The love that cant last<3

Payson Keeler, a gymnist training for the olympics swore to her friends to never have a boyfriend or get distracted by any other thing other than gymnastics. After many family troubles she runs away trying her hardest to forget about her life from before. while she runs away to a secret place she found, a boy walks in. Payson thought nobody knew about this place. Who is it? A gymnastics fan? Her dad? ~read to find out!


3. how nice is he<3

I woke up and didnt see niall next to me so i freaked out. Iv been sencitive latly so i started crying and hid under the covers. Niall rushed in to comfert me. "Shh calm down payson its gonna be ok. Shh im here." niall hugged me and wiped my tears. "whats wrong payson are you ok?" niall asked after i calmed down alittle. "Im .....I dont know! I cant think straight and im in a persons house i just met!" i yelled "I know i know, Youll be ok. I wont hurt you and nobody else will."he tryed to cheer me up. "I know niall and im ok with you taking care of me and caring for me when you could of left me but my dad or one of his relatives can still find me! Im scared niall."i exclaimed "why dont i cheer you up? wanna go out for some lunch today?" he said "I guess but what if he finds me? He will not only hurt me he will hurt you"i said "We have security close by just incase of anything." "i will also take you shopping if you dont mind"he offerd
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