Noticing your curls.

"who are they?"i asked with curiosity."oh you didn't know?...........that's one direction" Kitty said.I looked at her with confusion."really?"i asked again.She nodded and i smiled."oooh well they hot."~


Sandra and kitty are two best friends that are closer than anyone to meeting "One Direction",or "The Wanted"but the thing is that sandra doesn't know who one direction is,she only knows the wanted.Kitty her best friend,convinces her in meeting one direction instead of the wanted.Ungratefully,sandra agrees,and she meets them for the first time.OH and they met them because they won a raffle in a community place!!!


1. A surprise?!?!?!

Sandra's P.O.V


I walked in the community building with Kitty chewing on her M&M's.I stared at the ballet room and the karate room,until we finally reached the studio.

We both looked inside and saw so many people,i got startled and confused."what the?"i accidentally said out loud.Quickly ,all of them stared at me and kitty who was still happily chewing her M&M'S.

One of them actually walked up to me."hey darlin ugh,i think you have got the wrong place i-i do-" he was shortly cut off by Jarrod.[manager]."no no she's actually one of the winner's,including Kitty,the one next to her."Winner?

I stared at the guy and Jarrod."winner?.......what do you mean,winner?"i asked Jarrod with curiosity."well.."he stopped for a moment."you and Kitty have one a getaway for a week or two with either one direction or the wanted".

I froze and my mouth dropped open,i couldn't believe what i just heard,"why are we getting this?"i needed a good reason right now."ugh well.......actually you and kitty hadn't won but,Hallie and Yaky didn't want them so i looked at you guys and decided on that."he really did that?

I looked over to Kitty only to see her covered in drool mixed with chocolate.I gave her a disgusted face."Kitty!"i mumbled.She immediately came back to her senses and wiped her chin.

"you guys leave in three days,and you will travel,now,i don't exactly know if it's 1 week or two maybe even three.Depends on their break.But once i find out,i will call you."he gave me another surprise?I'm so with the wanted.

I smiled and gave Jarrod a big hug."well do we stay here now or do we leave to buy stuff and pack?"........."you guys should first decide which band you want to spend it with,then,you pack and buy clothes."he ended with advice.I nodded.

On the way back,trust me but i had no words i was speechless .Right now i am so meeting Max!

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