Video Star Meets The Radio Star

How Reece Mastin and I met? Thats a good question...It was sort of like an awkward fairytale meeting..


2. I Couldn't Get You Off My Mind


I shook my head as I lowered my head to collapse into the car. Christopher plugged the key into the ignition and looked across to me as I stared straight ahead, "What's up with you? It looks like you've seen a ghost!"

"I-I... That was Reece Mastin..." I stuttered, looking back to the radio station building, "That... That was him!"

Christopher pulled out of the car park and raised an eyebrow, "Reece who?"

"He won X-Factor the other year. He's an amazing singer... I can't believe that was him! Oh my god... Chris! We've got to go back in there!" I cried, gripping my hand around the door handle.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, Averette. There is no way you're going back in there with the condition you're in!" Christopher said, grabbing my arm, "Besides, you'll see him again when you get the job."

"My leg isn't that bad... Just a bit side..." I protested, crossing my arms to pout.

Christopher snickered, rolling his eyes, "A little? Ava, I had to technically carry you OUT of that building."

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!" Christopher snapped, taking a turn down a different road to the route back home, "We're going to the doctors to get your leg checked and that's final."

I lowered my eyelids, "You're no fun."

"And you need crutches. Guess we're both in need of something." Christopher grinned, driving me straight to the doctors.

* *

I hobbled into my apartment on my stupid crutches and soon collapsed onto my bed. Time for a video! I opened up my Apple Laptop and began recording.

"Hey guys! You'll never guess what happened to me today!" I said, smiling, "So, I went for the job interview, like all of you told me to... Might have the job... blah blah blah... AND BAM! Guess who I bump into? Well just the freaking winner of X-Factor Australia 2011, Reece MASTIN! And when I say "bump into him", I mean literally crash into him. I fell to the ground, hurt some part of my leg and now, I've got crutches because of him..."

I continued on with that for at least another ten minutes, also adding other things about my week, "I don't know what this video was for... I just wanted to share my experiences with you. Please list in the comments which song you would like me to sing, and I will chose one to cover. The video may be made tomorrow... I have no idea. Bye guys! My head hurts, does falling over and spraining your ankle give you brain damage?"

I laughed at my funny remark at the end and decided to start editing my video, including some of the best parts. I was halfway through editing when Christopher stepped through the door, "How's my little girl going?"

"Good... ankle hurts... brain hurts..." I murmured, sighing. I breathed in and soon perked up, "Do I smell...?"

"Honey chicken! Only the best for the sick kid!" Christopher exclaimed, revealing the box of dinner from behind his back.

I squealed, clapping excitedly as Chris placed the box on the bed in front of me. I wrapped my arms around him, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

We then sat on my bed, eating honey chicken with noodles together in peace. I flicked the radio on and tuned into Spark FM. A familiar British/Australian voice filled the room and I stopped dead, a piece of honey chicken falling back into the box, "Oh no... That's Reece, isn't it?"

I nodded madly and turned the volume up. I listened to his voice, imagining him speaking directly at me.

"Those fans were pretty crazy outside, weren't they Reece?"

"Yeah, I actually felt so bad about an hour ago. I accidentally bumped into someone then and she looked like she was in so much pain. I hope I'm not charged with the hospital bill or anything!" Reece joked.

I reached for my phone and quickly unlocked it. Christopher peered over my shoulder, "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm going to ring up!"

Christopher coughed, "You can't just RING UP. How are they going to know its you?"

"They will, he will..." I said, blushing. I dialed in the stations number and pulled my phone up to my ear. I re-dialed and re-dialed and eventually got though. "Hello, this is Spark FM, what song do you want to be played tonight?"

"Hi!" I said cheerfully, "I'm not actually here to request a song, I'm here to talk to Reece Mastin?"

"I'm afraid that can't happen, Reece isn't taking calls he's just being interviewed tonight-"

"Please! I was at your radio station earlier today, I was the girl who he tripped over, I swear on my life. Off air, I don't care, I just want to speak to him..." I pleaded.

There was silence on the line and background murmurs, "Reece is just about to end his interview, I'll put you on the line to him but not for long. Can you please hold?"

"Sure-" I said quickly before music cut in. I squealed with excitement and waited eagerly to be put onto Reece. Christopher rolled his eyes and got up from the bed, walking into the bathroom. A clicking sound soon came from the other line, "Hello?"

"Reece?" I breathed.

Reece chuckled, "Yes, who's this?"

I laughed slowly, "Believe it or not but I'm the one you injured earlier today. I'm the one at the radio station, the one who you bumped into."


"Yes!" I cried, "I was with another guy, tall, blonde, was wearing khaki jeans and a white print shirt? You were wearing ripped jeans and a grey shark t-shirt. You helped me up and hugged me."

He gasped, "Oh my god, I'm so sorry! Are you ok? My management was sort of in a hurry to get me somewhere."

"I'm fine, I've got crutches although, thanks to you..." I stated, "But, nah, I'm ok."

"I think you owe the poor girl something!" The radio host's voice yelled in the background. Reece breathed out and continued, "I guess I do, don't I? How about we meet somewhere? We can spend the day together if you're not busy."

I contained my inner fangirl and accepted, "Sure! Meet me on the steps leading up to the Sydney Opera House."

"Done." Reece stated, "I'll see you tomorrow...?"

"Ava." I said, a large smile smeared across my face, "Ava Thompson."

"Well, Ava Thompson, I'll see you tomorrow!" Reece said quickly, "I've got to go now sorry, management calls. Bye!"

Then the line went dead, which cause me to explode with happiness. I may be on crutches because of him, but the saying is right 'It All Happens For A Reason'.

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