Room Service

Two girls pose as maids for the hotel One Direction is staying at. For Elliza Jones, It's love at first site with her and her future boyfriend but, as for Kaitlynn Thomas, it's a bit more complicated. How many heart throb boys fall for her in the end? 2, 3, 0?


6. Getting Complicated


Lizas P.O.V

I wonder if I have a shot with the Niall Horan?! Of corse not, that's my wildest dreams. He can get any girl he wants by the snap of his fingers and I'm just a boring average 18 year old girl. Ugh. I get ripped away from my thoughts when Harry comes through the kitchen door, letting it smack the wall behind him.

"Hey maid!" he jokes in his deep. . . Attractive voice.

"He-" I start, trying to say 'Hey' when he interrupts me.

"Oh my god! What the hell happened! Your foot is gushing out blood!" he exclaims cupping his hand over his mouth.

"Haha, I'm fine Harry, Niall will be back with some bandages any second." I say trying to calm him down.

"That's is not okay! I'm sorry but," He pauses. " I forgot your name, is it Elizabeth?"

"Nope!" I say popping the 'P'. he smiles. 

"Libby?" he guesses. I smile.

"Nada." I answer. He slips his hands into his jean pockets and bites his lip to think.

"Lillian?" he guesses again.

"Nooo!" I giggle. 

"Less-" harry starts but gets interrupted by Niall entering the kitchen. Looking at a foot wrap box.

"Hey Liza I got these foot wraps and some gauze at the little store in the lobby. Do you think it will work?" he says not looking up at me or Harry.

"Liza!" Harry shouts with a big grin "I knew it!" Niall looks up and looks a little. . . Hurt. 

"Well Niall did give it to you, and yes it will work thank you so much Niall " I say smiling at both of them. Niall perks up and works a smile at me.

"No problem." He says ignoring Harry's existence. 

"Do you need help putting it on?" Harry asks. Niall fake coughs.

"Nope. We're all good." He says rocking back and forth on his heels. 

"Mmkay. . . Bye." Harry says walking out the door. Niall chuckles walking over to me.

"Looks like the bleeding slowed down." he pulls out a tissue square thing and lightly places it on the bottom of my foot then takes the gauze and lightly wraps it around the tissue and on my ankle. 

"Ya, lookin a little better." I reply smiling at his head which is concentrating on my wound. He looks up at me.

"Your really good with pain, you know that Lize?" he says. Awe how cute, he gave me a nick name. I smile at him.

"your pretty good at taking care of me." I say to him. Did I really just say that?! Taking care of ME?! I'm a flirting idiot. Ugh. I look at him, he's blushing with no response. Probably because he thinks I'm an insane fan girl.

"All good to go!" He mentions changing the subject and helping me off the counter. I take a step on my foot, it's not bad, I can take the pain, if I walk on my toes. I start to walk back to Zayn's bedroom. What am I forgetting? I think.

"The laundry!" I say spinning around in just enough time to bump into Niall's chest.

"Need help?" he asks chuckling.  

"Haha, nope i'm all good." I say pushing myself off of him.Then start heading to the laundry room. 

"LIZA!" Kait snaps from across the suite.

"Patience!" I yell back. I switch the laundry then walk back to Zayn's room.  As I go inside,  Kait jumps at me.


Kaitlynns P.O.V

"Liza I've been waiting fifteen minutes where have you been?!" I complain in exhaust.

"I cut my foot and Niall wrapped it up for me." Liza explains.

"Okay we'll, Zayn is passed out in the bathroom because I hit him with the door on accident and I don't know what to do!" I say quickly, squeezing my eyes shut scared of her response.

". . . Wow." Liza says.

"Ya. . ." I reply quickly. Liza steps into the en suite bathroom and looks at Zayn laying on the ground.

"Kaitlynn he needs CPR! Mouth to mouth! Hurry he's losing breath!" Liza yells I kneel beside him.

"I don't know how!" I exclaim. I begin to panic.

"Give him the kiss of life!" she says.


Zayns P.O.V

Someone pinches my nose and I open my eyes, seeing that brunette girl, Kaitlynn press her lips on mine, her mouth wide open as if she is going to release air into me. I kiss her bottom lip. She removes her hands from my face and holds them up. I sit up not letting go of her lips and put my hand on the small of her back. Liza giggles. Kaitlynn let's go of my lips and flutters her eyes open looking at Liza. 

"Heh, what was that for?" I say smiling at Kaitlynn.

"I thought you were dying! Liza said you were dying!" she exclaims, blushing. Liza backs out the bathroom awkwardly. Then Kaitlynn stands up and begins to leave.

"where are you going?" I ask

"I'll be in your room cleaning, and let you put on. . . Pants" Kaitlynn explains as she walks out. I'm wearing only a towel. . . Okay Zayn that's not good. Well, It least it's covering everything.


Kaits P.O.V

"What the crap happened? He wasn't dying!" I whisper at Liza.

"Well your gullible and you got a kiss from THE Zayn Mallik!" she whispers back. I feel the blood rush to my cheeks.  Zayn comes out of the bathroom fully clothed now and I start the vacuum hoping an awkward convo doesn't start. He walks over to me and puts a hand on my shoulder. I ignore it and walk out of his grasp. What will I say? Gah I'm so embarrassed. 

"Hey Kaitlynn?" he whispers, his lips in contact with my ear. I shutter at the feeling, it gives me chills.  

"I'll be right with you." I say trying to be a bit professional brushing him off and walking away from him.  

". . . Kay." hey says leaving the room, just after he kisses my cheek softly. I finish vacuuming the room and then go into Louis. When I look inside, it's messy as can be, bed not made, clothes on the floor, his dresser is actually tipped on it's side. Liza and I finally finish cleaning it in a little over a half an hour. I leave the room and walk into Harry's room, Liza following behind being her normal chirpy cheerful self. When I open the door, I see all the boys, laid out dressed snappy and looking handsome as ever, sitting there, chatting. The room is fairly messy.  

"Hey guys!" They chorus together.  

"Hey!" Liza cheers behind me.  

"Hey." I say exhausted. Sitting down on the floor.  

"We got to go guys! We're going to be late!" Liam yells standing up. They all stand up and Niall walks over to Liza with his arms wide open smiling, and gives her a hug.

"Hope your foot starts feelin' better." He says to her. Louis comes and embraces me in a hug lifting me off the ground. I huff out my breath.  

"Did you clean my room, love?" he asks giving me a cheeky smile. I pat his face with my free hand.  

"Yupp sure did!" I say smiling back. He puts me down and Niall comes and gives me a nice little hug.   

"Thanks, I'll see you tomorrow." He says into my ear, then pulls away and walks out the door. Harry walks to me and gives me a nice hug too, then goes to Liza. Zayn walks over to me and offers hug. I hesitate then give in, wrapping my hands around his neck.  

"Thanks." he says, walks away and gives Liza a hug. I look over to Liam standing in the doorway, looking at his watch waiting for Zayn. I walk over to him and tackle him in a hug. He looks at me shocked then does his part of the hugging. I smile.  

"thanks." he says as he rubs my back with his thumbs, it feels so impossibly good. I finally pull away.    

"No problem! It's just my job." I say then wink at him. Liza gives him a hug and they all leave the suite. Me and Liza finish cleaning the rooms then walk out the hotel saying bye to my uncle and  throw ourselves into bed. 

"Let's brush our teeth and get into our pyjamas Kait!" Liza chirps at me. I get up and do as I'm told then  crash on the bed and drift off in a deep sleep. 

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