One Direction: Kidnapped (FULL STORY)

Can a normal seventeen year old girl save One Directon? Well, if she can't she'll die trying.


6. Epilogue


I wasn't fast enough. As soon as Scarlett dropped her gun, I started running for her. Zayn was running too. We just weren't fast enough. Kendra shot her in the heart from four yards away. "NOOO!!" I shoot her. I shoot Kendra as Scarlett is falling. She falls, just like Scarlett, but no one is ther to catch her. I run as fast as I can to get to her. She lays in Zayn's arms now, blood spilling from the bullet wound in her chest. "Scarlett.. No." I collapse next to her. Reychel is screaming for her. She saw the whole thing. She's gone. I couldn't even say goodbye to the one who tried to save us. The one who did save us. The one who got us out of that God forsaken prision. I don't even notice when people bust through the doors. I stay staring at Scarlett's scarlet covered face. Her beautiful red hair even redder with the blood. I feel numb. I barely notice when I'm pulled to my feet. I barely notice when I'm put into a car next to Harry. I see Zayn running after the paramedics with Scarlett out the window. I do feel my tears staining my face. As I process all that's happened, I know one thing. I will not stand by and let kidnappers and killers just run from punishment, from fate that will send them to Hell. Just like Kendra and Sierra. I will do what Scarlett did. As more feeling comes back, I hear Reychel crying next to Harry. Burrying her face in his chest. Niall is rolled away on a stretcher. He's alive, just hurt. We're finally driven away from the factory where we were kept captive. We're finally driven to freedom. Thank you Scarlett.




It's been two weeks since we were saved, and it turns out, the person that came to get us was Scarlett's or well, Jessica's mom. That was her new name. the one she gave herself when she joined the CPP. We stand around a casket with an American Flag on it. I take my red rose up to it and put it on the dark brown wood. Zayn does so with a white one. Niall a red, Harry a red, and Louis a white. Reychel puts a red rose and a letter on the casket. Both bound with black ribbon. Me and the boys have joined the CPP. We've come to realize that there are more problems in the world than are made out. Danielle's body was found, and her funeral was held last week. I've gotten worse with all of the information that has overloaded my head. I can't help but cry again. That's almost all I do now. But, in a way, I've gotten better. We've started training for the CPP and it takes my mind off of the incedent. No one should have to go through what we did. No one should have to do what Scarlett did. No one should feel the need to do what Sierra and Kendra did. Even the thought of their names make me furious. I just close my eyes, and replay the only happy time I had with Scarlett. We will always have that last kiss. I will always have that feeling of electricity running through my veins when I think about her lips touching mine. If she had lived, I bet we would've been together. The ceremony goes by quickly and she is lowered into the ground. Six feet under. We go into a building to get out of the current downfall. I don't care. I go to take my place at the podium, and start my speech. "I didn't know Scarlett for more than three days. But it felt like a lifetime. I don't remember the last time I felt so happy, dispite the condition we were in. She made me have butterflies in my stomach when I saw her. She was so comfortable around me and the guys. She was so beautiful. I wish I had more time with her. I wish it didn't have to end this way. I should've died instead of Scarlett. If it wasn't for her, I'd be the one six feet under right now. Not her. She would be crying that a member of One Direction was killed, oh boohoo. She was a real hero. She was a magnificent girl. Saving five men at least one year older than her at the age of seventeen. Seventeen. Why must the good die young? She had so much ahead of her, so why waste it on us? I joined the CPP. So have the boys. We've started training to get our minds off of everything. But it doesn't work. Not well anyways. I always have Scarlett in the back of my mind, filling my heart. She is my only encouragement to keep going. I refuse to waste the life she enabled me to live, because without her, I wouldn't have a life to live. Thank you for coming, thank you for loving Scarlett as a friend, family, or lover. Thank you for being in her life, because she d*** well did deserve it. I just wish I was one of the ones to say that I had known her all her life. God bless you Scarlett. Wait for me on the streets of gold. I'll be there, just wait." I walk away from the podium and out the door. I run out of the parking lot of the cemetary and keep running. I will not let the sadness of Scarlett's death keep me from living. Because that's what she died for. She died for my privlage to live. I will die for eveyone else's privlage to live. I just hope Scarlett will keep waiting for me as I'm living for her. Who knows, I might be with her sooner than expected. I keep running. I take off my tie, my jacket, by belt. I just run. I run through the rain, because I don't want to drive home. This is my time to make up for the life Scarlett had to lose. This is my time, to help the kidnapped and the murdered. I am not Liam Payne anymore. I will make a new name for myself, a new life outside of fame, outside of recognition. No one will take that away from me. Thank you Scarlett, for giving me that privlage. We are no longer One Direction: Kidnapped.

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