The Perfect Connection

Warning; Sexual references throughout story
Kailyn is just an average australian girl that decided to go on a trip overseas
she picked London, She has family over there
but what happens in to Kailyn in London with a certain member of a band?
and will he follow her back to Australia
or will he remain just a memory of her trip to London


9. Back to work

I was dreading going back to work but tomorrow was the day I had to go back I laid in bed thinking about how I managed to get myself into such a situation I just couldn’t figure it out so out of pure boredom I logged into my twitter, I never log into this thing, I hate the whole social networking crap, but it was time it go checked, I saw I had so many mentions on there and my follower count just grew and grew from when I last checked it, I checked out some of the people following me as I found it to be pretty bizarre and to my shock people like Perez Hilton and Selena Gomez were following me, I loved Selena Gomez I kept scrolling through my new followers and names like “1D_Forever and 1D_Infection” were all following me so clearly something had been said about me and Niall, I mean there really is no other way for this to have gotten out, but I wonder who said something, while thinking this through I continued to scroll through my follower count and to my shock, I just could not believe she were following me my idol, she was the girl I looked up to for style and inspiration, girlfriend of Zayn and singer in band little mix Perrie Edwards was following me I had a mini heart attack in bed forcing Niall to wake up “are you alright?” he asked

“fuck, sorry I didn’t mean to wake you, it’s nothing” I replied it was 3am and I really needed to sleep because I had to be at work at 10am thankfully only until 3pm, I ended up crashing out at about 3:30am.

I woke up to an empty bed at 7am I wonder where he is I said to myself as I climbed out of bed to go and have a shower, as I walked up the hallway Niall started walking down he kissed me good morning and went to walk into the bathroom with me I just looked at him as though to say what are you doing? “Babe I need to get ready for work” I said insisting he leave the bathroom “work? Are you working today?” he asked a little upset about the situation “I do I’m sorry, but you can hang out here for the day or go and see what there is to do around” I encouraged him he didn’t say anything he just stood there pouting at me I walked up to him “you are going to trip on this thing one day” I said referring to his drooping lip due to the pout as I leant in to kiss him damn it I wish I didn’t kiss him again, it’s not easy pulling yourself out of his kiss eventually he pulled away “what about just a shower together than? And not sex” he asked so sweetly I thought about it “ok, but no sex because I can’t be late to work” I replied I was a little worried about getting back to work seeing as it seems a lot of people know about Niall and I according to my twitter I thought as I removed my clothes and climbed into the shower and as did Niall, just seeing him standing there in front of me whilst in the shower I just can’t even begin to explain how lucky I feel and how much he made me want him, I tried biting my lip to forget about what I wanted and to focus on what I needed, it was the hardest fight of my life, but I managed and I climbed out of the shower wrapped a towel around me and walked to my bedroom as I went to shut the door he grabbed me and flung me around to face him, he started kissing me passionately I wanted to shove him away purely because I had work, but before I knew It he had laid me on the bed and had climbed on top of me, as it started to heat up I realized the time, Niall I can’t I’m actually going to be late for work I quickly got dressed shoved my shoes on and threw my hair back into a pony tail and raced for the door “i’ll see you after I finish work I love you” I said and I’d realized I said the three words I never say to anyone, especially not this soon into a relationship I paused at me door for a minute and jolted to turn around then decided to continue to my car my door swung open and a puzzled Niall walked out “did you just say I love you?” he asked “I don’t know? Did it?” I said trying to avoid the obvious “I mean if you did then the feelings are returned but if you didn’t well this could be awkward for me” he said “I did say it, but I’ll talk to you later ok” I replied quickly as I started reversing my car out the driveway “I love you too” he said as I left.

The trip to work is always boring, but today I was screaming lyrics to song out the top of my lungs and I didn’t care if I got looked at or not, that was until after I had parked my car and go ambushed by a mob of reporters tracking Niall and wanting to know the truth behind me and Niall, I raced to work and ran out the back into the staff room waiting to start it was only 9:40 so I had 20 minutes my boss was sitting in here “it’s nice to see you actually came back, considering the mountain of cash you are sitting on right now” she said rather harshly “I’m sorry what are you talking about” “you know what, you and Niall, you’d be loaded now you are with him” she said back to me “except I don’t use people for money” I said to her as I turned myself to walked away from her I couldn’t remain in that room with her.

