The A Team

Bethany Cara Willams,
She had the perfect life. A big house, money, a hot boyfriend, and just everything.
But behind closed doors to her family's mansion was everyday horror. Her parents.
When Bethany wasn't around, they'd always say they were only together so Bethany would have it OK. Her parents were always busy, and too protective.
They never approved of Bethany's thoughts and everything she did. She'd try to make them proud all the time, but it just was never enough. But what happens when Bethany tells her parents about her idea to travel the world? Find out here, in this 1D fanfic.


1. Fly little bird Fly away from home

"I've put up with your endless crap for 16 years!" My mum Caroline yelled at my father David. "You know what? If your so sick of me TRYING to keep this family together, lets break it now." Caroline's eyes filled with water "but davi-" "No. I'm sick of you, we can't stay together. Bethany is 16 now, she's gonna understand. Now be a grown fucking women and understand too!" My parents fought back and fourth. I hid in my room on my bed, criss crossed with a planet ontop my hugging my body. Tears fell like a river from my face. I whimpered as I sat there with my light slightly dimmed. I had it I sobbed tearing down the posters on my wall, I pushed my mattress over, I there all my snowglobes at the wall one by one making them shatter and fall to the floor. I quickly got dressed into a hoodie, boots, and skinny jeans. I grabbed my backpack and life savings. I cried punching my window making the glass shatter to the grass down below. I climbed out, my body chipped off the left over glass. I climbed down with the thing that held the rose bush that grew up the house. I ran past the hedge of our backyard onto the sidewalk. I had no idea where I was going. I always wanted to leave that hell house, and be alone. I sighed sniffling as I walked wiping my eyes covered in smudged smokey eyed black make up, and crusted eye liner from my crying. I crossed my arms to keep warm as I walked shivering as I saw my breath. It was 11:00 at night. I knew I had to get to a hotel soon.
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