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***Sorry it took so long to get this done. It took me a long time to write your ideas in my notebook. But, I've gotten most of it done now, and here goes nothing.***


5. Imagine part 5


I sat there, looking at Niall, crying over an accident that happened a long time ago. I reached my hand out, careful of all the cuts, and wiped his tears away. His face was rough and smooth at the same time. He smiled and then wiped his own eyes. I knew his smile was forced, he didnt want to make me feel bad, but it had. I let a few tears find their way from my eyes. The more I tried to hide them from Niall, the more he tried to see. He won, and made me stare directly at him.

"Dont cry, please, babe. I know, when I'm sad you are too, but, please dont cry... I didnt mean to make you cry..." Niall says, putting his head down on my shoulder. I rub his back, and I know he's crying again. Feeling his hot tears drop onto my shoulder, I cant take it anymore. I let more tears go down.  He didnt see them right away, and just settled with crying on my shoulder for a while. I let him take it all out. I knew he would be finished soon, he doesnt seem to be the crying type. 

"I-I know this is so stupid of me... Crying in front of you. It proves how weak I am... I'm so sorry." Niall says, taking his head off my shoulder. I gave him a loving look. So crazy how far I've fallen for him in such a short time. Wow, have I really fallen for Niall? I dont know, and I hope not. We dont know each other well at all.

"I know you're strong. Dont say you arent, Niall." I say, trying to be strong but his facial expression was so upsetting. He was upset about what he'd done, and I cant do anything about it. If I could only go back in time and change things for him, but still know him. And maybe not have to go through all that pain and suffering, I would be the happiest girl in the world. 

"I'm still sorry about it. I'm okay now. Thanks. Uh, if you're still up for it, I would still like to take you out. Maybe tonight?" He asks, wiping off the rest of his tears. I nod, not saying another word. He nods, his lips a tight line. 

"Okay, I get it, not tonight. Tomorrow good, babe?" He asks, and I feel stunned. Niall called me babe. Is that something I should freak out over? I dont waste any more time thinking about it, I decide to NOT hurt him and make him feel better. I know he mistaked my head nodding, and he thinks I dont want to date him anymore. 

"No, no, tonight's good Ni." I say, and I mentally slap myself for pulling that. A nickname for him, seriously mind? I guess my mouth isnt on speaking terms with my brain's words... His smile tells me he really hears me. I'm sure I blushed and turned as red as a lobster.

"Aw, that was so cute. I like that." He says, which makes me feel a tad better but, not by much. Something about the way he looked into my eyes made me feel so good deep inside. Like, like, I dont know. Like he really cares and loves me. I hope he does. But, something I've been letting my mind forget about: my own feelings. It really doesnt matter much if he likes me if I dont like him back, now does it? But, whats not to like about him? He has gorgeous blue eyes, green specks outlining by his pupils, nice blonde hair. I know it's brown underneath, but I like it either way. I like the way his smile is, I liked it before, when there was one tooth out of place by just a tad, but I like them now too, the braces having them fixed. There was nothing to fix, he was born the way he was born, and that's that. People just dont know when to leave well enough alone. He smiled again, and got to his feet, holding his hand out to me. I noticed how fast I accepted his gesture, and realised my real feelings: I think I do like him. I mentally slapped myself again. 

Come on Laylay, you seriously like a guy you practically met three days ago? Give yourself a shake girl and get over it. He's only being nice to the poor damsel in distress. He saw you get hurt by your own father, and he feels like he needs to help you out. Get out while you can, before fake feelings become real. And then those fake feelings will come back up and haunt you into your later days when you realise that there really was nothing more than a--

I almost really did slap myself then, but Niall held onto my hand as we walked out of the kitchen. We walked to the living room, and sat down on the dark leather couch, which was freezing cold. I jumped up as soon as my legs hit the couch, and Niall chuckled. Another think I like so much about him, his laugh. So perfect, so nice, and loving. Come on, Laylay, get OVER it!

I stopped my thinking again. The bad is getting mixed with the good and now I feel sick. In my head. I feel so messed up and so confused. What do I do? Do I like him? Do I not like him? Should I be putting my trust in him as much as I have? I dont know, and I really need to... I think I can answer yes to most of those. I can trust him, and I do like him. This is a one-way thought, coming from a blank thought. He gently grabs my waist and sets me on his lap. Much warmer than the couch. 

"Better now?" He asks, and I nod. No, not this mistake again.

