My Strange School

Just a little tale of the weirdos in my middle school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3


1. The Boy Who Talks To Himself

Sooooooooooo my teacher in my 1/2 class gave new seats. I get to sit by my two of my best buddies (who are very strange:)) and this one other boy who is hard to describe. Well one day my buddies and I were talking and all of a sudden this strange strange (yes I meant to put strange twice) starts talking to him self then he starts randomly singing! My friends and I just stare at him  and he was like "what" and we just burst out laughing!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA





P.S. My other buddy told me this dude tried to brake a pencil with his forehead and it was an epic fail. He says and I quote "pssshhhhh............ yeeeeeeaaaaaaaah  this pencil is like really haaaaaaarrrrrrd."     :()

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