One Direction: Kidnapped (FULL STORY)

Can a normal seventeen year old girl save One Directon? Well, if she can't she'll die trying.


2. Where am I?


The burlap sack is pulled off of my head, I blink to adjust to the harsh white light. My head throbs painfully, as I try to lift my hand up to rub it, I feel the roughness of the tightly wound rope on my already ropeburned wrists. I try to speak but all I can manage is a groan. "One of them's awake, go check on em'." A female voice sounds through the air, but even the muffeled sound makes my head throb. Where am I? Where are the boys? Is it day, or night? A figure appears out of the edge of the darkness, stepping into the light. She looks down at me, with her blonde curls bouncing around her tanned, photo ready face, and her piercing green eyes. "What do you want?" She asks with a snarl. I groan again. I finally manage a contorted, cracky speech. "Wh-where am I?" She just rolls her eyes. "None of your concern, are the rest of you awake?" I just shrug. Well, as much of a shrug as a semi broken man can mustser. She sighs and walks away, toward the darkness. I think over the last thing I remember. I remember walking out the back door of a club with Danielle and the guys. Then two people show up and start kicking the crap out of us. I just remember darkness after that. Wait, DANIELLE! Where is Danielle? "Wh-where is she? Where is Danielle?" I hear the clicking of the girl's heels as she nears the light once more. She laughs, leaning down to match my eye level. She puts her finger on one side of her neck and traces it to the other side. "Scchkk!" That's all I need to know. I feel a fury ride in my chest as I try to lunge at the woman. "NO!! NO! HOW COULD YOU?!? HOW COULD YOU KILL HER?!? WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?!?!" She laughs at this and places the tip of a hidden blade at the middle of my throat. "I'm the one who will make your life a living hell. Get used to it. You hungry? We have some food I think..." She just turns and walks off, back to where she came from. "Liam?" I hear Niall's voice, close, but far away. "Ni! Niall, are you okay?" I hear him sigh and respond. "I feel like sh**, but nothing too bad. I'd kill for some food though." Of cousr Niall would say that. "Do you see any of the guys? Danielle, she's--" I get cut off by my own sob. "It's okay Li, I heard. I see Harry in the corner, Louis is a few feet to my left, and I can't see Zayn anywhere. i hear the click of heels once more and shh Niall. "Here are some sandwiches, eat them, it you can reach them." A different girl- with brown hair and blue eyes- sets the plate on the floor about one foot in front of the chair I'm sitting in. I force the chair forward, and try to get my hands free. "Niall, are you tied up?"

"Just my feet, they're in chains. The chain is about five feet long, so I might be able to reach." I hear the shifting of metal as Niall starts to move toward the plate. He reaches it and feeds me, which makes me feel wierd... vaunerable. I feel my cheeks heat up. It's a little akward. Even though we've been freinds for years. The blonde walks back inside. "Hey! What're you doing?! I thought you were asleep!" She goes over to Niall and puts a white cloth over his mouth and he goes limp. She walks over to me and does the same. I breathe in a sickly sweet smell as everything goes black.

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