Blood Red

Drinking changes the way the mind thinks, there's no doubt about it, but it does not Change the way she feels about him.

Hayley, being drunk, thought that the horrors of her encounter with a boy named Zayn were a dream, but even if it was she should have been terrified. Even though Zayn is one of the worlds worst predator, she felt safe. Safe in his arms from all the evil, even the evil that he was going to do to her.


4. 4

I opened my eyes trying to ignore the heavy feeling pushing against my lids. I groaned and moved my hands to my face. I had a terrible headache and it was pounding against the inside of my scalp. "Hayley?" I could hear the sorry in Zayn's voice and he rushed over to me. "Yea?" I said. "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to take so much blood." He said I chuckled. "It's okay." I said with a raspy voice. He wasn't saying anything so I tried to open my eyes more and look at him. "Aren't you supposed to let me drink your blood now?" I said. "That's only in the movies" he said but he didn't seem certain. "Have you ever tried?" He stared at me before raising his wrist to his mouth and taking a bite out of it. It looked painful. He held it out towards me as his blood was dripping down the corner of his mouth. It was strange how even though the thought of drinking someone's blood was disgusting, I wanted to taste his blood. I took his wrist in my hands and put it to my mouth, concentrating on sucking his blood for a change, but immediately stopped after a burning feeling came to my throat. I shoved his arm away and he had a confused look. I could feel the liquid moving down my throat and it spread through my body, making me squirm with unbearable pain. I fell of the coach to my knees with my back to him. He put his hand on my back And turned me around facing him. He put his hand to his mouth and gasped looking at me with horror but also disgust. He backed away and looked hurt almost betrayed. I wasn't sure what was going on but I was still on the floor with pain coursing through my body. He still backed away from me and he removed his hand screaming "no, No, NO!" Now I was the one to be confused. "I was so stupid" he said looking in my eyes with tears forming in his. "How could you do this to me!" He screamed violently pointing at his chest. I looked at him and noticed that slightly the pain was subsiding. I let out a small sigh of relief and felt the tears coming to my eyes. "What?" I said in between the heavy breaths I was taking. I could see a tear run down his face and drop to the floor, as he sat there and watched me return to normal after my.. Episode. I wasn't even sure what happened, but I knew it was pretty messed up and that there was something he was keeping from me. "I don't understand" I mumbled. I looked at the floor and ran my hand through my hair. I could still see him looking at me through the corner of my eye. He took a deep breath and totally snapped. He started yelling at me and I tried to hold back the tears. "What is not to get? Your one of THEM.." He spat with disgust. ".. And I was so stupid because you never told me and I never would guess you would do this to me!" His face showed the disgust as he wiped away his tears. "Who are THEY?" I said emphasizing, standing up from the floor and facing him straight on. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. "If you don't know, you are a stupid little girl, and we will NEVER be together. We are enemies. Stay away from me and don't ask anymore questions" he said and he let go of me and in a flash he was gone. Probably running at his vampire speed. I didn't know who I supposedly was but I could feel my heart crumble in my chest. I was angered and sad that Zayn and I wouldn't work out, as much as I thought even though we had know each other for a couple days. I walked to the kitchen and pushed a chair over. Yes I was acting like a childish and crazy person but I could almost feel my heart crack. This is not the first time I have had this feeling. I have had it in different ways but its because I'm bipolar, and once you get me going I can't stop. I took a small basket from the kitchen and ran to the bathroom with tear stains down my face. I was sad and angry at the same time. I yanked on the bathtub and waited for it to fill up. I looked in the mirror to a girl who looked like me but very different. I have terrible bags under my eyes and my hair was messy. I put my hands up to my hair and clenched hard and I could feel the strain on my scalp. I could tell I was tipping over the edge of sanity but it was too late. My heart is crushed. I put my hand in the basket that sat on the counter and rooted around in it and then reached what I was looking for and held it in front of my face. It was shiny and still sharp. It was my rasor blade that I had used many times before but not recently. I wasn't proud of it, but it is what it is. I put it on the edge of my tub and climbed in I raised my wrist and picked up the razor. I studied the scars on my wrist from all the other times that my illness had defeated me. I moved the razor close to my arm but Zayn came in in his vampire speed, and took it from me. "What the hell!!!?" He said looking at the razor. My smirk faded and I finally noticed what I was doing. I sighed and buried my face in my hands. He raised his voice. "Don't do anything stupid." He said to me, chuckling. I looked up at him sympathetically. "Jeez they are right about you witches." He said. I widened my eyes and started to stand but he mouthed and oh with his lips and left so I was standing alone.

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