Room Service

Two girls pose as maids for the hotel One Direction is staying at. For Elliza Jones, It's love at first site with her and her future boyfriend but, as for Kaitlynn Thomas, it's a bit more complicated. How many heart throb boys fall for her in the end? 2, 3, 0?


1. The Encounter


Kaitlynns P.O.V

             With a shaky hand, I hesitate to knock on the dark oak door. Elliza sighs in annoyance from behind me.

          "Just do it already!" She encourages. I knock and speak to whom ever is inside.

          "Room service!"

          "Come in!" A boy answers. I take a deep breath then swipe the door with the maids master key. I Open the door slowly then step in front of the cart leaving Liza to push it. The first person I see is Liam sitting on a white leather bean bag, we lock eyes immediately then I notice he's shirtless, ohhhhh god. . . . I freeze. Until Liza noticed and rams the cart into my butt. Even after I get rammed in the butt from a maid cart, I am still locking eyes with Liam, until he looks down and seems. . . Nervous? I hope I don't scare him! Ugh don't be creepy Kaitlynn, I think to myself. He quickly grabs the first shirt he sees and puts it on only to look back up at me. I smile and want to die at how lucky I am. He stands up and I take a step back feeling woozy. In the living room sits the remaining four boys. As I process seeing all their faces glaring at me, I feel even more woozy. I look at my feet then look back up at them. I uncontrollably close my eyes, then pass out and helplessly fall to the ground.

                       Why did we do this? I never play without the rules but Liza and I sure went rouge this time. Posing as maids just to meet our favorite band of all time. We went into the  lobby of this hotel looking for my uncle Jerry, the manager of this hotel. He told us about the boys. Giving us both simple aprons and a cart, he sent us up to room 306 to meet our idols and now I lay, on the ground, completely passed out. If that doesn't yell crazy, psychotic  fan, I don't know what does.

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