This story is about a girl who is dating someone from 1D and gets a broken heart in the end.


4. But Why?

But. Why? I wonder. "Oh" is all that comes out. "I'm sorry" Harry says. We pull in to the mall parking lot and I get out. "Thanks" I say to Harry as I grab my clutch purse and slam the door as I rush into the entrance where Rachel and Kate would be waiting. I see them and run towards them as Harry drives away. "How was it?" Kate asks. "I don't want to talk about it I say. "Can we go grab some new clothes so mom and dad aren't suspicious?" I say quickly as they walk past us. Oh no! They saw me in my dress! They start walking towards us and ask us why we aren't at the movie. "I'm sorry" I say. "I was on a date with Harry Styles and then we kissed and we talked then got in the car and he told me we couldn't go out anymore and" "Whoa calm down" mom says. "Now can we go home?" I ask. "Sure" mom says. "I'm sorry" she says.
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