The Perfect Connection

Warning; Sexual references throughout story
Kailyn is just an average australian girl that decided to go on a trip overseas
she picked London, She has family over there
but what happens in to Kailyn in London with a certain member of a band?
and will he follow her back to Australia
or will he remain just a memory of her trip to London


4. Battle Scars

“I don’t want to leave this room today it’s so cold” I said as I sat on the floor to put on my ballet flats

“Then why are you wearing shorts today silly” he replied
“I don’t know, because they are cute” I said with a slight laugh, Niall came and sat on the ground in front of me he grabbed my legs to pull me in so that my legs were on either side of him he whispered “if we didn’t have to go out then I’d rather stay in with you, maybe tomorrow then hey?” he asked

“Tomorrow, I don’t know if I can do tomorrow I kind of wanted to spend some time with my really cute boyfriend” I said jokingly “tomorrow will be fantastic” I said reassuring him

“You’d better be joking, because I’d be pretty upset if you had some other good looking lad in your life” he said cutely
“hey babe, I don’t mean to intrude but are those scars on the tops of your thighs?” he asked with sorrow in his voice
“If that’s what you want to call them” I said looking down at my thighs
“Well what do you call them?” he asked
“battle scars, because the reason I have them is because I fought a huge battle with depression a few years ago and basically I kicked it’s ass” I said trying to lighten the mood, he looked at me with a hint of sorrow in his eyes
he leant down and kissed my scars “just don’t do it again, please” he said to me as he looked me back in the eyes
“it’s been over two years and I haven’t done anything to hurt myself and I have no intensions of doing it again” I said with a smile as I stood up encouraging Niall to do the same because it was 11am and we had to be in town by 11:30 for lunch, “Niall come one we need to be in town in half an hour or Lucy will be left by herself” I said to him trying to hurry him “alright, alright I’m coming” he replied slightly groaning at the thought of having to leave the room, we left the hotel and Niall drove into town we park the car and had to walk a little bit to actually get to Lucy “lucky we left soon enough because we have to walk” I said to him
“I’m glad we get to walk, it means I get to show you off to everyone” he said grabbing my hair and kissing me softly on the lips we walked for about 10 minutes we got stopped so many times, seriously Directioners are everywhere it really is insane, but the ones that stopped us were so polite they introduced themselves to me and Niall told them exactly who I was to him, they were not distressed about it, it was more like they were happy for Niall, it was so nice to meet his fans and have them be so lovely, we finally reached Lucy, she seemed really angry I don’t know why she was in a bad mood because she seemed good on the phone this morning, I’m sure she will say something eventually or when she is ready “Lucy, hi how’re you?” I said “I’m fine thanks” she replied she wasn’t herself that’s for sure, I didn’t like it “should we go in?” I suggested “it all sounds good to me” Lucy said sounding a bit happier than before I couldn’t help but think something was up with her, she’s acting really weird, we sat down at a table looking at the menu Niall sat next to me leaving a seat available next to Lucy, I was quite deep in thought when I heard Lucy say my name “Kailyn, are you going to order or just stare into space?” she said “Oh, oh err can I just have a creamy chicken pasta dish please” I asked “any drinks with that” the waitress asked “Err just a water please, thank you” I said “all of that shouldn’t be too long at all and she turn away and walked off, all three of us talked for a while I excused myself from the table to go to the bathroom before the meals got here I was gone for about 5 minutes, I rushed back to the table  and sat down next to Niall, the table was silent “so did I miss anything?” I asked “nope” Lucy replied “oh look foods here” Niall stated, the table was silent the rest of lunch and when we left the restaurant, Niall and I waited for my Aunt to come and collect Lucy, Niall offered to take her home several times, but she denied every time, Auntie Tabs arrived to pick her up we said hi but Lucy got straight in the car and asked her to take her home “I’ll call you later Lucy” I stated as they took off, Niall and I walked around London for a few hours by the time it came to 5pm we decided to head back to our hotel we walked back to the car and he drove back to the hotel, I was quiet the whole trip back and when we got back to the hotel Niall asked “is everything ok babe, you’ve been pretty quiet”
“yeah I’m fine, I’m just worried about Lucy” I stated “she seemed a bit funny today” he replied  as we walked up to our rooms I went to say to say goodbye to him because I wanted to crawl into bed or ring Lucy to find out what was up with her, but as I went to say I’ll see you later he walked up to me grabbed my hand “come on sour puss, come and cuddle” he said to me dragging me into his room “Sour Puss?” I immediately replied questioning what he called me “yup sour puss because you seem a bit grumpy and I feel it’s my job to lighten your mood” he said with a cheeky smile on his face and shut the door behind us.

