Room Service

Two girls pose as maids for the hotel One Direction is staying at. For Elliza Jones, It's love at first site with her and her future boyfriend but, as for Kaitlynn Thomas, it's a bit more complicated. How many heart throb boys fall for her in the end? 2, 3, 0?


5. The Other Side


Liza's P.O.V.

Nialls clothes beep from the washer in the kitchen closet. 

"I got it!" I say as I turn and pat Kaitlynns head as if She's a dog. She narrows her eyes at me, blowing a piece of hair out of her eyes. I simply skips out the room cradling the laundry basket in my arms. When I close the door behind me I let out a quite giggle. I begin to walk to the kitchen. I have a heavy smile on my face as I daydream about what might happen in these next three weeks. My smile quickly fades when I step on a stray chunk of glass, slicing my skin open. I let out a little yelp when my knees come in contact with the floor. I finally gather myself to sit up right and examine my cut. The glass laying inside my foot. It's kind of a deep cut , but I don't want to attract any attention so I attempt  to pull it out myself but failed as the pain overwhelms me and a tear escapes my eye. I wipe it away, pick up the laundry basket, and limp to the kitchen.

When I open the door I see Niall sitting on the table eating some chicken. He quickly turns and looks at me giving me a heart stopping smile then notices the pool of blood under my foot. He winces at the sight of it and puts down his plate roughly. He jumps off the table and runs to me a little too fast because he bumps into me knocking me to the ground. He flashes me a look of embarrassment taking the laundry basket and placing it on the counter. He then picks me up bridal style. I cant help but feel secure in his arms. I look up at his face, panic written all over it. He places me on the counter holding my wounded left foot and placing my right foot in the sink. Still holding my foot he turns on the cold water letting it run on the glass in my foot. I place my hand on his shoulder. It's so tense that you'd think he is the one with the glass in his foot. I smile at him and in response  he looks at me in alarm then, finally,  relaxes and smiles back . I get lost in his blue eyes tracing every unique thing about them with my mind. He holds his beautiful smile at me giving me an intense stare. I figure his time has stopped just like mine because neither of us notice the sink flooding with water until it pores out onto the kitchen floor and counters soaking my bum. He lets go of the faucet and tenses up even more than before as he turns it off. I giggle still looking at him. He turns his head to look at me and laughs along with me, relaxing. 

"Thank you." I whisper smiling. He bites his lower lip then smiles.

"I didn't even do anything silly," he pauses "Want me to take it out?" I smile and think to myself 'that's what he said!'    

"Yes, please." I finally answer.I watch as he carefully examines the soul of my foot where the glass is stuck in.

"I'm going to count down to three then pull it out okay?" he asks in a soothing tone. I nod nervously.  "Okay," he starts "one. . ." and with that he yanks the piece of glass out of my foot quickly. I groan in pain.

"I thought you were counting to three!" I shout then smack him in the shoulder. He chuckles.

"Well Fiona did it to Shrek so I thought id try it on you!" he says in defense, I giggle then notice my foot is bleeding.

"wrap your hand around my ankle and cut off its circulation so it will slow the blood flow." I say to him. He does as he's told. Then I hear Kaitlynn yell my name  "One sec!" I yell back, she obviously doesn't hear me because she yells it again "One second!" I sing.

"Here you take your ankle and I'll go get some bandages." Niall says handing my own foot to me. I smile.


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