Karla is just a normal girl, living a normal life, with a normal family, with normal friends. At least that's the person you see when you walk in the hallways of Kingston high school. But she's not the person she looks like when you walk past her in the corridor. Her inside is filled with pain and guilt. Everything she can remember from when she was younger was the constant pain, and watching her mother beeing abused by her father. When she was 5 years old, he left. And even though her mom hated him, her brain told her that she still loved him. Ever since then her mother have been down, and it's all Karlas fault. If she just hadn't been born non of this would've happened. Her life is a gloom until one day when she bumps into a sweet canadian boy that'll change her life forever.


24. MTV

The blinds of the window were now up, and I could see out in the hospital. I looked at Justin who was talking to a doctor outside. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I could guess pretty easily. Why did he care so much about me getting better? And why didn't they tell me anything about mum? I sighed and put the TV on instead. I zapped through the channels until I stopped at MTV. "And next up, Justin Bieber's girlfriend in hospital." They cut to commercial. Oh so he had a girlfriend now? Hmm, I didn't know if I was happy for him or sad that it wasn't me, even though that was impossible that it would ever be me. But then I got to thinking, what if that boy really was the Justin Bieber. I laughed slightly, like I said, impossible. "Breaking news!" The sound of the TV made my attention turn to the little box on the table.  "The big pop star Justin Bieber's girlfriend Karla, with a last name which is still unknown, is now in a hospital in Kingston." A picture of me and Justin eating ice cream together popped up on the screen next to the reporters face. My eyes grew wide as I heard the heart monitor's beeps become more rapid. "According to rumors the boy came in with her around midnight yesterday. Her current state is still unknown but sources tell us that Justin is still in the building with her. That boy doesn't give up on love that easily." The girl on the TV smiled as her face faded and another show started. With my hands shaking I turned the TV off and stared at Justin through the window who was still talking to the doctor. I was his girlfriend? Me? Of all people? I needed to know what had happened to me. Now I really needed to know. He didn't hurt me did he? Maybe he did, maybe he was the one that gave me this wound. He wouldn't, would he? Until I was sure I had to avoid body contact with him, he could be dangerous. How would I know? I don't remember a thing from the last.. two months. Maybe he had been hurting me for all of that time? Plus I needed to know where my mum was, she would show up if there wasn't a reason for her not to. Oh god, did he hurt her as well? No, I was jumping to conclusions here. You can't judge a person without giving them a chance to explain. That was the one thing that I always told myself, because I would be furious if someone didn't give me the chance to explain. My eyes were focused on Justin as he walked into my room again. "So Karla this is ho-" "Why didn't you tell me that you were my boyfriend?" I interrupted him. He looked at me surprised, he was clearly lost for words, then he looked down at the floor. When he looked up at me his eyes were shiny. He was really upset. "Because I knew that if I told you... you would ask me to tell you everything else and I... I wasn't ready to do that yet." He looked through the window at the cloudy sky. I took a deep breath. "What happened?" I said. He sighed. "Okay just to prepare you, this is a lot to take in. And you'll have to promise me not to freak, okay?" He looked straight in my eyes with a serious face. I nodded. Then he told me, he told me about us, about our story, about my father coming back, about last night, about my mum, about why my stomach hurt and that now both of my parents are dead, I was an orphan. By the time he was finished I was shaking and tears were streaming down my cheeks. "Hey." He grabbed my hands in his. "We'll get through this okay? Now you may not remember me as your boyfriend, but if we can't take back your old memories we can make new one's, I'm not giving up on you." He said. I wanted to remember so badly. I wanted to know our story from my perspective as well. But for now, that was just a dream.


A/N Hello! Sorry that the chapter was a bit short... I will be away for 2 days now, so I won't be able to update. Just to inform you if you actually care. Hope you liked the chapter! Keep on reading!


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