said as I walked away to go find this girl, I couldn’t even remember her name urghh how bad is that, but then I saw her, she looked lovely, she was wearing this beautiful blue dress and a pair of cute blue flats to match I gestured for her to come in and as she came in I had the best idea “hey how old are you?” I asked quickly “umm 19 why? She replied curiously “ok well I want to go clubbing tonight are you interested in coming with me?” I asked her, her face seemed to have lit up “I’d love too, is Niall coming?” she asked “umm no, we aren’t exactly speaking at the moment, I’ll explain that later on” I replied “oh and I have some people that want to meet you” I continued thinking shit I need her name to introduce them “sorry what was your name again darl?” I questioned “Oh Taylor” she said laughing “Harry Zayn & Louis this is Taylor, Taylor this is Harry Zayn & Louis” I said smiling “it’s nice to meet you boys” Taylor said quite happy with herself “are you ready Kailyn” she asked “yeah definitely, alright well we have to go, because we are going to go clubbing tonight” I said replying to Taylor and inform the boys.


“Guys, what are we doing tonight” I heard a think Irish accent shout from behind the boys “let’s go Taylor” I said trying to hurry away before Niall got over to where myself and the boys were “wow, Kailyn, you look beautiful” Niall said while I tried to rush past him “thanks” I said dragging Taylor behind me, we go up to the room, I put on a face suitable for the clubs and we called a taxi to take us into town, Taylor and I both made our way down to the lobby to wait for our taxi to get here.

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