Hi I thought we could do some book reviews it would be fun and we would be able to look at our fans books


2. I Just Can't by DreamingInStars

I Just Can't is by DreamingInStars.  It is not finished yet but the chapters I have read are really good and I really like it.  Although it is like a lot of fanfics she hates them then falls for them I still recommend it. SO GO READ IT!

BLURB: When Alexandra Alice Navia, AKA Alyssa's brother; Danny Ace Navia, gets tickets to One Direction, her life turns upside down.  She starts out hating One Direction, but that soon changes and she finds herself falling for two of the boys.


I really recommend everyone to read it

6/10, its not finished yet if it was finished it probably would have a higher rating

XOX, Chelsea

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