Blood Red

Drinking changes the way the mind thinks, there's no doubt about it, but it does not Change the way she feels about him.

Hayley, being drunk, thought that the horrors of her encounter with a boy named Zayn were a dream, but even if it was she should have been terrified. Even though Zayn is one of the worlds worst predator, she felt safe. Safe in his arms from all the evil, even the evil that he was going to do to her.


2. 2

I woke up the next morning, not sure if my encounter with the guy named Zayn was real or not. I swung my legs off my bed and slowly pushed up and stood. I wobbled a bit and now I regret all the drinking last night. I went to my bathroom and flicked on the light.

I looked at myself in the mirror through squinted eyes and pulled my hair up in a messy bun. I leaned in closer to the mirror to get a better look at where I felt Zayn had bit me. It obviously wasn't a dream because there was still blood covering the wound. I took a wet cloth and wiped away all the blood, revealing two, teeth marks. It screamed Vampire but everyone knows Vampires aren't real and my alcohol level must have been sky high, so I was left stumped, knowing that I would probably never know the answer to where those came from.

I put down the cloth and exited the bathroom, greatful for the cozy carpet under my toes. I walked through the hallway, down the stairs and into the kitchen.

I pulled out a piece of bread, peanut butter, jam and two headache - relief pills. I put the bread in the toaster and got some water and took the pills. I set the class down and while I waited for the toast to finish, I tried to look out the window but it was too bright for my eyes with a hangover.

The toast finished I took it out and spread the peanut butter and jam onto it. I but into the toast and felt vomit, threatening to make an appearance if I didn't stop eating. I groaned in displeasure and threw out the rest of my breakfast.

I made my way up to my room and laid down. It was only a couple of minutes before I fell into a deep sleep once again.


I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing on my table. I reached over and grabbed it. I swiped to answer and put it to my ear. "Ya?" I asked. Not caring who this is or why they woke me up at... 2:30 in the middle of the day. "Hey what's up?" It was my friend Mackayla or as I called her, Kay. "Nothing. I just woke up" I said trying to keep my sentences as short as possible. "You just woke up? You must have had as much of a hangover as I did." She chuckled. "I think mine might be a little worse." I said as I brung my fingers up to lightly brush the noticeable holes on my neck. They were defiantly real but I wasn't sure how I got them.

"What are you doing today?" I asked her. I could hear her let out a small sigh. "I guess nothing." She said. "Wanna come over? I want to talk to you." I said, holding my breath. She paused and for a moment it was silent over the phone.

"Sure ill be over soon." She said. I hit the end button on my phone and set it down. I got up and went over to my dresser, pulling out my jean short and a plain t shirt and getting dressed. I went downstairs and waited for her, sitting on the couch.


I heard the doorbell ring a couple minutes later and I got up to answer it. I turned the knob and Zayn was standing there. "Hey beautiful." He said, walking into my house without permission. I was shocked that a complete stranger would come in like that.

"My friend is coming over. She will see you. You can't be here." I said holding the door open. He turned to me. "Fine. But only because I like you. And also I'm coming back tomorrow so we can talk one on one." He said with a smirk and walked out the door.

I watched him with the door still wide open as he crossed the street. I could now see Kay coming near the house as she eyed Zayn suspiciously. She shot her eyes to me. She looked confused as she walked up my sidewalk.

"Who was that?" She said, her expression changing from suspicious to impressed. She must have saw the way he looked. Which was completely gorgeous. I playfully hit her arm.

"He has the wrong house. Don't worry he didn't stay the night" I said. She chuckled, and came in and sat down on the couch. I got us each a glass of water, and sat down opposite her. We were quiet awhile, sipping our drinks before she spoke up.

"Sooo. What did you need to talk about?" I put my water down on the table, thinking in my head how to phrase this the right way. I finally pointed to my neck.

"Was this here last night?" I said. She knotted her eyebrows together, deep in thought "no. No, I don't think so." She said staring at the ground.

I waited awhile to leave her to her thoughts until I couldn't bare it anymore. I had to ask.

"What does it look like that happened." I said. She still looked at the ground for a bit, obviously thinking of a reasonable answer to give me.

All of a sudden she shot her head up and looked at me with bewildered eyes, then said in a whisper, "vampire." She started trembling and I could see tears form in her eyes.

I chuckled and she shot me an angry look. "Vampires aren't real" I said.

She still looked terrified but changed her expression to more of a defensive look. " what if they are real?" She said throwing her hands up.

"Listen to you. You sound crazy! There are no such things!" I said. She put down her glass and looked at me.

"Is there anything else that you wanted to talk to me about?" She said. "No" I told her.

She stood up, and walked out of the house, and into the street.
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