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***Sorry it took so long to get this done. It took me a long time to write your ideas in my notebook. But, I've gotten most of it done now, and here goes nothing.***


6. Shocked

I heard atleast four or five voices out there walking in, shoes padding on the hardwood floor. I stayed where Niall had sat me on the couch, and waited. I dont know these people, but I definetly trust Niall, so I know it will be fine. I hear Niall saying something, and then a few other voices. One really deep, slow talking boy speaks up, really loudly.

"Is she here now mate?" The deep voice says, and I wince, knowing he's mentioning me. 

"Yeah, in there. She's scared, be careful." I hear Niall, and I know he's trying to protect me, but I'd be fine. They seem nice, well, if they're friends with Niall, then yes, they're obviously not serial killers. I saw one boy walk in, he was really tall, when I stood up, he loomed over me. Like Niall, just not as much. His curly hair flopped in front of his eyes when he looked down at me, his cheeky smile showing, dimples blaring. His green eyes were amazing, and, well, he was cute. I'd expect him to be taken by a supermodel, but Niall is better. Another walked in, caramel coloured hair messed with spikes, his blue eyes gleamed and he flashed me a thumbs up and a cheeky smile. He had a little stubble on his chin and above his lip, not much, but he was adorable too. Then the third walked in, deep hair and dark eyes, he had a serious expression on his face, but the fourth came in and I saw him flash his perfect teeth. His hair was raised a little, dark spikes poked on either side rarely. The fourth walked closer, and I saw his shaved head, hair was growing back some, but not much. Yet, anyways. He had light brown eyes and another cheeky grin was flashed at me. He had maybe light dimples, like Niall. Niall has light dimples, and it's much better on him. I think. Then Niall finally stepped in behind them, and came forward, stepping between all of us. We could all still see each other, he was more off to the side.

"Okay, here are the lads. I've never mentioned them before yet. This is Harry" He said pointing to the curly haired boy with deep dimples and green eyes. He smiled and waved, which I returned, only without the smile. "That's Louis. Always count on him for a good laugh." Niall says, pointing at the caramel colour haired one, who wore it in spikes. I smiled at this one, him obviously being the funny man. He smiled back and made a silly face. "This is Zayn." He continued, pointing his finger at the dark haired one. "And Liam." He said pointing at the one with an almost shaved head. The only one to reach his hand out to me was Liam. 

His hand reached for me, and I skittered back, leaving him questionably looking my way. Then he looked at Niall, and Niall didnt say anything. Just looked at him grimly.

"I said she isnt used to company, Liam. Please dont." Niall said in a light, nice voice. Liam nodded, and pulled his hand back. All the other boys kept their distance, Niall came over to me and grabbed my hand. I was so embarrassed, I've never even seen a boy this close in my life except for my horrible father and Car. I miss Car, my brother was the only reason those beatings stayed away for so long... 

I quickly snapped my gaze back to Liam, and this time, I held my hand out to him. He instantly smiled and took my hand, shaking it lightly. 

"Whats your name, love?" He asks, smiling still, relief all over his face. Whoosh. This was a GOOD move.

"Laylay." I say, not used to talking to him quite yet.

"Nice name. Definetly havent heard it before in my life. I like it." He says, being really nice. I smile and pull my hand away, and Niall grabs t=it.

"Okay, lads. We're going on a date tonight, and I need to speak to you guys alone. Which, is why I texted you." Niall says, telling me I can go get ready if I'd like and then he tells me to just take as much time as I possibly need. He says he needs to do a few things, I nod and run off to me and Niall's room. I'd only slept there about three times before, but it was still my room. I passed a few pictures and thought I would take a look at them. I did have as much time as I needed..

One was just of a dark haired boy, Niall, holding up a trophy. The other one was of a wicked dark haired boy, with a broken arm... I refocused my gaze before Niall's haunting story came back. There was also a magazine article. Of course I read the magazine article.

The caption was printed out in large blue letters, making out the words : LOCAL SCHOOL WRESTLING MATCH GONE HORRIBLY WRONG? NIALL HORAN BREAKS ROB BLU'S ARM.