As Niall shut the door he pushed me against the back of the it and started passionately kissing me our tongues picking up pace as Niall’s hands moved all over my body, I wanted him so badly, he picked me up forcing me to lock my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, it seemed as though he had no intensions on stopping this and boy, neither did I, he carried me too his bed where he laid me down gently while still kissing me now slowly he got on top of me he grabbed the bottom of my crew neck sweater and lifted it up over my head and pulled my arms out of it, he then removed his own shirt quickly then leant down kissing me some more  while picking up pace in our kissing he started moving on top of me back and forth, it was weird but it felt good, it made me want him so much more, while kissing me he unbuttoned my shorts and slipped his hand down my underwear he started rubbing and then slid his finger in and out causing me to moan after a while he stopped, he started to slid my pants down and then off came my shoes with my shorts he leant back down kissing me some more before he slipped his own pants off and kicked his shoes off, he lifted me gently as he unclipped my bra and removed it from my body, still kissing me he began to slid his briefs off then my underwear, both now laying there completely naked he paused for a minute “you have more battle scars on your body then just your thighs” he announced in shock leaning down to kiss where he found scars “I sure do, they are everywhere, and they’re the reason I usually don’t find myself in this position, completely naked in front of someone” I stated “we don’t have to do this it’s entirely up to you babe” he stated “no I want too Niall, otherwise I’d have stopped this before I was in this state” I said smiling as he leant back down and started kissing my neck while kissing my neck he reached into his side draws and pulled out a small packet he ripped it open with his teeth and slipped the object in the packet on himself “if it hurts the slightest tell me and I’ll stop” he said I just nodded and as he slipped it in, I let out a moan, it was awkward and uncomfortable but something about this was right, I didn’t feel as though I needed to stop him, he moved in and out slowly to begin with but surely enough he picked up his pace, he continued to move in and out for quite some time I managed to start squealing and moaning a bit more rapidly until it all lead up to my orgasm, which was when he pulled out  I laid there for a little while, but I felt I really needed to shower, so I got up told Niall I was going to shower and ran off to his bathroom, I turned the water on so the temperature was really good I climbed into the shower I heard a knock on the bathroom door “Yeah?” I asked “babe, can I join you?” Niall said with a sweet voice “if you’d like too” I stated and in he came he climbed into the shower with me, we played around a bit in there but have half an hour in there together we climbed out, I went to go put my clothes on “no no, just come and cuddle, trust me it’s better this way then with clothes” he suggested so I went and climbed into bed and we fell asleep together.

I woke up in the morning curled up close to Niall, I woke him up and asked him what we were going to do today “This” he said as he turned the TV on and buried his head into my neck and started kissing my neck, we fell back asleep still cuddled up to one another he woke me up later on because there was a movie on TV and he wanted to watch it with me, I honestly have no idea why because the movie was chucky, I hated this movie it scared the crap out of me whenever I watched it, but I watched it with him well actually I buried my head in his chest most of the movie because it frightened me so much as the movie ended we just laid there “I have to tell you something Kailyn” he said
“what is it?” I replied a little worried “well yesterday when we had lunch with Lucy, she was acting weird right? Well when you went to the bathroom, I asked her if everything was ok and she told me no, I asked her what was up and she told me she was pissed at you because you were dating the person her heart had set itself on and as she said it she grabbed my hand I told her it couldn’t happen at all because my heart had set itself on you but she continued to push me and she leant over the table to kiss me I told her no and then just went quiet and you walked out” he said with a sign of relief as he got that off his chest “wow, what? Did she really? That bitch” I said with anger in my voice.

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