This story is about a girl who is dating someone from 1D and gets a broken heart in the end.


1. Priceless

"OMG!!" I screamed. "What"? asked my best friend Kate. "You won't believe what just happened". "What is it?" she asked again. I replied " Harry Styles asked me out!" "AHH" we both scream as I almost faint. I told Kate that I had to get ready and pick out a dress to wear. She wasn't happy when I told her that she had to go out of my room, but I was so excited to put on my new dress. I slipped it on, zipped it up and pulled up the front. As soon as I put on my bright blue heels, I realized my outfit matched my eyes. I looked up from my feet and saw how stunning I looked in my blue leaf and spotted, strapless dress. I loved how the front was short and the back was long. I was irrisistable! "Now for my hair..." I thought out loud. I sighed and curled the 2 front strands of my hair, then pinned up the rest in a bun. I put on my mascara, blush, eye shadow and finally lipstick. "Wow!" I thought. I am as pretty as Selena Gomez! "I'm ready Kate!" I yelled as she ran to my door. "Close your eyes" I say as my sister Rachel walks towards my door too. "On 3. Ready?" Kate yelled. "3-2-1!" I scream. I open the door.

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