The love that cant last<3

Payson Keeler, a gymnist training for the olympics swore to her friends to never have a boyfriend or get distracted by any other thing other than gymnastics. After many family troubles she runs away trying her hardest to forget about her life from before. while she runs away to a secret place she found, a boy walks in. Payson thought nobody knew about this place. Who is it? A gymnastics fan? Her dad? ~read to find out!


4. stranger danger


We got in the car and drove to the mall. "Niall i dont know about this"i stated "calm down your gonna be ok! i will be right next to you the enitre time! The security will be close by too."he replyeed calming me down "Yea but look at all thise fans already. The paparazzi too! Pictures of me will make me visible to my dads side of the family."i worried "Hey payson its ok. I will do anything to make sure youll be alright."he said. I guess that made me feel alittle better so i decided to go inside. First we went to the icecream shop and i had the best chocolate icecream ever. Then we went looking in a few stores when we walked by a gynastics store that sold leos. "Woah! hey niall can we go in here."i excaimed "yea definitally"he replyed so we went in the store and looked around till i found THE CUTEST LEO."Oh my! This is so adorible i would lovve this!"I said then looked at the price tag "wait no i cant get it its way too much." i sadly said "No its not. Your not buying anyway i got this."niall stated "Ohhh yes i am. You bougth the icecream i got the other stuff."i demanded "No im buying!"niall said Then went up to the register and payed for it. We kept walking till i saw the best thing in the world. My home, a gym. "OH NIALL NIALL!! Its a gym!!  can we check it out please!" I exclaimed  "Yea, how bout you go show me a few tricks of yours." he wanted. I went to change into my new leo and went over to the vault to show him a few triks. I was in heavean. I ran toward it and did a level 24 vault. I could do better but i just did thus one.When i was flying threw the air it felt amazing,Then i landed and completley fell over


Oh my god payson! I ran out on the mat and tried not to distract anyonelse. "Are you ok payson?"i asked while she was in tears. "No! i totally forgot about my ankle! It hurts so bad!"she scremed "Its okay um here let me carry you."i asked we were walking over to the waiting area where the parents sit. "No wait stop! sit down rigth here and dont say anything"she whisperd "Wait whats going on?" i said when i slowly sat down. "Its dad. He must belookiing for me in all the gyms in town."she whisperd "I need to get you out of here now"i stated we heard footsteps behind so we turned around. There we saw a women wearing a brigth purple pencil skirt and a blue fancy top. "Exuse me payson keeler? yea your father is looking for you." the woment stated 


I didnt know what to do. What should i say? I have to tell the truth or else he probly would take me back to his house and hurt me even more. "ma'm i cant go home with him you dont understand." i tryed to say "Yes i do, you ran away cause your father made you quit gymnastics." the women yelled sternly "No! im not going back and that is nowhere near what has been happening!"i screamed at her and hopped to the bathroom without my dad seeing me. Niall told her what has been happening and she called the police. She told my dad that i would be waiting outside the mall. He pulled a gun on her and said "no suprises" Then she replyed saying ofcourse not. After he ledft we locked down the gym. I didnt kno at the time so i hopped out and it was completly dark. "Hello? whats going on"i sayed concernly My dad came and looked in the window and saw me. "You little shit bag! Get out here now!"he screamed. I got super scared and started freaking out so i fainted.


I could here yelling from outside the window and i heard a big *BANG* there were gunshots and i didnt know where payson was. I crawld arouund on the floor and found her laying down passed out. "Payson! oh are you ok? wake up"i whisperd I dint see any blood so she didnt get shot. I think she freaked out and fainted. I pulled her aside and shook her awake. She was crying when she woke up.  "He found me niall! I .....I wanna go! we never should of came here."she cryed I hugged her and kissed her cheek but she seemed ok with it. "Its ok i wont let him get ahold of you and the police just got here." We heard a knock at the window and payson started crying even more, it was just the police. They arrested her dad and they esscorted us home and we went straight to bed


i was still really upset with the whole thing at the mall. I new he could tell cause he had his arm around my shoulder the eniter time. He actually cared for me and i think i really liked him. I cant like a boy just yet. Im still promising kaylie, lauren and emily i wont have a boyfriend till i get my gold medal. BUt iv had many other distractions and if i do care for niall then that wouldnt be terrible scince i care so much. Its not bad distraction is it? UHHH.... i need some sleep.



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