Harry Styles Imagines

This, is a collection of Harry Styles imagines. I love Harry (and the other boys) so much, so I've decided to write a bunch of imagines on him.
Enjoy!!! :)

(I'll fix the cover after, if I already haven't)


8. Imagine #7


''Man it's cold.'' Harry mutters, as you and him stroll down the sidewalk. You shake your head, ''Not really.''  ''Are you crazy?'' He exclaims, his teeth chattering. You laugh, ''Are you okay?'' ''Why?'' ''You're cold. It's not cold out. Those kids aren't even cold.'' He pulls you closer, wrapping his strong arm around you. ''There, you won't be cold now.'' ''But it's not cold!'' You shouted, pulling away. You turn and see his hurt expression. ''Harry I'm sorry!'' You quickly pull him into a hug. ''You can be cold if you want.'' He laughs, ''(Y/N), it's not cold. I just wanted to hold you close.'' You kiss him. ''In that case, I'm freezing.'' You lie, faking a shiver. Harry puts his arm around you again, ''All better?'' You nod and continue to walk down the sidewalk together.

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