Blood Red

Drinking changes the way the mind thinks, there's no doubt about it, but it does not Change the way she feels about him.

Hayley, being drunk, thought that the horrors of her encounter with a boy named Zayn were a dream, but even if it was she should have been terrified. Even though Zayn is one of the worlds worst predator, she felt safe. Safe in his arms from all the evil, even the evil that he was going to do to her.


5. 5

 This Chapter has a small rape scene in it so if you are not okay with that or if your really young don't read it....




It had been 2 weeks now since Zayn had left me. i'm still feeling the pain of him leaving but it was getting easier as the days went on. The thing that was getting to me, was that vampires and witches are real, and that mater of fact he thinks I'm a witch. i found it funny that he thought that, as i had never done anything remotely magical in my entire life, except for being in pain when i fed off Zayn.


Ever since he left i had been trying to do magic all around the house. Not anything fancy, but just trying to light candles or open and close door like on tv shows. Of course nothing is working and I'm starting to lose hope


I pick up my purse and car keys and walk out of the door and go to my car. i get into the drivers seat and turn on the car. i drove to the local library and got out and walked to the front desk, where there was a short grey haired woman.


"Do you have any books on myths about witches and vampires? i'm doing a project for school." i lied. truth is, i was already done school, but they don't know that. she looked up from her work and took off her glasses. "school. what a lie. i know about your type." she said. "my type?" i asked. she chuckled and started walking down one of the rows of bookshelves, waving for me to follow. "i know what you are, its obvious for me. i can see it a mile away." she said. i stopped in the aisle and my mouth dropped and she chuckled. and mumbled "newbie" under her breath. i composed myself and continued walking. 


she came to the end of the bookshelf and pulled out a huge leather-binned book and dropped it in my hands. "keep it as long as you want". she said, turning and with that she walked away.


i got outside and placed the book in my back seat trying to be as cautious as possible with the old book. i climbed into the drivers seat and started pulling out onto the road when Zayn jumped out in front of me. i put the brakes on and got out of the car.


"what are you doing!?" i screamed at him. he smirked and walked over to the passengers seat and got in, while i was standing there dumb-struck that he actually came back. i got in, closed the door and started driving. i glanced over at him and he had his eyes closed with still a smirk on his face. i huffed in disgust and he opened one eye and peered at me.


"what are you trying to search for?" he said. "what do you mean?" i said acting dumb. he chuckled and returned to his former position. "why did you get those books about witches? he asked. "how do you know? maybe they are not about witches." i said tying to keep my cool. "those books have been around longer than i have been alive" he said. "oh. well since you said i'm a witch i wanted some background information" i said being honest. "well stop looking for the information" he raised his voice at me as i pulled into my driveway. i parked the car and turned to him, but he had already left.


"what the hell, you left me again?" I said under my breath. My door opened and i swung round to look at Zayn who was laughing. 


I sighed. "of course. You and your vampire speed." He held out his hand and I grabbed it and got out. 


he roughly yanked me closer to him. "i missed you," he said breathing down my neck. he chuckled and dropped my hand. i have missed him, but truth is, the new Zayn scared me. I backed away from him, tying to keep a brave face on. He rolled his eyes and then ran up to the house. He opened the door , went inside and sat on the couch. I went inside and stood in front of him.


"How did you get inside!? I locked it!?" i said to him. he held up the spare key that I hid in my flowers on the front porch.  "How long have you had that for?" "since I left you the last time" he said honestly, putting it back in his pocket. i held my hand in his face. "give it back." I said. He smiled. "I'm only going to find it again, wherever you hide it." I sighed and angrily stomped to my bedroom and closed the door. Zayn opened the door before I could lock it though. 


"Do you really think you could run away from me?" he said. "I wasn't running away," I stuttered. "Well then what were you doing?" he said. He was walking closer and with every step he took towards me, I stepped back, until my back hit my cabinet. he stepped closer until his face was so close to mine I could smell his breath. it smelt bad, but it didn't smell like blood. Could Vampires breath even smell?


