The love that cant last<3

Payson Keeler, a gymnist training for the olympics swore to her friends to never have a boyfriend or get distracted by any other thing other than gymnastics. After many family troubles she runs away trying her hardest to forget about her life from before. while she runs away to a secret place she found, a boy walks in. Payson thought nobody knew about this place. Who is it? A gymnastics fan? Her dad? ~read to find out!


2. new home? new family?


"Hello Ms.Horan is niall here?" i said "No, i thought he was recording with you guys?" ms. horan told "I think he wasent in the best mood today so he left earlier."  i said We were all talking about where niall could of gone. Then we hear a car door shut.


 I walked in carrying payson when all the boys and my mom made a deal about it. "where were you niall? I was worried sick!" my mom exclaimed "Who is this young lady?" my mom also asked "Mom this is payson, i dont know her whole story but she cant really go anywhere else. She needs to stay i will go bring her to my room." I said We went upsatairs to my room and i got her some food and a drink. "So are you tierd"i asked her "Yes i am wanna go to bed now?" she asked I put her on the bed and asked her if she needed to change, she said yes so i gave her a old t-shirt of mine to use as a nighty. She changed and i turned off the lights and told her goodnight and was about to leave. "wait niall" she told "yes" i said "Im sorry but can you sleep in here with me? Im really scared because of something that has happend "she asked "Yes ofcourse i can sleep on the floor if u want."i told her


I was really scared my dad was gonna find me. Even worse he could file a missing persons report then get niall in trouble. I would then have to come back to his dirty deeds. "Not on the floor here with me." i shyly said "Oh yea ok sure whatever you want." he said with is eyes wide open. After he got in bed he asked my a kinda personel question. "What ever happend that upset you so much?" he wanted to know badly, i could tell he cared for a stranger like me. "um..... i dont know if i can tell you..... its really upsetting" after i said that i already started to tearup. "Its ok, you dont need to tell me but remeber im open to anything you have to say"he said sweetly "I wanna tell you but its hard for me, it really is and i dont even know the whole story when it happend to me!" Then i really started to cry. "ok, here it is" i told him about how my dad abused me and i never met my mom and my gymnastics. "I knew i heard your name. Your the national champion for gymnastics." niall stated "yes, my dad ruined it though. He dident want me in public so sometimes i couldent train but i snuck out to the gym alot." "i miss my friends alot though" I told. I was still really upset and just wanted to go to sleep. "Youll be ok. Aslong as your with me nobody will youch you." niall said then kissed my cheek. I didnt know what ti think. I was freaked out he kissend my cheek cause the only person who has ever kissed me was my dad whenn he abused me. I cant think straight

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