One Direction: Kidnapped (FULL STORY)

Can a normal seventeen year old girl save One Directon? Well, if she can't she'll die trying.


4. Saving You Has Its Kinks...



"Reychel! It's time to move!" We've been positioned outside of the toothpast factory in Indiana for a couple of days now. We've estimated about twenty people in the building, dispite the factory being huge. I listen to the rythmic moving of machenery I heard while on the phone with the kidnapper. The full moon is in three days, we got here early in case there were any kinks in the rescue. We slowly make our way to the door of the building, careful we aren't seen. Our guns are pointed out from out bodies at arm length. I try to open the door to the factiory but it's locked. "Reych, cover your ears." I warn her. She covers them and nods at me. I shoot the lock on the door and try not to black out. The sound is almost deafening. I hear a loud ringing in my ears, along with some shouting from behind us. "Scar, get down!" Reychel pulls me to the ground as two men with guns start running towards us. I shoot one in the thigh and he falls to the ground. Reychel shoots the other man in the head, then we go get the men's guns. I kill the man I shot and then, we go inside. Lots of people see us and start running for us. I shoot as many as I can and then start opening a few cans of whoop a** when I run out of ammo. I kick a woman in the stomach, causing her to double over, then I elbow her in the nape of her neck. I notice Reychel gets knocked down, so I go to help her. I kick the guy in the side and Reychel gives him a double kick to the abdomin. more and more people fill the small hallway we try to escape. I keep fighting. I fight until I can't make another punch. there are more than twenty, there are more than fifty people in this factory. The people get us down and we are dragged/escorted to a holding place. They chain us to a wall, but we don't make it easy for them. We bite multiple people and draw blood a couple of times. Reychel kicks a couple of guys in a place where the sun does NOT shine. They do eventually get us up onto the wall, where we are bound by our hands and feet. Once the "workers" leave, I lean my head against the wall. "S***, d*** it! We almost had it! We were almost there! We almost saved them! Reychel, what are we going to do now??" I cry. "Scarlett, I-I really don't know..." I can tell she's fighting back tears. I've held mine back for too long. Mine just pour down my face. I barely notice a groan coming to my right. "Scarlett! Scar, look!" Reychel looks over in the direction of the sound. A large form starts to move. The form turns into a person. "Wh-where am I?" I'd recognize that voice anywhere. I've watched so many interviews and shows I can identify his voice in my sleep. "Oh my god! Harry! My name is Scarlett, and this is Reychel.we came to save you. And we almost did! I failed! I'm so sorry Harry! We tried to save you Harry, we really did. But now we're-"

"Shh. It's okay. It's okay Scar. We tried." Reycehl tries to comfort me, but it doesn't work. "Scarlett, it's okay. Someone will save us." Harry makes his way over to us and puts his arms around Reychel and I. "Harry! Put your arm down! You're hurt!" He puts it back down obediently, but winces while he lowers it. "Hey! What's all of the commotion over there?" An Irish accent sounds through the still air. "Niall?" Harry asks with a rough voice. "Yeah. Liam's over here as well. Louis is still asleep."

"Well, Zayn is over in the other corner, still asleep as well. These girls over here almost saved us, but they were caught and  brought here." I cringe when he says "almost". Harry notices because he sends an appologetic glance. My bangs fall into my face from my unsupportive bobby pin. Wait, BOBBY PIN! "Harry! I have a bobby pin in my hair, get it out and pick the lock." I instruct. Harry gets the pin and tries to pick the lock, but fails. "Here, give it to me." Reychel says. He gives it to her and she goes to work. It's not easy to pick a lock when your hands are tied up, but Reychel was always the lock expert in our class thank God. She got one side unlocked and I unlocked the othere side. I unlocked Reychel's locks, and then Harry's locks. Reychel and I got the rope off our feet. I went over to wake up Zayn while Reychel tended to Harry's arm. I tap Zayn's face and get him to start waking up. "Zayn. Zayn! Come on buddy, wake up." He finally comes to and looks at me curiously. "Wh-who are you? Where are the boys? What happened? Oh god my head!" I put my hand up to his mouth. "Zayn, My name is Scarlett, and I'm here with my friend Reychel. She's with Harry, okay? We're here to save you guys."

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