Noticing your curls.

"who are they?"i asked with curiosity."oh you didn't know?...........that's one direction" Kitty said.I looked at her with confusion."really?"i asked again.She nodded and i smiled."oooh well they hot."~


Sandra and kitty are two best friends that are closer than anyone to meeting "One Direction",or "The Wanted"but the thing is that sandra doesn't know who one direction is,she only knows the wanted.Kitty her best friend,convinces her in meeting one direction instead of the wanted.Ungratefully,sandra agrees,and she meets them for the first time.OH and they met them because they won a raffle in a community place!!!


5. Trip day.

Harry's P.O.V


We had gotten the news that the two girls chose us instead of the wanted.Good choice.Our break was about 5 weeks but we needed one week off with our families,so they will be here for 4 weeks.They are lucky.

"ready to receive them?" Lou asked me from behind.I turned around and smiled."of course,i've been ready ever since i heard they chose us"it's true.Im expecting some lovely girls.

Sandra's P.O.V


We had been in the car for about 3 hours and i was already getting car sick." many more hours?"i asked out loud,i was really anxious now."about 1 and 30 minutes"the driver responded.I sighed loudly and started shaking my leg.

"what's wrong?"kitty tapped my shoulder."im car sick and im anxious and nervous."i said shaking and trembling.she tried calming me down but i just wouldn't.Oh god,he knows what is about to happen in 1 hour and 30 minutes.>.<

I had practically barfed the whole trip.Kitty had to give me like 2 pills of nausea.But!Luckily we were here already.Oh no,we were here ALREADY??!?!

I didn't even get to see their faces so of course i still didn't like them.

I was just thinking of curly babe and wondering how happier he was then me.We parked in front of a big building and since the windows were tinted i couldn't see the people outside.

But for some reason kitty was all jumpy and happy."they're right there"she squealed.I tried looking outside but i just couldn't see their faces.

Then the chofer opened the door and i looked at the ground to try not to lose control when i faced these guys.

But just as i looked up,my mouth dropped open............................curly babe stood in front of me with a cheeky grin as well as for what i think direction?!

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