Harry Styles Imagines

This, is a collection of Harry Styles imagines. I love Harry (and the other boys) so much, so I've decided to write a bunch of imagines on him.
Enjoy!!! :)

(I'll fix the cover after, if I already haven't)


3. Imagine #2 Part 2


''You.'' The words pierced through you like a million knives. ''M-me?'' he nods, his head dropping to face the floor. ''But, you thought I was, ch-cheating?'' You recall quietly. He looks up and you see tears rolling down his cheeks, ''I was wrong to not trust you. I- I just don't want to be replaced. Anyone is better than me.'' You feel your eyes well up with tears as you see the pain in his eyes. ''H-Harry.'' He looks you in the eyes. ''You could never be replaced. Ever. You're the one I love.'' You reach out and wipe the tears off his face. ''I want you.'' He smiles slightly, ''Really. After everything I said?'' You nod, ''No matter how big of an asshole you can be, I still love you.'' He smiles fully, showing off his dimples. ''And I love you too.'' You lean close and kiss his lips. He holds your waist and pulls you closer to him. You tangle your hands in his hair, causing him to moan. You pull away and smile, ''I love you.'' He nuzzles his nose with yours, ''I love you too, and I'm sorry.'' He kisses you again and you fade into your own world, only you and him.

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