Inventing Indigo

It began with a girl.
And none of us even noticed she was there... until she wasn't anymore.


3. Day Two: I


It’s a week before we speak again.

More specifically, five days. It’s Wednesday, and I’m sat in my usual spot. Tarren comes to sit next to me and we smile. A little eye-contact. So an exciting day in the romance department for me, then.

Then it’s broken. “She’s still not here,” he says, and his smile melts into a frown.


Indigo,” he says, and sounds a little irritated.

“Oh.” I try to come up with something so that the conversation will carry on. “Maybe she’s moved.”

He considers what I said for a moment. “Without telling anyone? I mean, I didn’t know her, but I asked a friend of hers and… she didn’t know what happened. She’s as confused as us.”


I shrug. “I don’t know, Tarren.”

There’s a long pause and I think the conversation is over. But then, like out of thin air, he speaks again. “Hey. Would you do something for me? – I’m sorry, what was your name?”

“Louise.” I falter. He didn’t know. But at least he asked.

“Louise… Would you do something completely crazy if I asked?”

It’s probably weird that I wanted to say yes even before I knew what, right?

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