One Direction: Kidnapped (FULL STORY)

Can a normal seventeen year old girl save One Directon? Well, if she can't she'll die trying.


5. Final Chapter


It's the night of the full moon. We thought there would be no sense in trying to escape early, so we waited until now. I can feel my heart thumping. Tonight is the night we escape. If we escape. God, Scarlett, snap out of it!! We will get out of here! I sit next to Liam and Reychel. We wait in anticipation for the kidnappers to come and get us for the murder. I just hope it's over quick. STOP THINKING LIKE THAT!! Geez, I have some problems. Okay. The kidnappers' names are Sierra and Kendra. Sierra is a blonde while Kendra is a brunette. They come and check on us from time to time, bringing one plate of sandwiches a day. They also leave seven bottles of water every day. I put my head in between my knees. I feel ashamed. I let these boys down. I've checked over and over for amy hidden weapon I might've forgotten about but nothing ever shows. I groan. "What is it Scar?" Liam asks while rubbing my back. "I am so bored!" That was a complete lie. I am terrified. Terrified at what might happen. "Well, there isn't much we can do to fix that." Louis says. "Well, we could play, spin the bobby pin!!" reychel says with a sarcastic face. "That's actually a good idea..." Harry says. "Finally, someone likes my wonderful ideas!" Reychel says sarcastically again. "Seriously! Get it out! " Louis exclaims. I just shake my head playfully and get the bobby pin out of my hair. "You guys better not loose that!" I warn them. "Yeah yeah.." Zayn says. We all laugh. I decide to spin first. I close my eyes, and spin the clip. I know when it stops, because I hear a lot of "ooh"s. I open my eyes and I see where the bobby pin is pointing. It's pointing at a blushing Liam, who sits next to me. I look into his sparkling brown eyes and lean in. he leans in as well, adn we meet in the middle for a sweet kiss. This is certainly a great way to lose my kissing virginity. If there's such a thing as kissing virginity. I hear smoeone clearing their throat, and I break the kiss and turn around to see Kendra, Sierra, and some body guards. I get dragged to my feet by a body guard and pulled toward Kendra. "What was that?" She asks me. I say nothing. I scowl at her. "What was THAT?!?" She asks more furiously. I groan when she kicks me in the stomach with a high heel boot, but do not way a word. "Fine, you'll go first. Get the rest of them!" She yells as she turns around. The bodyguards go to get the boys and I am pulled out of the room. The man pulls me to the center of a big room. He throws me on my knees and ties my hands behind my back. Mistake number one. Reychel is put right next to me. Mistake number two. They don't leave any body guards around us. Mistake number three. "NOW!" I jump up and kick the nearest badguy. I hear gunshots and feel a pain in my left side. I keep fighting. I finally get the ropes off of mine and Reychel's hands. We untie the boys and open a serious, shaken up, overflowing can of whoop a**. I knock a few people out and steal one guy's gun. I'm shooting people see Reychel and the guys kicking butt. I turn around and see Sierra standing there with a gun in her hands, pointing it straight at my temple. I almost collapse to the ground with fear. I cannot be afraid. I stay standing tall. I drop the gun in my hands and kneel on the ground. Very slowly. She keeps the gun trained on my temple. "Make it quick." It was barely a whisper. I don't even think she heard it. She takes a deep breath, and just before she shoots, I see a bullet go through the side of her head. She collapses to the ground, and so do I. The adrenaline makes me numb. I don't feel the bullet on my side, I don't hear anything but the deep pump of my heartbeat. Everything moves in slow motion for a minute. Until Liam is screaming in my face to get up. "GET UP!! WE NEED YOU! GET UP SCARLETT!" I finally come out of my adrenaline trance and get up off of the ground. I pick the gun back up and start shooting. Tears start to blur my vision and I can't hold the gun still. I try to shake the extra adrenaline off, but it consumes me. I can barely move. When I do, shakes rack through my body. I close my eyes for a split second. Mistake number one. When I open them, I see Zayn running for me. I just stare. Mistake number two. I drop my gun. Mistake number three.

"SCARLETT!" Someone's disemodied voice comes through the dark. "NO! SCAR! NO!!"

"Oh God... Oh God why?!" I think Reychel is saying that... I don't feel any pain. I just feel tired. I try to slip into a slumber, but I'm shaken awake. "Scarlett! No! God no!!" Zayn holds me in his arms. I look up at his tear brimmed, brown eyes. "I tried... I'm sorry..." That's all I can manage to say before I slip into my never ending slumber... Soon to be six feet under.

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