Blood Red

Drinking changes the way the mind thinks, there's no doubt about it, but it does not Change the way she feels about him.

Hayley, being drunk, thought that the horrors of her encounter with a boy named Zayn were a dream, but even if it was she should have been terrified. Even though Zayn is one of the worlds worst predator, she felt safe. Safe in his arms from all the evil, even the evil that he was going to do to her.


1. 1

I hugged my friend goodbye and started walking back to my house. I stumbled and decided to take off my heals. I was leaving the local club that my friend and I had attended tonight.

I pulled out my phone, attempting to read the time, but I couldn't see much through my alcohol-fogged eyes. It looked about 2:30 am. I sighed and threw my phone back into my clutch, and started walking again.

I came up to the alley that I had to walk down in order to get to my house. It looked creepy in the night so I looked around, making sure no one was going to follow me. When I didn't see anyone I started walking slowly into the alley. I was more cautious now that I was drunk, even though I had walked this alley a hundred times.

My bare feet made splashing sounds on the pavement in the puddles formed earlier in the night.

I had a feeling someone was watching me, so I turned around. There was no one there that I could see but still feeling cautious, I pulled my dress down as if it would help if someone was deciding to take advantage of me or not. I turned around to start walking home again and I bumped into a guy.

"I'm so sorry." I said, trying my hardest to not to slur my words. We were very close so I backed away, but not before I inhaled his scent. It was amazing, and I looked up, into his eyes. He was smiling, and I'm not sure if it was the alcohols affect, but I felt safe.

He moved closer but I stood there not daring to move. We looked into each others eyes and I could smell him again. I could sense something was going to happen, but oddly I didn't run or scream for help.

"What's your name?" He said in a heavy British accent which I wondered what he was doing in Canada. I cleared my throat. "Hayley" I croaked.

He moved closer and I was almost touching him. He brushed my hair from my neck, still looking in my eyes. He lent down and whispered in my ear. "This will only hurt a little." He said. He pulled back and smiled, flashing me his overly white teeth. All I could think is that I was going to be raped, but still I didn't move or hit him or something.

He hovered there for a second just staring at me then he lunged for my neck at lightning speed. He bit me and I could feel the blood pulling out of my veins.

It didn't hurt that much but as he was pulling more and more blood from my body, I got weaker by the second. My legs got weak and I stumbled back. He quickly shot his hands to my lower back giving me support. I took up my hands to a clenched to his shirt.

He pulled away and licked his lips. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming so I raised my hand to my neck. I wiped the tender spot and looked at my fingers. They were stained with blood. I looked up at him in shock, my eyes widened. He brushed my hair back to its previous place, hiding the broken skin and blood residue. "I'm sorry I had to do that. You are too pretty I couldn't resist." He said. My mouth was still open so I closed it and looked at my hand still clenching onto his shirt. I removed it and wiped the wrinkles out. I could feel that he had a perfect abs underneath the shirt he was wearing. He removed his hands from my back, leaving me to support myself. Miraculously I felt less drunk and only had a buzz at the moment. I was thinking more clear and I knew I should be running from this monster. My mind was screaming at my legs to move and to take me far away from here to back home but they stayed, my feet glued to the ground. I looked into his eyes, and he looked confused. "You aren't going to run ? Scream? You aren't like most girls." He said. He was right I should be running, but i stood there and looked at him, not making more of a distance between us. I felt safe. I knew in my heart that he wouldn't do anything else to me. I decided to step back and take in his looks. He was beautiful. Jet black hair perfectly spiked, olive skin and in very good shape. He wore a white v-neck shirt with a leather jacket and black skinny jeans.

He moved to the side and let me through. I took a couple steps and looked back at him. "I didn't catch your name" I said with a quiet voice that I didn't think he would be able to hear. He smiled. "I'm Zayn." He said. I gave him a small nod and smile, and I continued on my way home
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