Imagine For Girl in the mask

***Sorry it took so long to get this done. It took me a long time to write your ideas in my notebook. But, I've gotten most of it done now, and here goes nothing.***


2. Imagine part2 for Girl in the mask

I still felt Niall besides me, still holding onto me. It freaked me out how I could allow a stanger to take me in and then let him take complete care of me. And then, he gains all my trust by helping me escape the psychotic advances of my father and his on-again-off-again-girlfriend, Sydney. I felt Niall stir a little, telling me he was close to waking up. I stared out the window, which I was facing, and looked at the sunlight pouring through. I watched a few birds go by, then a couple cars passed on the road. Normal. Like nothing bad had ever happened, like the world was singing now. I finally got away from him.

"You awake?" I heard Niall's voice ask from behind me. Light and scratchy. I yawn and nod my head, not really ready to talk. He understood. He took my arms from me, and I felt the cold rush of air where the skin had been warmed by his touch, and sat up. I did the same, but leaned a little towards him, as if I was afraid that my father would burst through the window, hurt Niall, hurt me. Take me back. Then I would never see Niall again, and I dont know how well I would handle being cooped up in that mad-house again, with my ever-so-abusive father.

"So, uh, want to get up? We have time to go shopping before later." Niall says, his voice losing the morning-scratchiness. I let a smile light my face up, seeing as how he was so excited. Like a todler that had just learned how to walk, or a person who found out about a new talent they didnt see before. He stood on his feet, almost tripping. I laughed and got out from underneath the covers.

"Yeah, sure. Sounds great." I say, which makes him smile. Great, now he thinks normal conversations will work. I wont speak very much more than that, other than to tell him something specific. Only. He held his hand out to me, which I gladly took, and we walked out of the bedroom. He lead me to the kitchen and told me to sit on one of the chairs, that he'd be right back. Of course I didnt listen. This was my one chance to look around his house, find out everything I possibly could about him. Past life, anything. Sure enough, I found a bunch of pictures on his wall in the living room, of him a few other people. Him, a woman and another boy. A little older than him, maybe? I dont know for sure. I studied it for a moment, Niall looked so young, maybe 13, 14? His brunette hair showing. He was brunette. I thought I saw some of it underneath his blonde. I studied the other pictures some more, more of him and a few other people. Typical house. Nothing seemed out of place. His house was really neat, tidy. Like nobody has been living here, everything is so perfect. The t.v. is a little dusty, meaning nobody's cleaned it, adding on to the affect that maybe no-one's been here in a while.  I still didnt seem fazed. I walked to the other side, in perfect view of Niall walking down the hallway, a smirk played on his face. I couldnt help but feel my heart do a little twist. I hid a smile and turned back to the kitchen, walking back in. I knew Niall had seen me, but I didnt care. So what, I was checking out my new home, big deal?  I needed to know all these extra things about his past to know who he really is. I know he would eventually open up to me and tell me all of his past, sharing stories, when I feel I can trust him more to tell him mine. He walked into the kitchen, the same cute little smirk on his face. I cant help but play my own sneaky smile on my face as he walks over, handing me some clothes.

"The best one's I could find. Small on me a bit, and a little girlier looking." He says, handing me more sweatpants and another t-shirt, a little weird. Yellow with a little 'N' symbol on it. I liked them. A lot. They were so much better than my old clothes in so many ways. Ways Niall still doesnt know. There's so much I wish I could just tell him already. I wish I could share my whole life's story with him, feel his love and compassion as I tell him about all those horrible times with my father. Tell him about the actual good times I used to share with my family. But I cant, not as long as I dont trust him all the way. All I needed was this one date with him and I would learn way more about him. To some people, it may not be important, to me, it's so much more than important. Life-saving could fit so much better. I smile and walk to the bathroom, changing into the clothes. The bright yellow top  looked so funky with my black hair all spread around it. It looked as if screaming at me that light and dark dont mix. At all. I shrugged it off and walked back out to the kitchen, seeing Niall in one of his snap-backs and lightly tossed on clothes. He looked so effortlessely great. I needed a whole hour -which dad never gave me- to get myself ready. Well, ready enough to go out on the streets and act like a normal human being. He smiled seeing me, and I walked over, keeping my distance more than usual.

"Did I catch B.O.?" He asks in his sarcastic tone. I giggle a little which makes him go deep in thought. "I've never heard you laugh before." He says, "I like it."

"Thanks." I say, walking closer to him. He makes a grab for my hand, but I jokingly bounce out of the way, making him question me. Joking the whole time. He chases me around the house, and I finally run into the living room, trip and fall onto the leather couch. Of course, being right behind me, he smashes ontop of me. I scramble to get out from underneath him, but he doesnt budge. This was why I needed to know if he was a creep or not. I struggled to get free, and I turned over, facing him. He was smirking. That smirk was so childish, so little kid-behaved that I believed he wouldnt hurt me.

