Noticing your curls.

"who are they?"i asked with curiosity."oh you didn't know?...........that's one direction" Kitty said.I looked at her with confusion."really?"i asked again.She nodded and i smiled."oooh well they hot."~


Sandra and kitty are two best friends that are closer than anyone to meeting "One Direction",or "The Wanted"but the thing is that sandra doesn't know who one direction is,she only knows the wanted.Kitty her best friend,convinces her in meeting one direction instead of the wanted.Ungratefully,sandra agrees,and she meets them for the first time.OH and they met them because they won a raffle in a community place!!!


4. A disagreement.

Sandra's P.O.V


Kitty came in with a handful of shopping bags and different decorations.She entered our room and gave me a smile that i didn't return."your still mad?"she asked me.I rolled my eyes,of course im mad at her."Yes!!and i will be for a long time".

"look,i know your not going to be able to see max or Nathan,but look on the bright side,your still meeting a FAMOUS band" ok so she really thinks i like this band?No!i only like curly babe.[new nickname for harry from sandra]

"ok and?there is no point in going to meet a band i don't like,also,the boys i saw yesterday on t.v. are hotter than the wanted but!i don't think that one direction could beat those boys"

Kitty laughed again.what was so funny?"why do you laugh every time i mention the boys?"i asked,it's true though,she always laugh's." actually think one direction isn't as hot as those boys","whatever"

The afternoon had fallen and Kitty was making my bag."why are you doing this?"i asked because like why was she packing my bag?"because......we leave in 1 day so,i thought I'd pack it,since you probably wouldn't have."

It's true.I would not have packed my bag.

"Kitty......why did you chose one direction?"i needed her to give me reason that i would agree with."because they are #1 in 37 countries,they are hot,they know how to sing,and one reason i don't like the wanted is because,they hate one direction because 1D took their popularity."

"1D?"what was 1D?"well i want to see this band"i really wanted to see their faces and see how HOT Kitty says they are."Sandra!it's going to be a surprise and please trust me,,,,,,,,,,,you'll love the surprise."

No i won't,ugh,i hate this so much right now!!!

This disagreement could separate me and Kitty forever.

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