He grabbed my shoulders and roughly threw me on the bed. I hit with a loud thump and I tried to get off as he moved closer, but he jumped on top of me and straddled my waist. i was frozen in fear and i didn't even move when i saw him pull ropes from his pocket. I screamed and tried to move out of my grasp but he held my arm and attached it to my bed post. why is he doing this?


he leaned down to my ear, "This will be quick but I tied your arms so they wouldn't interfere with us." I whimpered. "What do you want from me?" he chuckled like it was obvious. "Why did you tie my arm up if you know that i will willingly give you blood? I have before don't you remember?" he chuckled another time. "oh Hayley, Its not your blood that i want." he said.


I looked at his face as he backed up off of me. "well then what is it that you want?" i stammered. I stared at his eyes as they began to look at my body, up and down, pausing over my breasts and vagina, then flickering back up to my face. 


"You know that I like you, and that in time I would do it with you, so why are you doing this? your going to lose my trust. you don't have to do this you know." i said, trying to hold back tears. 


He reached down and gently stroked away my tears. "oh but I do have to do this," he said. then he started unzipping his pants, and pulling them down so he was just in his boxers. I could see his boner already forming, and I started trying to kick him off me. he grabbed my ankles, "do i have to tie these up too?" I shook my head no. He released them and pulled down my pants, but he left my underwear on. 


Before he could pull down my underwear, I put my free hand over my crotch, and squeezed my legs together so he couldn't enter me. He looked at my hand. "So you like touching yourself, I see. started rubbing yourself." he said. I didn't over my hand or do anything, I just sat there and looked at him.


he forcefully grabbed my hand and made it rub me. "I said rub yourself bitch!" he said. I nervously did because I didn't want him to go any further. he watched me and then he pulled down his boxers, so he was wearing nothing. 


He was really big, but I wish I didn't see it under this circumstance. He was going to hurt me.


he pushed my hand away and ripped down my underwear. I tried to block him again with my hand but he only pinned it down with his knee. he came closer and was inches away from me, until I heard the door burst open. 


I looked up and saw Zayn near the door. Then I looked back at Zayn who was on top of me. Was i tripping or was this really happening?


"Get off of her!" Zayn at the door yelled. "make me," the one on top of me said. The one at the door ran and shoved the other one off of me, then ripped off the rope that was tying my hand to the bed. "lock yourself in the bathroom" he ordered. I nodded then ran off. 




After a while, the banging stopped. I assumed they had been fighting. 


I heard a knock at the door and then Zayn's voice, "open up Hayley." I still had no clothes on o i wrapped my self in a towel then opened it. I hugged him. "Who, or what was that?" i asked him, tears flooding down my face. he carried me over to the bed and sat me down so i was lying over his lap, curled up.


"It was what humans call werewolves. See, you think they are only humans that can turn into werewolves but in reality they can turn into anything they lay eyes on. they are what you call shape shifters. that particular one saw that we were together one day and wanted to take advantage of that. i am so sorry" he said. I could hear the hut in his voice. i sleepily reached up and stroked his face. "its not your fault." i said.


"well actually it is. what I've done is illegal. when you feed off a human you can either kill them or turn them into a vampire. i could never do that to you. even to turn you into a vampire." he said. i sat up on the bed. "Why cant you turn me into a vampire? is it because i'm supposedly a witch?" "no its because I don't think its fair to you. you don't know what you have to go through to become a vampire, then after that its living hell for the rest of eternity." 


"Tell me what happens." I ask curiously. "well it hurts at first, but then you are paralyzed for a week. You have to be fed blood daily, as you cant move, but you can feel and hear things."


"I want to be with you. It feels right. but then also, I can protect myself. if you don't want to be with me. but i understand if you cant be here to feed me, or something and that your too busy."


"I'd love to be with you, and your wish is my command. I will turn you, I promise. Just not today"








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