Karla is just a normal girl, living a normal life, with a normal family, with normal friends. At least that's the person you see when you walk in the hallways of Kingston high school. But she's not the person she looks like when you walk past her in the corridor. Her inside is filled with pain and guilt. Everything she can remember from when she was younger was the constant pain, and watching her mother beeing abused by her father. When she was 5 years old, he left. And even though her mom hated him, her brain told her that she still loved him. Ever since then her mother have been down, and it's all Karlas fault. If she just hadn't been born non of this would've happened. Her life is a gloom until one day when she bumps into a sweet canadian boy that'll change her life forever.


8. Certain american boys

I opened my eyes and squinted at the light. When they adjusted I was confused. Where was I? Then I realised. I must've fallen asleep at Justin's last night. Justin's arms were wrapped around my body and he was breathing calmy. Over us were a red blanket. Someone must've put it over us yesterday. I reached for my phone on the table to check the time. I barely reached without waking him up. It was 10.30. My eyes grew wide. "Crap!" I hissed. I tried, as gently as I could, to get out of Justin's warm embrace. I rushed to the washroom and was terrified at my reflection. My hair was massive and the little mascara I had on was smeared all over my cheeks. I practically dived into the sink. When I looked up in the mirror all the make-up was gone and my skin was all shiny. I opened a drawer and grabbed a comb to brush my hair out. A few minutes later my hair was pretty good. Before I left I wrote a note to Justin. "Hey sleepy head, you made me sleep in! Anyway, I'm headed to school since it's 10.30 right now. I'm 3 hours late! But don't blame yourself ;) I'll text you later x -Karla." I left the little peice of paper on the sofa where I had just layed. Then I quitely walked down the massive staircase and headed out of the door. When I closed it behind me, I started to run.


I closed the door quitely behind me. "Justin I have class!" I hissed in the phone. He giggled on the other line. "But I'm bored Karla!" He said. "Well... call Alfredo then!" I said as I looked around me. Nobody was in the corridor, yet. "He's in London." He said sadly. I sighed helplessly. "What am I supposed to do?" I said. He was silent for a moment. "You could ditch?" He said with a slint of a smile in his voice. "No Justin, no." He sighed loudly. "Come on Karla!" He called. "Justin, no!" Suddently there was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and stared at Annie's face. "Are you talking to Justin Bieber right now?" She said. "Uhm.. no, I'm actually talking to my uncle Justin." I said. "What? Who are you talking to?" Justin said on the other line. "Sorry uncle Justin, got to go now, uhm... say hello to Maura for me!" I said. "Karla? Are you alright?" Justin called before I hung up. "I thaught we weren't friends?" I said and crossed my arms. She smiled. "Nope, but when it comes to certain american boys, I'll give you a break, just because I know that you need me." She turned around and walked into a classroom. I reached my tounge out at her. 'Biggest belieber in school' yeah, sure. "Miss Karla?" I heard a voice say behind me. I turned around and looked at my teacher. "Are you just going to stand there all day or are you coming back to class?" He said. I followed him with my head down as I returned to my seat.


I walked over the parking lot when Justins car pulled up infront of me. He rolled the window down. "Get in dummie." I smiled and got in the passenger seat. He drove out of the parking lot. Ignoring the adoring looks from guys who'd do anything to get a car like his and the staring girls. "So what was that on the phone earlier?" He asked and smiled at me. "Well, there's this girl, who thinks we are friends. Well, she thaught we we're friends. I refused to give your number to her, so she 'broke' our friendship. When I called 'Justin, no!' at you she was there and wondering if I was talking to Justin Bieber. I made up with an excuse and said I talked to my uncle Justin." I frowned. "Wich is ridiculous that she believed, she knows I haven't got any uncles." He shrugged his shoulders. "Not a very good friend." He said. I smiled. "Well, I never really liked her anyway." He smiled. "So where are you taking me?" I asked. He looked at me and his smile grew wider. "Laserquest." He said. "Really?" I was excited now. "Have you ever played?" He asked. "No, not really. But I've always wanted to try though. Are you better at laserquest then golf?" I said and smiled. "Hey." He hit my arm. "It's not my fault I'm a pro." I raised my arms. "Ha-ha." He said and smiled. 10 minutes later he pulled up at a building with a big sign that said 'Laserquest'. Original.


A/N Sorry I haven't updated! I was gone the whole weekend and then I was sick so I couldn't really write. Thank you for all the amazing comments you write. It's really what keeps me going. Hope you enjoyed chapter 8, 9 will be up soon enough! -Emma x

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