Hi I thought we could do some book reviews it would be fun and we would be able to look at our fans books


3. Unarmed by DreamingInStars

Unarmed is by DreamingInTheStars.  The book still isn't finished and the chapters are quite good.  It is like other fanfics and it was actually quite cool how Niall just shows up at her door that night

BLURB:  Fifteen year old Casey Jasper is back at school now.  I guess you could call her popular, since she has almost anything a girl could want/need.  Her best friend Cassandra Jink drags her to a concert.  The band just so happened to One Direction, Cassandra's favourite band.  Which just so happened to be that Casey hated the band.  When Cassy drags Casey backstage things go down hill from there


6/10, not finished and it's like most other fanfics

XOX, Chels

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