Video Star Meets The Radio Star

How Reece Mastin and I met? Thats a good question...It was sort of like an awkward fairytale meeting..


1. The Way You Just Smiled And Walked Away


I adjusted the camera on top of the computer and pressed record, "Hey guys! Thanks for the rave reviews last time on my previous cover, Superman by Cher Lloyd..."

Let me introduce myself! Hi, my name is Ava. I'm seventeen turning eighteen later in the year. I run a vlog and usually post videos of my talent (singing) or funny videos. People say I'm a younger version of Jenna Marbles' and I have an amazing voice. My idols would have to be her, The Janoskains and Finn and Jack Harries.

I live in Sydney in a pretty crappy apartment with my best friend since kindergarten, Christopher. Since we both couldn't buy an apartment each, we decided to put our money together and live in the same flat. Although the building isn't up to scratch, we still have an amazing view over the city. The elevator doesn't work, so we climb six flights of stairs everyday just to get home. I keep making complaints to get the elevator working again, but they never listen.

I have a large fan base, branching all across the globe. Most of my fans are in America, where I would someday like to visit. I remember I got a message from a fan in China, who doesn't understand me but loves my work unconditionally.

I don't have a job, my parents urge me to get one. I keep insisting that making videos is my job, but they don't seem very convinced. I don't earn money, but Christopher does since he works at the local movie cinemas. He manages enough money at the end of the month to pay our dues, and I always chip in. I think Christopher is finally getting sick of me using my mothers money.

So now, here I am, about to walk into a job interview.

"You'll do great, and if you're not hired... something is definitely wrong with the boss!" Christopher laughed under his breath, fixing my hair.

I nodded wearily and a woman appeared out of a room, labelled Jane Perlette. She was the boss. She flashed me a grin and raised an eyebrow, "Averette Thomson?"

"That's me!" I cried enthusiastically, standing up from my seat. I waved good bye to Christopher and he smiled at me, giving me a thumbs up, I stepped into Jane's office and she shook my hand gracefully, "Averette! It's so nice to meet you!"

"Thank you, but I'd prefer to be called Ava..." I grinned, sitting down into a a seat in front of her next.

"No problem, Ava. So! A job in radio, what makes you stand out to the many potential radio DJ's?" Jane asked, peering close to me.

"Well, I've been listening to Spark FM for as long as I remember. It's such a great, successful radio station. I recently heard that you've been requiring a new DJ for quite some time, and I think I'm perfect for the job." I explained, feeling confident, "I'm associated with media every day, I post videos of me reviewing the latest songs and sing on YouTube. I have a fairly large fan base, so my fans would be so proud of me to achieve this. I can guarantee you would get so many new listeners."

Jane nodded, "You did say that in the video you emailed me, you've worked up a great career via the Internet. You have that job posting videos, but will you be as committed to this job?"

"Oh, of course! I will give my absolute A-Game to this job!" I re-assured, smiling.

She peered at my lap, "Can I have a look at your resume?"

"Sure!" I replied, handing over the sheets stapled together. Jane flickered through it, reading every word, "Ah, so you were elected as captain for your media team, you created a short film that got you in the top five every year since Year Nine... You even came first in Year Ten and Year Eleven! Ava, I am very impressed! Although, where is you're university achievements?"

"I-I never went to university..." I stuttered, soon clearing my throat, "My parents couldn't afford it."

"But, you won all that money with your short films?" Jane pestered, raising an eyebrow.

I sighed, trying not to make it audible, "My father is a heavy gambler. My parents are having pretty bad financial problems, so they can't maintain the cost of university."

"Oh, I understand. Many people have that problem, but I'm sorry to say it will effect your chances of getting this job." Jane spoke, trying hard to hide a frown.

"I understand." I grinned faintly, bobbing my head up and down. The interview lingered on for another twenty minutes, Jane not leaving anything unspoken. Soon enough I excited her office and she stood in the doorway, "I will email you if you have the job, I am very impressed Ava. My favourite interview by far."

I couldn't help but smile, "Thank you so much Jane!"

"Have a great afternoon!" She beamed, before closing her office door. I ran over to Christopher who seemed so proud of me, "You have the job?"

"MIGHT have the job..." I corrected, bouncing up and down, "But I have a good chance!"

Christopher clapped for me and slung an arm around me, walking down the hallway, "I'm so proud of you! You know I-"


I shielded my face as screams erupted from down the hallway. I was soon bumped into and I fell to the ground, yelping in pain. I looked up and a boy who had right security locked around him stared directly at me, stopping in his path. I wiped away the small tears of pain and the boy stretched his arm out to pull me up. I generously excepted and he stared at me for a few seconds, "I'm sorry."

"It's ok..." I whispered, trying to hide the pain in my leg.

He shook his head in protest, "No it's not, you look really badly injured-"

"REECE! We've got to go!" A voice screeched from further down the hallway. The boy (Reece) gave me a half hearted smile and wrapped his arms around me for a small hug, "Sorry again..." He said under his breath before he was whisked away by older men.

I stood in the hallway while teenage girls rushed past me, chasing him.

Whoa... Was that Reece Mastin?

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