Everybody makes mistakes but not like the one Cassia made.....she never fit in why? Only hell knows the answer! How would your life be if you lost everything your mom dead your only grandmother dead and your father...alive but not with you. Being a disgrace your mother. Human. and your father a demon from a place of magic and paranormal ugly beasts of hell! Dare to read...?


1. Prologue

Taking in my last drawn breath I grasp Mike's hands that are full of my blood. I think about how I would not be in this mess if I just listened to Evanna. She had warned me I surely die if I went to search for my father Cadaver. But I needed him, I was alone. I never had many friends. No matter how much I tried to talk to someone or fit in I never fit in. I was always different. I had my grandmother but she had been bloody murdered 2 years ago by a demon who had angel wings and gray-blue cape that covered his entire face I was only sweet 16 at the time the demon had crossed the human universe from a portal of light blue light the magically appeared out of no where. The demon had seen me but only stared at me for a while then said "You'll be a great demon...join me." he said in a rough voice. I shaked my head and the monster chuckled. He made a portal it was beautiful. He turned to look at me and bowed the waled through the beautiful light. I was alone then. I was cold and surely I wanted to escape the house but where to? Nobody would take me all my other family was dead.

Over the years I trained and learned to fight and throw. I ran and learned how to do magic. every 2 centuries a human is born with magical strong powers which later when older becomes a true magician. I am one of those people my grandmother before she was murdered taught me magic spells that would help me survive and live. But I know how t do that what I truly and dearly want is to learn how to open a portal to the demon universe but it's a very long spell and I have been trying to learn in I only need 2 more months until I could have learned it. But back to where I was I decided to transform into form...I fought a strong demon master of hell but I was weak I lost. Mike crying he always loved me but he never admitted it. I use to tease him. I lost a lot of blood i'm done for. I breath heavily my breath is raspy. My heart aches, my heart beats its last beat then my world turn black...

I Died. 


Authors note:This is technically the last part of the story but if you like it I'll finish the whole story!

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