I gasped and went to close the bedroom door, so nobody would come back and see me reading the article. I read quickly:

It seems the little schoolkid Niall James Horan of this school was seen in a local school wrestling match, breaking another students arms. Rob had been one of the ones who had broken many people's arms before, but we never would've expected little Niall to be the one to change it. He is underweight for his age, and it seems his father had come that day, egging him on. Nobody had seen Niall's dad at any other matches and figured he did it on purpose just to get a rise out of his dad, and tell his dad he was becoming a strong young male. People underestimated him, and Rob definetly underestimated him. Well, we here at Popstar! dont think it was awful, if he didnt break Rob's arm, it would've been his own arm getting broken. And, we hate knowing his neck could've been injured during those days, but we know it wasnt because he and the rest of One Direction have the most amazing voices in the world. And, they definetly have over a million girls throwing theirselves at them. One Direction will live on for a long time, girls, dont worry, they're on the rise, and we know they wont be going anywhere soon! 

Jeddy~On the Popstar! set~

I staggered back. Niall was in a world famous band?! I checked the page for pictures, and there was one. Surely enough, it was all the five boys, smiling with nice little hats on. Suits and tons of things. They looked great, and very happy. Niall still had the scar above his ear covered, I dont think anybody else knows about it. I brushed my hand over top of the picture frame, looking over it again. How famous are they? No, they're world famous, but when was he supposed to tell me this? These things dont come up on dates normally. Yeah sure, hey Niall, are you a superfamous celebrity in a world famous pop band? Yeah, that will break the ice real nicely.

I dragged myself away, obviously he would tell me sometime, and if he didnt, I would need to bring it up. I know he wouldnt lie to me, so I know it will come up. Especially when he needs to leave for a concert, or a tour. I gasped and mentally pushed myself out the window. All celebrities that sing go on tour! And that means I'd need to stay here by myself. I felt like jumping off a bridge into a pack of hungry sharks in the ocean. 

"Hey!" I heard a voice and wheeled, only to find out it was either in my head or out in the hallway. I recognised it as Harry's voice. He was right outside the door. "Niall, come here mate!" Harry's voice said, getting closer, I heard his hands press against the door, and I held a scream back. Why are they coming down here?! The normal thing to do would be to pretend that I was being in here for a reason. Which, getting my clothes, I was. But, I dont know Harry well, so I darted for the first thing I could before he opened the door, the closet. I raced over to the closet, Niall's closet, and opened the door. While I opened it, a shirrt tumbled off and onto me, as well as a snapback, and I let out a girlish yelp.

"What was that mate?" I heard another voice coming down here. No, I dont hide. I need to stand up for myself. But they heard me yelp, they'll think I'm crazy! I dont care anymore, I rushed back out of the closet and grabbed some clothes from my own closet. A nice blue lace shirt with a tank top under it. A white tank top. For the other part, I wore short shorts, which were appropriate for Summer. He'd told me we'd be staying here, so not dressing up isnt bad...

"Hey, you in there, love?" I heard someone ask, knocking on the door. I nodded, but new I wouldnt be heard. Silent girls are never heard.

"Yeah, and you can come in." I say, and the door opens, Harry and Louis stepping inside. They look really happy, and when they see me, their smiles grow. I cross my arms and shift my weight uncomfortably, and they stop staring.

"I-I'm sorry,love. Niall's ready whenever you are, love." Louis says, and I smile. I know Niall is a sweet heart. I think I'll have a good time. Maybe I'll find out my real feelings before either of us is led in too far. I need to know.

"Right this way, my lady." Harry says, and they both hold their hands out. I hesitantly walk over and take a step back, changing my mind.

"Come on, love. Do you think Niall would let us come in here and hurt you?" Harry asks me, and I smile, then grab both of their hands. 

"Thanks." I say, and they lead me out. My leg keeps brushing onto Louis' and I keep trying to wiggle away, only to run into the side of Harry. Louis doesnt tower over me as much as Harry does, but he's still taller. By a few inches. Harry is taller by more than a few inches. He's maybe, two or three inches taller than Louis. 

"Well, we're taking off now, so, you go ahead and walk into the living room, Niall's waiting. And, we're all gone now, we'll check back in tomorrow." Harry says, and I instantly feel better. Knowing those boys arent all here right now, it makes me feel better. Thank God. I smiled and let them go, but Louis held on. I looked up at him, I was scared now. He bent down and kissed my knuckles, smiling.

