Noticing your curls.

"who are they?"i asked with curiosity."oh you didn't know?...........that's one direction" Kitty said.I looked at her with confusion."really?"i asked again.She nodded and i smiled."oooh well they hot."~


Sandra and kitty are two best friends that are closer than anyone to meeting "One Direction",or "The Wanted"but the thing is that sandra doesn't know who one direction is,she only knows the wanted.Kitty her best friend,convinces her in meeting one direction instead of the wanted.Ungratefully,sandra agrees,and she meets them for the first time.OH and they met them because they won a raffle in a community place!!!


8. Going home.

Sandra's P.O.V


I sat on the couch and just stared at all of them sing the song 'summer love' It was so amazing,their voices were all so sweet and smooth.

I looked at the time and it was 7:30 p.m.,in about like 15 minutes we'd go home,well,their home.Every time i looked over to harry,I'd find him grinning at me.His smile was contagious,i had to smile back.

Kitty nudged me."you like them don't you?"she asked me with a smirk.I laughed and nodded."yes","i told you so many times that they could be a good thing for you"she was bragging and talked too much.

"i like Harry the most though"i quietly said.Kitty gave me a look.I smirked and chuckled."wow".

After 15 minutes passed,it was finally time to go home and chill or get to know this band.All of the guys came out the studio.Fans were out there.CRAZY!

Me and kitty had to wear sunglasses due to the rumors that could easily develop if they saw our faces."who's that girl"was all i could hear from the crowd.

After we finally got in the LIMO?wow,anyways,after we got in it,me and kitty were breathing heavy,i guess it was the tension. "are you gals ok with all them other girls out there?"Louis asked.Me and kitty nodded.

"yeah of course.........they are just loud but im ok with it"kitty smiled while she talked.Im not!they are very loud!but im  not complaining.

"well at home we might as well watch a movie or eat."Louis said,i kinda disagreed,i was tired from the trip.I barely got any sleep.

"yeah..........we're up"kitty added.I nudged her thigh,i then nodded slightly.She rolled her eyes and gave me that look."well seems as if we are here for a pretty long time."i said silently.

"Yep,a long time"harry replied with a brief breath.Was he not happy as i was?Along the ride,non of us spoke,we just kept smiling at each other.

Well,i'll wait.

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