Noticing your curls.

"who are they?"i asked with curiosity."oh you didn't know?...........that's one direction" Kitty said.I looked at her with confusion."really?"i asked again.She nodded and i smiled."oooh well they hot."~


Sandra and kitty are two best friends that are closer than anyone to meeting "One Direction",or "The Wanted"but the thing is that sandra doesn't know who one direction is,she only knows the wanted.Kitty her best friend,convinces her in meeting one direction instead of the wanted.Ungratefully,sandra agrees,and she meets them for the first time.OH and they met them because they won a raffle in a community place!!!


6. That spark.

Sandra's P.O.V


As much as i thought these guys were ugly.I totally just switched my mind.I cannot believe that kitty was right all this time.She surely gave me a big surprise!

"hey loves"one with brown straight hair called.[Louis]

I was still frozen and my eyes were locked on curly babe."Sandra!"i heard Kitty mumble and nudge my back.I jumped slightly and smiled."hi"i said silently.

Kitty just started to give them all a hug but i didn't,i was too pissed at myself for being a total bitch at her.I didn't even buy anything.

I looked at Kitty who was giving me that look.I understood and went to give them all hugs slowly.I was crying and killing myself from inside.Why did i ever underestimate her like that?

After i hugged all the 4 boys,curly babe was last.I was shy,i felt like i was going to throw up again.But Kitty got my attention again.

I got to him and smiled.He smiled back and i had no other option but to leap in his arms.His scent was grateful,his curls were soft,and his hands felt good on me.

I pulled back and he asked."could we get a picture?".I nodded and gave my iPhone to kitty.As his cheek bone touched myn,i felt a spark in me and i loved it.

"1,2,3,"Kitty said,then the light flashed.I pull off Curly b,and i went over to see a perfect picture with a handsome young man that i loved since i saw him.

Harry's P.O.V


Ever since she got out that car,i could already say that i liked her.She obviously didn't know who we were,so it made it more cuter.

She came over and hugged me,i hugged her back.She smelled so good and her brown hair was as soft too.Her partner was fine as well,but right now the girl i had another little spark for was the one i took a picture with.

I wonder what her name was.Whatever it was,i still liked her.

It's that little spark in your tummy.

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