Harry Styles Imagines

This, is a collection of Harry Styles imagines. I love Harry (and the other boys) so much, so I've decided to write a bunch of imagines on him.
Enjoy!!! :)

(I'll fix the cover after, if I already haven't)


9. Imagine #8


Your boyfriend Harry had been gone on tour for 8 months and you missed him like crazy. He called you last a week ago, and he told you he'd be back soon. You decide to call your best friend and go to mall. She picks up, and agrees to come. She arrives 20 minutes later. ''How long until Harry gets back?'' She asks. ''About 3 days.'' You respond with a smile. You climb in her car and she drives to the mall. During the ride, you hear a rumor on the radio. One you had heard ever since you and Harry started dating a year ago. ''Harry Styles cheating on long time girlfriend (Y/N)?'' The dj asks. You quickly change the station. When you reach the mall, you and your friend head to the music store. ''I want Ke$ha's album.'' You're friend says, heading to a stand. You walk to the aisle with Justin Bieber's albums and scan through. You pick up one and head to the check-out. ''Can I have a copy of 'Entertainment Weekly?' '' you ask. The cashier nods and hands you a copy and you pay. As you walk out the store, your friend close behind, you look at the cover of your magazine. You gasp and tears fill your eyes as you see the picture plastered across the front. Harry locking lips with a blonde. ''(Y/N)?'' Your friend asks. Your trembling hands drop the magazine and you rush out of the mall, tears streaming down your face. You run down the road and all the way home. You open the door and run into the living room. You look up and see Harry waiting. ''Baby!'' He sees your face. ''What's wrong?'' He runs over and wraps his arms around you. ''What's wrong? Did someone hurt you?'' You sit on the couch in a huff and nod. He leans down and stares into your eyes. ''Who?''


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