Karla is just a normal girl, living a normal life, with a normal family, with normal friends. At least that's the person you see when you walk in the hallways of Kingston high school. But she's not the person she looks like when you walk past her in the corridor. Her inside is filled with pain and guilt. Everything she can remember from when she was younger was the constant pain, and watching her mother beeing abused by her father. When she was 5 years old, he left. And even though her mom hated him, her brain told her that she still loved him. Ever since then her mother have been down, and it's all Karlas fault. If she just hadn't been born non of this would've happened. Her life is a gloom until one day when she bumps into a sweet canadian boy that'll change her life forever.


3. Ice cream

When I arrived to the park I couldn't find Justins brown head anywhere. I walked through the grass and eyed all the people enjoyíng the bright sun. Several families were there with their dogs, playing catch or something similar. There where couples sitting on blankets, just making out or laughing together. Then there was the loners. They sat on a bench and read  book or drank a bottle of boose. As I walked down the pavements a pair of hands covered my eyes. "Guess who?" Justin said behind me. Amazing, we had bumped into eachother one time and he already acted like we had knewn eachother for ages. "Is it Chris?" I said, trying to be funny. "No silly, it's me." He walked around me so that I faced him. He was wearing black chachi momma's, a red tank top, a black snapback and a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. I thaught I was going to melt to the ground of his hotness. "Want to go get some ice cream?" He said with a wide smile. "Sure." As we walked towards the kiosk I couldn't help but to notice that he didn't have my notebook with him. "Hey Justin?" I said as he payed for the ice cream. "Yeah?" He said and handed me one as he took his sunglasses of and hanged them in his collar. "Where's my notebook?" I said and tasted the top of the chocolat ice cream in my hand. "Uhm..." He began. "I mean there's no way you can fit it in your pockets, it's not that small." I pointed at his legs. "Actually I tricked you to come here to meet me." He said and grinned cheekily. "Why?" I said as we began to walk again. "You seemed cool, why not make new friends?" He said placed his hand in his pocket. "So why didn't you bring my notebook then? Maybe that would've made me like you even more." I said. He grinned again and licked his ice cream. "Okay think like this." He bagan. I glanced at him and frowned. "If I had given you your notebook today you might not have wanted to meet me again. But now that I have your notebook you always have a reason too see me." I tried to contain my laughter but failed miserably. "You're smart Bieber, I'll give you that." I said. He reached his hands out. "That's why I'm here." He said. "Oh Justin by the way." I said. "Mhhmm?" he mumbled with his mouth full of ice cream. "Guess what I have in my backpack?" I said and blinked at him. "Your Justin Bieber notebook?" He smiled. I shrugged my shoulders. "Well of course, I have that too, you have my other notebook so I can't write in that, I have to write my thaughts down somewhere, memories are to important to forget." I said. He tilted his head. "I guess so, maybe I should start writing too, I can have a notebook with your face on it so we'll match." He said as I laughed. "Anyway..." I said and grabbed my backpack. "After our icecreams are done, I thaught we could have these." I pulled the bag of cupcakes up from the bag, just a little bit to fast. The bag flew up in the air and when it hit the concrete it broke and all the cupcakes flew out over the ground. "Wow, just wow." I said and got down on my knees to pick them all up again. Justin got down aswell just as he finished the last of his ice cream. I reached for the last one of them and Justin did too. Our hands touched when we both reached for it. His hand was on top of mine and he didn't pull away. He just stared at our hands and then at me. He leaned closer, like he was going to kiss me. I quickly pulled away, took the cupcake and put it in the bag again. Then I stood up. "Looks like we're not having any cupcakes today." I said and took a deep breath before I threw the bag in the bin. He stood up aswell. "So.. what now?" I said and turned around so I faced him. He looked thoughtful for a minute then he smiled. "We could play miniature golf." He said and smiled. I smiled back at him and said, "Get ready to get your ass kicked."

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