"No, see? I didnt hurt you. See? You can trust me." He says, and I instantly calm down. I know now. he did this on purpose, he is a good guy. I know this. I was being brainwashed from bad experiences. Someone looks at me wrong and Heaven for bid they're all creeps waiting to attack me. I needed to re-think some things. I realised Niall was still on top of me, and I scrambled trying to get out. But he stayed there. I finally gave in and let him stay there. He was just looking into my eyes. Was there a look of love, compassion there? I didnt know. He finally made a move. My heart was flipping out of control, I really hoped nothing happens. I need to trust him. If he acts like my father, I cant. But he doesnt. He's gentle and caring.

He moves closer, face loweing to mine. I feel his breath on my neck as his lips touch mine. I gasp and he instantly pulls away. He stands up, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

'I'm sorry.... I-I didnt mean to..." He says, trying to cover it up, but I didnt mind. I'd just never kissed anyone before.

"It's fine. I-I just never kissed anyone before." I say, the whole sentence, and his gaze softens. He moves closer, helping me up.

"I didnt know that. But, see, you said a whole sentence and nobody hurt you." He says, and takes my hand, helping me up the rest of the way to my feet. He moves closer and I feel my heart hammering me chest again. I really hope he tries to kiss me again, I wouldnt mess up this time. And sure enough, he does. I feel his hot breath  against my own lips and then I feel his lips. He leans closer, putting my arms around his neck. He closes the gap between us, body against my own. I feel his heart beating so fast, almost as if he's scared about doing something wrong. Changing the way I see him. It wont. I kiss him back leaning in, hoping I do this right. Niall would tell me if I didnt. And I knew he would go through this relationship at the pace I wanted. He was sweet and caring enough to. Once he ended the kiss, our foreheads went together. I know he's kissed other girls before. I know I have never kissed anyone before. It was a perfect first kiss anyways. He brought his head up and looked down at me, smirking.

"I wouldnt say you've never kissed anyone. You're a better kisser than anyone I've ever kissed before." He says, which makes me smile. I take my hands away from his neck and grab his hand instead. We both walk out to the kitchen and out the front door. I looked over at Niall, focused on what was coming ahead of us, as we walked down the streets of London. He held my waist now, protectively. There were a few people walking behind us, I didnt think of them as a threat until I felt their hands on me. I stopped short, jumping back as we both spun on two very strange looking men. One looked 18, the other looked 15 maybe? What did they want.

"Yo, your girl's pretty cute. But, I dont think a dork like you should get her. Ya know, we could take so much more care of you, cutie." One of them said, and I felt the sudden urge to bolt the other way, screaming. I tried, but Niall put his hand on my lower back, keeping me from going anywhere.

I looked to him and he mouthed, "please" to me. I stayed put, keeping my head clear.

"No, mate. Sorry. She's staying with me." Niall says, something in his voice tells me I wouldnt mess with him if I were those boys. But of course, most boys were balsy, so they kept at it. I could sense Niall's annoyance and anger. I put my hand in between his shoulder blades, reassuring him it was fine. He knew I would go.

"Boy, nobody asked you. Stay put. So, that doggie over there got a tight leash on his girl, does he? Well, come with us. We'll take him to the pound for you." The 15 year old looking one said to me, getting way too close for comfort. I tried to escape and get back, run. Do anything, but Niall held me still. I stared into the eyes of those two men.

"No." I say, more sassy than intended. Louder than I've ever spoken before. Which, wasnt going far, I rarely speak. The boys held their heads back, laughing.

"So we got a mouth does we?" The older boys says, I want to slap him and run. Run so far away, but with Niall. I tugged on Niall's hand, which he put down on the side of him again. He looked down at me, a look of worry hidden in his eyes. I started to worry also, if he was worried, why wouldnt I be? My protection was wearing under the pressure, and I know he wont last long. If a fight breaks out, I will bolt. I wont watch another person be abused. Never. Even those clueless boys. I looked back at Niall, pure hurt in my eyes, I could tell by the saddened expression in his eyes. He squeezed my hand lightly and we turned back to the boys.

"So, we didnt come here to watch a silent romance movie. Come on, cutie. Let's leave before puppy-eyes comes to your rescue again. I'm sure your father would want you back." The older one said. Puppy eyes? Oh, he means Niall. I took a step back, Niall still having my hand in his. He took two long strides back, towards me, positioning himself in front of me.

"Oh, so we got ourselves a challenge now boy? I wont ask again. Next time, it will be my fists. They've got some things to say to you, puppy-eyes." The younger one said as they both took two steps towards Niall.

