Forbidden Love

Mia finds out she's Simon's daughter and has to go live with him. One Direction lives with Simon. She's not allowed to fall in love with any of them and none of them are allowed to fall in love with her. When one falls in love with her and her one of them and another member falls in love with her to. To find out who read this.


1. A New Home and Deal

"Mia! Can you come down here we need to talk?" My grandmother calls to me.
"Coming." I say.
My mom died a few years ago and my grandparents took me in. My dad bailed on us when I was a baby. I'm 19 now.
I go downstairs and into the kitchen and sit at the table with grandmother.
"Yes grandmother." I say.
"I think its time you know who you're father is." She says.
"I don't want to know." I say.
"Mia I'm telling you anyway. It's Simon Cowell. Here's a picture of you and him when you were a baby." She says and hands me the picture. I can't believe this.
"I'm not able to do the things I used to so you'll be leaving tonight to live with him in London." She says.
"What?! I refuse to go! You can't make me!" I say.
"But I can." I hear a male voice say I turn around and it's my dad.
"I'm not going anywhere with you!" I yell at him.
"Harry I need some help in here." My father says.
"Who's Harry?" I ask. Just then a curly haired guy with amazing emerald green eyes comes in and picks me up over his shoulder and carries me out.
"Put me down! I'm not going anywhere!" I yell and hit his back and accidentally hit his bum.
"Sorry." I say and he puts me in a limo puts the child lock on and gets in and sits next to me. I look at him. "I hate you." I tell him
"You'll love me one day." Harry says.
"Yeah right! Only in your dreams." I say and cross my arms and look out my window and my father comes out of my grandmothers house with bags of clothes.

He puts my bags in the trunk and gets into the limo. "Mia this is Harry Styles. Harry this is Mia my daughter."
"Yeah, we met." I say with an attitude and look out the window at the trees passing. I put my iPod on and headphones in so I don't have to listen to either of them.
Someone takes out my headphones. My dad.
"We're here lets get your stuff and go inside to your new room." He says.
"Great." I say sarcastically and get out of the limo and grab my bags.
"I'll take those for you." Harry says and takes my bags from me.
"I think I can handle them." I say and reach for them.
"I don't take no for an answer." He says.
"Well I don't either." I say and take a bag from him and walk away.
"There's a pool outside and indoors and a hottub. And Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn live here too." My dad says.
"Who are they?" I ask and Harry's mouth drops. I know damn well who they are I just want to freak my dad and Harry out. It worked.
"We're from One Direction" Harry says.
"What's One Direction do you guys only walk one direction?" I ask being a wise ass.
"We're a boy band." Harry says.
"So you're all gay?" I ask being a bitch.
"Mia that's enough!" My dad Simon says.
I laugh when I see the look of pure shock on Harry's face.
"Mia!" My dad says.
"Relax Simon I'm just kidding." I say.
"It's dad to you Mia." Dad says.
"Okay dad." I say sarcastically.
"Mia I'm not going to tolerate this behavior from you." He says.
"You know what dad? You're the worse father I have ever met. You leave when I'm three then all of a sudden you want something to do with me. The time to be there for me has passed and you can't buy me back!" I yell and go into the room that says Mia's Room on it and slam the door shut and lock it. It's a really nice room but I'm still very pissed at my father. An hour later I come out of my room and go explore my dads mansion. Then I see a huge game room and I go into it and see a pool table. I rack the balls up and grab a pool stick and chalk it and break them and start practicing my shots. Then I hear someone close the door. I turn and look and there stands Harry.
"Ugh! What do you want? To throw me over your shoulder again and bring me to my dad or put me in another limo?" I say not wanting anything to do with him.
"Actually I was hoping we could start over and be friends." Harry says.
"I'll tell you want you play a game of pool with me and if I win you leave me alone and stay away from me. If you win we can start over and be friends. Deal?" I say and stick out hand.
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