"Have a nice night, love." He says, and with that, I was left alone to walk into the living room where Niall waited. I'd already  had my hair curled, and I just threw on a quick beanie, and left it at that, not trying too hard. I know Niall hates it when girls try to hard to impress him. And he doesnt like when girls act stupid to impress him, it doesnt impress him. It makes him think they ARE stupid for real. I saw a faint glow coming from the otherwise low-lit livingroom. I smiled, and walked into the room, a faint smell reaching my nose. Candles. There were candles everywhere, the only lights in the room. I smiled and walked further. The tv was off, the fireplace was on, candles were everywhere spread out in various locations. Niall stood there, a rose in his hand and a smirk played on his face. I couldnt help but smile back. He was wearing a tux looking outfit, dressy. And here I was in short shorts, a tanktop, and a lace shirt. I look stupid compared to him now...

"You look so beautiful. Here, this is for you." Niall says, handing me the rose. I take it and smell it once, the smell is light and sweet. One of the best flowers I've ever smelled. And, thats saying something, I used to lay in my mothers big flower garden. Just to relax... But it's gone now... no more sweet memories there... All gone, mum's gone, Car's gone, my father hates me... I felt a tear drop down my face. 

I felt Niall's hand brush across my face, wiping the tears and I could finally hear and see him again through blurry eyes. He looked really sad, and I felt bad... I felt like this is the reason I should be crying now, letting him down. It's the worst thing I could do, ever.

"A-Are you okay? I'm sorry." Niall says, and he puts his hands around me, resting them on my lower back, bringing me closer to him until he pressed my head on his chest, tightening me in a hug. I felt one more tear slide down and I wiped it myself this time, holding onto Niall.

"I'm fine. I just remembered something.. I'm sorry. It's fine." I say, and I feel and hear Niall let out a sigh of relief. I feel myself cuddling onto Niall more, and I can tell he doesnt mind, he just brings me closer. We stay like that for a while, but finally we let go, and he led me to the couch. 

"I thought we could just stay here, and watch some movies together, sound okay to you?" He asks me as we sit on the couch. I know better than to nod.

"Sounds amazing." I say, and he gets up and grabs a few movies. He brings them back over to me, and hides the titles, telling me to point to a random one, and that would be the one we'd watch first. I put my finger on the one closet to his right hand, my fingers brushing his hand a little. I quickly pull back and he chuckles.

'It's fine." He says, and then he shows me the front of the movie. Paranormal Activity 4. 

Great, now I get to scream my face off, and Niall gets to laugh at me, feel sorry for me and turn it off and then he'll be mad he didnt get to finish watching the movie and you know this isnt going to work--

I stopped my bad thought's side from speaking and focused on the good thoughts. Niall was here, we would be together, he wouldnt let anything happen to me. If I get scared, I'll do the classic hide-your-face-in-your-guys-shoulder move, and hide my face in his shoulder. Obviously.. And that would be an excuse to move closer to him. 
"So, here we go, the first scary movie of the night. This should be a good one." Niall says, chuckling.

"Should be very interesting." I joke. And he comes back over, once pushing play. He took a blanket off the back of the couch, and sat down, pulling me onto his lap, and snuggling closer to me. I felt my heart flipping, I've never felt this way before. I think I DO like Niall. Yes, definetly. 

"So, is this going to be okay?" Niall says, talking against my neck. The contact makes me shiver down my spine.

"Yeah, perfect." I say, really meaning it. I do really mean it. 

"Good, oh about that thing I told you about no secrets. I-I have another secret." He says, and puts me right next to him instead. He looks me directly in the eyes, and I feel it coming, The 'i'm in a band' talk.

"I think I already know. I found a picture... I'm sorry for not saying anything." I say, and he smiles, relief washing over him. 

"So, you know about One Direction?" He asks, and I nod. 

"I do." I say. He pretends to wipe sweat off his face, jokingly like everyone does. I giggle. 

"So, you dont mind do you?" He asks, and I shake my head.

"Course not. I like the idea of you in a band. And, you're living everyone's dream. It's really awesome." I say, and he smiles, his perfect teeth showing. I smile back.

"Good." He says. "One more thing?" He asks. 

"Anything, Ni." I say, starting to accept giving him a nickname.

"You're my best friend, so, can I tell you a big secret?" He asks.

"Of course." I say. He smiles, meeting my gaze.

"I'm in love with my best  friend. Deeply." He says, gaze never leaving mine. I dont know what this feeling is. Pure joy. I dont know how to react.

"Can I tell you a secret?" I ask him.

"Of course, anything." He says.

"You're my best friend too, and this is a big secret too." I say.

"Anything. You can tell me anything." He says, and I smile.

"I'm in love with my best friend too." I say, and his mouth opens in a complete 'O'.


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