"No, no, please no." I whisper, I know Niall hears me. He squeezes my hand lightly, telling me it's okay. I gasp for air feeling Niall pushed against me as we both topple over onto the sidewalk. I feel my elbow digging into the sidewalk, and I bite back the tears.

"Niall, please." I plead, this time not trying to hide it. I was scared, and I was hoping he would let me just run. Let him come after me another time. I wished he would let me, but he held onto me. He flipped himself over, looking down at me again.

"I promise it'll be okay." He says, and I nod. I trust him. I know he wouldnt lie. I see the other boys advancing, though, and I cant stop my worry from sweeping over me. I wince as I move my bad arm, the one that had smashed my elbow on the ground. Niall sees me and immediately grabs my arm. Lightly. I still have no choice but to wince, it hurts too much now. His concern was so obvious.

"Come on boy, we dont have all day." One of the boys said, I couldnt tell which, the only guy I could see right now was Niall.

Niall stood up, helping me onto my feet. I knew this would spiral downhill. In a lightning quick motion, the older boy swings at Niall, his fist coming in contact with Niall's stomach, where his ribs cover the side of his heart. I let tears slide down my face as I turn and run the other way. I will not allow myself to see Niall get hurt, If they do half as bad as my father would, Niall was in trouble. I remembered something from earlier. I had picked up a glass shard off the ground and kept it with me incase of anything. I ran behind some bushes, still hearing the boys tussle behind me. I couldnt see them, but I could tell they were fist-fighting now. I wanted to just crumple up and die right there. But I knew I could do something about it. I knew I could help.

Glass shard in hand, and all confidence in me, I walked back out towards the boys, instantly seeing Niall hit the younger one, making him  topple backwards. They were all on the ground, fighting, Two against one isnt fair boys, I silently say to those idiot boys in my head. Not talking to Niall, just his attackers. I felt a hand grab my by my wrist and I scream, sidestepping to see who it was.

My dad's horrible smile filled my eyes and I let more tears out. He has me now.

"Niall, help!" I scream, and Niall turns his head, long enough to give the other boys their chance to strike his face. They do, hitting right below his eyes. I wince, but Niall still gets up, he starts to full-on bolt over to me. The other boys are left there, laying down, catching their breath. I know my dad has a hatred towards Niall since he helped me, I dont want anything to happen to Niall. I plead with my eyes for him to just let me go. It would be better for him to just leave this be. Let fate take it's awful course. His hand tightened on my wrist as Niall came to a halt in front of me. My dad was quick to throw a punch to the already hurt blonde boy. I screamed, but my father slapped the screams out of my face. I yelped as he hit me across the face several times, right in front of Niall. I could see the anger boil up inside Niall and I knew, I just knew this wasnt going to end well either.

"You think you can stop her from getting what she deserves, little boy? Her running away with you doesnt mean a thing. She still belongs to me. I'm taking her home." I hear my dad's voice above my head, and I know it's only a matter of time before Niall snaps.

"Do you think I'll just let her go?" Niall asks, and unfarmiliar edge to his voice. I knew it was a tone that meant buisness. "Go beat that witch of a woman you call a girlfriend." Niall finishes, and I know that was enough to make my father more than a little mad. He was full-out hatred staring Niall. I felt my father's hand go over my mouth, keeping me from screaming. My face heated with anger. No. Not again, it's time to take a stand! I lift my lips and bite down onto his hands so hard, I know that will be a mark. I feel happy as he lets me go, and falls over, his other hand holding the wound.

"How does it feel you pshychotic moron?!" I yell at him, while I stare at him, wincing in pain on the ground. I see the farmiliar red liquid spilling out of his hand, and I definetly know it will be a scar now.

" Niall, let's go. Please." I say, trying to keep calm, but Niall nods and takes my hand, both of us bolting in the direction of the house. Once we get there, we lock the door and wait to see my father run by. He does. He just keeps going. I dont know how he managed to get out of jail, maybe a jaill-break. I dont know for sure, but I didnt like it. Niall's arms wrapped around me from behind. He kissed my neck and picked me up, spinning me around before placing me gently onto the floor. I turn towards him and wrap my arms around him.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I dont know what I'd do if you werent there for me." I say, a whole sentence coming out and more. His smile tells me it was impressive, hearing more of my voice than he ever has before. I finally take in his wounds. A bloody nose. That was it. He'd been the one beating them up, that's what he didnt want me to see. He knew how to fight. He just didnt want to tell me. Or scare me. The other boys, for all we knew, were probably still lying there on the ground, hurting. I pulled away from Niall, and I felt his lips on mine again. I could taste his blood, but I didnt care, all I wanted was him. He was my saviour.


*****Will finish later, Late again and I'm tired again. Nighty night. Will finish later.******

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