Harry Styles Imagines

This, is a collection of Harry Styles imagines. I love Harry (and the other boys) so much, so I've decided to write a bunch of imagines on him.
Enjoy!!! :)

(I'll fix the cover after, if I already haven't)


4. Imagine #3


You open your eyes to the brightness of day, shining through the curtains. You bring your hands up to your eyes and rub them, as they adjust to the light. ''Hey you're up.'' Your eyes flicker to the door, and you weakly smile when Louis enters. ''How are you feeling?'' he asks, walking over to you. You cough. ''Not so good.'' Your tiring eyes wander around the room. ''Where's Harry?'' Louis smiles and points to the couch in the corner of your room. Your eyes follow his finger. Sprawled across the furniture, is you boyfriend. He's lying on his belly, curls falling onto the cushion. Soft snores are heard from his mouth. ''He must be tired.'' You giggle. Louis turns to you, seriousness in his eyes. ''He is. He stayed up all night, doing all he could to try and stop that fever of yours.'' Your eyes begin to sting as you stare at Harry. ''He really loves you (y/n)'' Louis whispers behind you.








Short and sweet!!!!


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