This story is about a girl who is dating someone from 1D and gets a broken heart in the end.


2. Ferraris and Fortunes

"Well, how do I look?" I whispered. Both my sister and Kate's mouths were open wide. "UMM Hello?" I said. No one responed. "Kate? Rachel? Hello?" I swiped my hand over their eyes. "Whoa! You look stunning!" Kate yelled. "Shh! I don't want mom or dad to know!" I exclaimed. I told them rapidly that I had to get out of the house and meet Harry on the driveway in 2 minutes. Kate jumped in and replied "I'll help you." Rachel raised her hand and said "Me too." Before I knew it, Kate and Rachel had told my parents that I was going to a movie with them. I sighed and put my hands together as I mouthed 'Thank You' to them. Finally! my parents said OK and then Kate and Rachel grabbed their coats and continued to talk as I snuck down the stairs. My mom yelled "What was that noise coming from the staircase?" "Umm nothing?" whispered Rachel. "Oh that was just me mom" I yelled as I took a breath in as I almost got caught sneaking out. "Bye girls!" "Bye Dad!" I yelled. I grabbed my coat that's longer than my dress as I rushed out the door. Ahh. Finally I can be alone with Harry Styles. "Nice ride!" I yell as he pulls up in my driveway in his blue ferarri. "You lucky girl!" Kate yells as I get in the car with Harry. "See you guys at the mall at 9!" "Ya see you girls have fun!" Harry yells. As they get in the old toyota with my neighbour Emmy that her dad gave to her for her 16th birthday."Happy Birthday by the way!" she shouts to me as they race off to the mall. "Ahh now we're alone" Harry says. "Wanna become rich?" he asks. "How?" I ask. "Well your belly will become rich with all of the food you will be eating from Nando's." he replied. "Oh. Ok." I say back.  

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