Work went quite fast and a lot of girls came in asking me if I was Kailyn the girl Niall can’t stop tweeting about and saying how much her cares about, I simply said yes and asked them if they mind, because I was actually at work, meeting so many Niall fans made me miss Taylor so much because she was a fan of him and that’s how we met, she was such a beautiful girl, I started to head back home after I’d finished and I noticed a huge swarm of girls over outside the sushi shop I wanted to go into as I squeezed past everyone I didn’t even notice who was waiting for me out the front, I just walked straight inside “Kailyn” they yelled I turned around as I heard my name “Niall, oh my god what are you doing here? And how did you get here?” I said puzzled “you told me this morning you loved me and when I said it back I wasn’t sure if you heard me so I wanted to meet you after you finished work just to tell you that I love you too” he replied I just smiled, I wasn’t sure if I’d actually wanted to hear that I mean, yeah it’s amazing hearing those words from him, but well I actually don’t know, I’m just over thinking everything so I walked up to him wrapped my arms around him and kissed him, even though his fans were there behind him gawking at us I just didn’t care anymore, I decided not to bother with getting any Sushi and I walked out with Niall hand in hand we made our way back to my house and when we got home I sat down on the sofas and threw my bag down I was so tired today was crazy and I needed pain killers so I got up and walked into the kitchen to where I keep them and grabbed out 4 and poured some water into a clean glass to wash the pills down with I then moped and walked to my bedroom to lay down, when I got in there Niall was laying down on my bed “what are you doing?” I asked as I laid next to him resting my head on his chest “just checking twitter” he replied “oh ok” I said “are you ok babe?” he asked pulling my head up to look me in the eyes “yeah, I just had a bit of a headache” I announced and he leant down and kiss my head “well just close your eyes and go to sleep” he said as he moved me up to his shoulder to cuddle me to sleep.

I woke up and Niall was still there, still awake but he didn’t even bother to move me at all so he could go do something other than lay here with me he was such a sweetheart I looked up at him “hey” was all I said as I leaned in to kiss him “how are you feeling?” he asked seeming concerned “I feel much better to be honest” I said to him smiling I wanted to have a shower so I climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom and as I went to shut the door behind me it got pushed open again and Niall just looked at me then started walking towards me he ripped me into his embrace “I love you” he said to me in-between kisses “I love you too” I replied to him as I shoved him out of the bathroom I love his company but sometimes I really just need some alone time and the shower is where I get it, as I got him out of the bathroom I shut the door and started to heat up the shower, when I heard Niall call out to me I raced out into the where his voice came from and at my door there was Lucy mum and dad, I just looked at mum then Niall then Lucy, I didn’t know what to do so I just smiled and gestured them inside “Kailyn, do you mind is Lucy waits here for a few hours so your mother and I can go out for a little while” my dad asked “uhh, umm, shit Niall and I had plans dad” I replied, I lied I felt awful I don’t lie to my dad why am I starting now, I’m such an idiot “but I guess that’ll be fine but as long as it is for a few hours so we can go out after and do what we wanted to do” I continued carrying on with that huge lie, why don’t I just tell my dad, I mean then he’d keep Lucy away from us, but I couldn’t do it, I just tried to make him happy “thanks mate we will be back at 8” he said as he walked out the door and left Lucy with us “hey long time no see” Lucy said with a smirk “don’t! don’t even try to cause trouble, you are in my house so you need to respect me and Niall thank you” I said to her as I turned around and walked back into the bathroom to have my shower.



When I got out of the shower I just threw on my sweats and plain white t-shirt and walked into the living room where Niall was sitting and sat next to him “Babe do you mind if the boys come over for a while?” he asked “of course not, they are welcome here whenever” I said chuckling at his question “oh brilliant, I just give Liam a call” he said back to me “tell them to come at 8” I shouted “when no one else is here” I continued Lucy came in just after I said that and sat of the sofa opposite me she didn’t say anything to me she just sat down and looked at me smiling “why are you looking at me like that?” I snapped at her “I just love the way I make you worry that’s all” she replied smirking at me “whatever Lucy, you need to quit this shit, you honestly have no chance with him so just stop fucking trying” I shouted at her “what’s going on?” I hear Niall shout from the other room I got up and walked away and over to Niall “nothing Lucy is just really pushing my buttons” I replied to him I heard a knock at the door, I walked over and opened the door thank god it was mum and dad “hey she’s in the lounge room” I said to dad and he walked in to go get her “whose idea was this?” I questioned my mum “she’s been such a bitch, she is completely rude arghh she infuriates me” I continued “it was your fathers, I’m sorry” she replied trying to apologise she clearly felt bad about it, and well it’s not like she could tell dad because I didn’t want that, they picked up Lucy and left straight away.


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