Room Service

Two girls pose as maids for the hotel One Direction is staying at. For Elliza Jones, It's love at first site with her and her future boyfriend but, as for Kaitlynn Thomas, it's a bit more complicated. How many heart throb boys fall for her in the end? 2, 3, 0?


7. Flashback & Dolled Up


Kaitlynn's P.O.V

"Your going to be late! I thought you were still sleeping so I came to wake you." My mom said meeting me at my bedroom door and  scooting me down the hall towards the front door.

"Thanks mother, love you, bye!" I said as I kissed her cheek and turned away to head out.

"umm, wait Kaitlynn! Take this apple!" she shouted. I turned around and caught it in my free hand.

"Thanks! Love you!" I yelled and shut the front door behind me. She rushed to the door shouting after me.

"Love you too! Be safe!" I looked at her after I shut my trunk containing my suit case. In result, she was biting her lip. I could tell she was worried, it's the same thing I do when I'm worried. I ran up to her on the doorstep.

"I'll be fine mom, I promise." I reasured her in my most calm voice,holding her wrist gently, and smiling at her.

"I know," she practically whispered. "Now go, I trust you, bye honey." And with that I ran to my car and headed to the airport. It took me about an hour to get through all the New York traffic but I still managed to get there on time. As I was boarding the plane, I decided to shoot Liza a text.

Hey- Just letting you know I'm boarding the plane! See you soon! x

I received a text almost immediately after that read: I'm too excited! See ya soon! xx

I remember all these thoughts flowing through my mind on the plane ride. Has Liza changed since exactly a year ago when I came to visit her in London? I've only lived in New York for like 4 years after my family and I moved from London. Have I changed? 


I wake up and drowsily wipe my eyes until my vision is clear. It felt nice to wake up naturally and sleep in, I haven't done it in a while. I take my iPhone out of my bra (where I put it last night) and check the time. 10:57 it reads. I sit up and look at Liza laying passed out right next to me. I shake her vigorously.  

"Wakey Wakey Liza! What are we doing today?" I say in a loud gentle voice.  

"Go away." she mumbles back.  

"No! I want to tell you about one of the two crazy dreams I had last night!" I yell. She sits up.  

"I had a crazy dream too, it was so realistic too!" her eyes wide open talking to me with glee.  

"I bet mine was cooler, it was about one direction!" my heart began to race at the sound of their name.  

"So was mine!" she chirped "And while I was with them I cut my foo-" she stops and throws the blankets off her body viciously while she scans her wrapped up foot.  

"Kait," she pauses ". . . That wasn't a dream. . ."   

"Pshh ya it was!" I say with the least bit of doubt.  

"Then does this hurt?!" she says in a loud voice and thumps a bruise on the side of my head. 

  "OUCH!" I snap at her and smack her hand away.  

" You fell on it when you passed out, when we met them! It's not like I just cut my foot open for a reason that I can't remember!" she exclaims. "Jeez, we got hurt, A LOT yesterday. I stepped on glass, you passed out, you hit Zayn with a door, then kissed him!" she adds.  

"one directions dangerous." I giggle "why are we still here!? Let's go see them!" I yell at her.  

"No! It would be weird if we showed up there looking like we do, lets get dolled up, by the way, your hairs a mess!" she says pointing at me accusingly. "And we will go tidy up at 12:00 okay? That gives us and hour, I'll do your makeup?"  

"I would love that, good plan." I respond nodding my head.   

"Now go get in the shower. I took one last night when I couldn't sleep and you were, far beyond it."  I do as i'm told and hop off the bed, going to the bathroom, and get in the shower, starting the hot water. 


Liza's P.O.V

I walk over to my mirrored makeup desk and work on my makeup, making it prettier than I have ever had before. I straighten my hair and take a Bobbie pin, twisting my bangs back. I go into the closet and pick a sleeveless bright blue shirt that matches my bright navy blue eyeliner I put on my eyelid resembling a bird wing. The back of the shirt is almost not there at all, instead it has four gold chains that attach the back together, it has a bra thing in the front so no need for me to wear a bra of my collection. I put on black skinny jeans and for shoes I wear these ankle boot/high heels that show my toes and with all that, I'm all ready! Kait pokes into the doorway of my closet, dressed in denim caprees, a black tank top and a black sith cardigan with sleeves that reach her elbows and bright red buttons and matching red converse. No makeup and damp natural dark hair from the shower. 

"CUTE," I screech. She smiles. "Makeup time!" 

~*~ Kaitlynns P.O.V

Liza does beautiful makeup, she has always has. She's not even wearing that much makeup right now and it compliments her eyes and her outfit. That is a gorgeous shirt, it shows practically the whole middle section of her back.

"No bra?" I ask her  

"It has a built in one in the front." she giggles. I go and sit in her makeup desk seat. She loves sparkles so I can already tell she will be putting sparkles on me. She starts blow drying my hair.  

"How do you want your hair?" she shouts.  

"Curly, Harry and Liam prefer curly hair!" I shout back. She scrunches my hair trying to embrace a natural wave that she can't find from my natural straight hair. When it's fully dry, she takes the straitner and begins using it to curl my hair, it takes her about 15 minutes put when shes done she flips me around to take a look in the mirror.  

"Wow..." is all I manage to get out. It's gorgeous, it's like Miley Cyrus's long curls in her tv show 'Hannah Montana' except my hair is natural dark, dark brunette hair. Me and liza have pretty much the same eyes except mine are just, all bright blue all over and hers have a thin outline of dark blue, it's a gorgeous effect really. She then does my makeup. She does it just like hers except instead of her gorgeous blue eyeliner she puts a hint of red eye shadow.   

"All ready to go!" she says. I take my phone out, it reads 12:13. Liza reads it also.

"It's okay we will be there around 12:30 perfect!" we race out the door and walk into the hotel. Uncle Jerry gives us the maid cart, not making us wear aprons. He winks at us then sends us up when we get to the top floor where their room is liza tells me that she left her phone in her apartment.  

"You don't need it!" I reassure her.  

"But my parents are calling today, they only call twice a week and today is one of those days and I'm obligated to answer or I could loose my apartment, my parents are crazy Kait!" she responds.

" Fine, I'll go with you." I say stepping back into the elevator with her, she stops me.   

"No Kait I'll be back in like 20 minutes, have fun." she smiles at me.  

"Okay thanks, see ya soon." I say back taking the maid cart and strolling to their room. I knock on the door.   "Room service!" I yell happily.

  "Come in!" a voice yells back. I smile and open the door to  some one I don't recognize, he sits on the couch watching tv then turns his head to look at me, he looks shocked at first then smiles, I recognize his smile, his adorable smile. Josh Devine.

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