Karla is just a normal girl, living a normal life, with a normal family, with normal friends. At least that's the person you see when you walk in the hallways of Kingston high school. But she's not the person she looks like when you walk past her in the corridor. Her inside is filled with pain and guilt. Everything she can remember from when she was younger was the constant pain, and watching her mother beeing abused by her father. When she was 5 years old, he left. And even though her mom hated him, her brain told her that she still loved him. Ever since then her mother have been down, and it's all Karlas fault. If she just hadn't been born non of this would've happened. Her life is a gloom until one day when she bumps into a sweet canadian boy that'll change her life forever.


16. It's a big town

A/N BEFORE YOU SCROLL DOWN READ. Author's note in the beginning, I know, hate me all you want. If you are in any way interested in when I'm going to update then you HAVE to read the author's notes. Please don't complain that I don't update, as some of you may now if you actually read last weeks author's note was that I've been away since thursday and didn't have any internet. I got home yesterday (sunday). Sorry if you're not pleased with the spaces between my updates. Anyway here's chapter 16! :)


"Hey." I hugged Justin tightly. Feeling his arms around me made me feel so safe. Like nothing in the world could ever hurt me. When we pulled apart he grabbed a strand of hair who had fallen down in my face and put it behind my ear. "Are you okay, you know, with everything?" I shrugged my shoulders. I felt the tears starting to form in my eyes. Why was I crying all of a sudden? Justin frowned and grabbed me into his embrace again. I started sobbing into his chest. His hand rubbed my back gently. "Shh." He whispered in my ear. My tears was starting to water his shirt. "Want to come inside?" I nodded. He grabbed my hand and led me inside to the big couch. He sat down and grabbed my waist to pull me with him down. Then we just sat there, he was playing with my hair, or kissing my scalp, and I was staring out into nothing or listening to my tears hitting the floor. After a while I rubbed my cheeks with my sleeve. I didn't like crying, it always gave me a headache. "Why are you crying?" I suddently heard a voice say on my right. I looked up and saw Jazzy standing in the doorframe where the livingroom met the kitchen. In her hand was a blue blanket. "Hey Jazzy, it's nothing, promise." She walked over to us and crawled up in my arms. At first I was surprised, but then touched. I struggled to hold my tears in my eyes. She looked up at me. "What's wrong?" She asked. I felt Justin's thumb rub the skin on my arm. I looked into Jazzy's big blue eyes. They were beautiful, pure, clean. I shook my head. "I had a bad dream, but it's fine now." She frowned slightly. "What was the dream about?" I sighed. "It doesn't matter anymore, I'm fine now okay?" I wasn't fine. She nodded and jumped out of my arms. Before she ran of she looked back at me and Justin. "You guys look cute." then she went up the stairs. For the first time in over 12 hours I smiled.


I looked around me, frigthened that I would see him anywhere. I felt Justin's hand in mine, if he wasn't there beside me I wouldn't have taken a step outside the door. "It's fine, he's not here, it's a big town." he said. I didn't care if it was a big town, he could be anywhere. We walked over a bridge so we could cross the water. Chills went through my body as I thought back. I was 5, it was just months before he left. It was a rainy day, no one was out. Just me, mum and dad walking away from a McDonald's we had just been at. Once we reached the bridge I was so tired, they walked so fast and I couldn't keep up. "Can.. can we slow down for a minute?" I asked. I was panting, exchausted. My father turned around and his eyes were darker than ever. "What's wrong little girl? Can't keep up? Come on we got a train to catch." He turned around and started to walk again. I was so tired, I could barely move. "Jonah maybe we could stop for a while, she can't walk as fast as us." My mum said. He turned around and anger was written all over his face. He walked up to my mum. Her eyes were filled with fear. Before she could say anything dad hit her across the face. She ended up on the ground next to the fencing. "Mum!" I screamed and ran over to her. But before I could reach her something pulled me back. It was dad. He grabbed my collar and lifted me up in the air. If I couldn't breathe before I defenitily couldn't breathe now. "Let's see how those legs are working." He said and grinned. When my mum realised what was about to happen she screamed. "No! Jonah, please!" Before she could even stand up straight he threw me over the fence into the ice cold water. For several seconds I didn't realise what had happened. I was confused, there was no gravity. Then the cold hit me, and I started to scream. Without excatly knowing what I was doing I waved my arms all around me. I saw the surface, but I couldn't reach it. Water was starting to fill my lungs and I sunk deeper and deeper into the darkness. The last thing I remembered after that was coughing into my mothers face. "Oh darling, darling darling." I was in her embrace and not until a while later I had realised what had happened. Dad threw me into the water. Ever since then I've always had a certain fear of bridges and water. If I get underwater I freak, scared that I won't come up again. A man cut me and Justin of by standing infront of us. He was wearing a black hoodie but I could still make out the scar in his face. Before I could react he spoke. "Hello my little daughter." 

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