"Much." I say outloud, in a much more love-struck tone than I thought. I felt the side of his head laying between my shoulderblades. I let myself relax, His touch was so warm, and inviting. He felt like a blanket. I smiled, and let him keep his head there, until he helped me to my feet and then got up himself, turning me to him. I looked deeply into his eyes.

"You do like me, dont you?" He asks, and this time I didnt feel my face flush. He knows. And I know.

"Yes." I only say the one word, but it's way more than enough to tell him how he feels too. He wraps me in a hug, and snuggles into my neck. I wrap my arms around his lower back and hug him tightly back. He doesnt pull away for like what seems like forever, but he eventually does, and when he does, he looks deeply into my eyes. I felt myself blush then. Why? I was so used to this, I knew this look. He always looks at me like this. 

I was so caught in my thought that when Niall raised his hand, I had flashbacks of my father's handraises and I yelped and backpedeled. My back hit a wall, and there was a sharp pain in my hurt arm. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at Niall, he was confused. He looked as though I had just killed his mother in front of him. Which, I would NEVER do. I dont know who would. 

He walked a step closer, and I knew he wouldnt hurt me, but I instincts told me to run, and I did. I didnt look back to see where he was, and I ended up outside again. Out in front of his house. I heard the house door behind me, and I felt arms wrap around me. I swung to my side, facing Niall. He had tears in his eyes, and he looked completely upset. More than I've ever seen before. I shook his hands off me, and just looked at him in the eyes, 

I knew. He didnt raise his hand at all. I was just so used to my father hitting me when I was so close to him, I just lost it. I thought of this the same way, and I dont think I ever could go back. I dont think Niall would like this very much, but I need to stop liking him. If I'm only going to see flashbacks and run away from him, then I dont need to be here. 

No, scratch that, I WANT to be here. I needed Niall. I need to trust him.

"I-I-I didnt do anything. I-I'm sorry." He says, placing his hands around me again. I let him, and that seemed to make him happy.

"I-I know. I've never been so close to someone who didnt hit me before." I say, and then I add on, "I'm sorry." 

He shakes his head. "You have no need to be sorry, it's fine. I know how it feels." He says, is he finally opening up to me? I hope so. He raises the spot where his hair was covering above his right ear. Then I saw it, a pink, puffy scar. It looked like it was a painful thing, no matter what it was.. I felt so bad. 

"N-Niall, I'm so sorry." I say, but he stops me before I can continue to say anything. He puts a finger over my mouth and lets his hair go. He wraps me in a full hug, which I allowed him to do. I only heard him mutter two words, and it hit me.

"Step father." He says, what hit me was the fact that he'd had the same life as me. Same beatings, same scared, confused additudes. No answers, no explanations to why they feel like they need to beat us... I know I need to stay with him. He's the only one who understands. When his arms fell from me, I stepped closer, and this time, I kissed him. He pulled my closer, by the waist, and I put my arms around his perfect neck. I could feel his heart beat in his neck, it was a good feeling. It reminded me that we all have a purpose here, and that we all have a good will and a good heart. And also that I was completely out of breath, and I need to take a breath before my heart isnt pumping blood anymore.. 

I pulled away slowly, and took in a deep breath, looking down. Forgetting it was ME who started this kiss this time. I felt his hands go off my waist, and felt three of his fingers under my chin. He brought my head back up and made me look at his ever-so-perfect-eyes. I felt such a spark of love whenever we touched, I couldnt imagine this any other way.

"I would never hurt you. I'm not like our fathers." He says, and I nod. I pull him closer and hug him, resting my head on one of his shoulders. I felt some of his hair tickling the side of my face, and I realised he was kissing my cheek. I smiled, and he grabbed my hand, walking us both back inside. "And you dont have to be afraid of me, or to talk to me. I know exactly about what happened, I can help." He says as he locks the door, making sure nobody can get in here to hurt us. 

"I wont be anymore." I say, and he smiles.

"If I can be honest with you on something..." He says, and I nod instantly.

"Of course, anything Niall." I say, and he smiles again.

"Well, I t-think I might be falling for someone close to my heart." He says, and motions towards me. I felt such a surge. I've never felt this way about anybody before. And nobody's felt this way about me, ever. This burning love, the passion, I dont know what to say.

"Me too." Is all I can say, and his smile deepens, his light dimples showing. I feel his arms around me, and I know I'm safe right here. 

Well, I thought I was, until I heard a key-in-a-lock noise and the door opened, I heard a ton of boys walk inside. They were all British.

"And the boys are here to ruin this moment already.." Niall says, like he was expecting someone. He got up and walked out of the room. I stayed where I was.

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