Imagine For Girl in the mask

***Sorry it took so long to get this done. It took me a long time to write your ideas in my notebook. But, I've gotten most of it done now, and here goes nothing.***


3. Imagine part 3 for Girl in the mask

Niall pulled away, him detecting his own blood and apologized. I shook it off, it didnt matter. I'm used to it...

"Niall, I want to clean the cuts. Please." I say to Niall, who I now saw -and tasted- had a bloody lip. He felt over his nose, and mouth, feeling the blood. Fingers drawn back covered in red liquid. I winced, knowing how it felt. He nodded and I took his hand and we walked into the kitchen again. He stood by the sink, and I took a paper towel, wet it down, and dabbed at the cuts on his face. He tried not to wince, but I knew it hurt. I did it as lightly as possible without leaving the blood there, and it took me about 20 minutes. I felt a knot in my stomach, seeing all the blood on the paper-towel when I went to throw it out. It was bad. Bad cuts, bad fight. All started because of a bad father... I bit on my lip and tossed the papertowel away, walking back over to Niall. I quickly bandaged up a few minor cuts I'd found when I was cleaning. He winced when I put the peroxide on them, but nothing else. After I finished cleaning, he promised me we wouldnt do that again. No more walking the streets for Miss. Laylay. I sat there, on the couch, while he took a quick shower. Now was the chance to lock the doors, windows and check out the rest of the house out.

I stood up, wiping at a slight red mark on my wrist, from my father's hand, and walked down the hallway. I stopped briefly by the bathroom door, still hearing the shower running. Niall was humming a slight tune. I smiled and walked into the kitchen. There were some framed photos above the stove I never got the chance to see. Now, I had time, so I decided to check them out.

One was a large picture, Niall and two other boys holding up wrestling trophies. He'd been a wrestler? By this point, it didnt faze me, I'd seen the punches he could throw, and how bad they were. How much they hurt, How strong he really was... I looked at the place behind them: It was a school. I studied it's perfect walls, coloured the Irish flag colour. If I went to school, I wouldnt have gone to anything as nice as this. I lowered my eyes to slits, looking at a person in the doorway, he looked like a dark haired guy, He also looked like he was crying, or had been recently, and believe me, I know what that looks like.

"Boys back from my wrestling days. And that was Rob, he was a huge jerk. I'm glad I beat him out in the Finals." Niall's voice behind me scared me. I jumped like an alarmed cat. "You're very skittish." Niall says, walking over more.

"So, uh, you beat this guy. Uhm, Rob?" I say, and Niall comes closer, squinting a bit at the dark haired boy in the back. He nods slightly.

"Such a jerk." Niall says, " He deserved it. Even if I didnt mean it, he definetly deserved it." Niall finished. What was he talking about? What was that, a look of actual pain in his eyes? I couldnt focus enough to tell, his gaze quickly snapped away from it, returning to me. I felt my cheeks burn because I knew he caught me staring. He smiled slightly and moved to my other side. "Before you ask, I should tell you what exactly it was that happened, shouldnt I?" Niall asks me, pretty much taking the words right out of my mouth. I simply nod, and Niall motions for me to take a seat. I do, sitting beside him as he goes through his backstory about that day. I listen intently.

(Told by Niall. His backstory)

I didnt know what do when they called my name to be in the Finals that day. I was so happy, but, nervous at the same time. Being in the Finals meant I was good, which I was happy about. I was nervous because it meant me going up against the other best in the school, and other 10 schools that were there that day. So, I sat there, waiting to hear who I was up against. There were plenty of people there, even some from London, Doncaster, and a few other places. There were so many more people there, intent stares on me as I heard my name called to go next. The rest of my team patted me on the back and told me I could take him, but I knew it would be difficult. I took another sip of my water bottle and set it down, putting on my headgear and stuff. I finally heard the judges call the name of who I would be up against.

"Rob Blu and Niall Horan. Please step up to the mat." One of the huskier announcers called out. I weakly made my way down to the platform. I've heard so many rumours about this Rob guy. They called him the Arm-Smasher with his deadly headlocks and things. He picks you up in a headlock and then slams you down on one of your arms, breaking it instantly. I gulped as I finally made it down. The trash talking began, increasing my hatred and anger towards him. The ref. was there, ready to start the match. We both ignored him as we talked amongst outselves instead.

"Lookie here, who brought the puppy here? Why you down here, puppy-eyes? You should've been broken down a long time ago, so skinny. I'll have fun breaking both of your arms. Just cause you look nice doesnt mean you gonna win. Look here, this is the Finals. Last time to break someone. I'm going my hardest today." Rob says, gaze locked intently on mine. I gulp, knowing my arm would be shattered by the time I left here.

"No, I know I'm good. I can take you. I know I can." I say, holding back from already pummeling this guy. I'd been in many streetfights before, many of them wins. There were only a select few losses, which I knew I would end up losing the ones I did. I way underestimate some people.

"Oh, really?" Rob asks, really trying to get a rise out of me. But I dont listen, I keep my gaze locked on his, thinking up ways I could smash his arm. I dont want to be the one who gets remembered as the 'poor boy who broke his arm and lost' from this school year. I knew I had some touch points, as much as weaknesses, but I knew how to use both of them. My hatred for this guy has been growing since he'd beaten up my friends, broken three of their arms and one of their legs. I hid, not wanting the same fate. Oh he'd searched and searched for me, but I was nowhere to be seen. I hid behind some stacks of wood, knowing I was well hid.

"Okay, shake hands." The ref said, and when Rob put his hand out, I slapped it away, a chorus oh 'ooohh's'' erupting from the bleachers. There was a long silence before he blew the whistle. The knot in my stomach grew until I heard a farmiliar voice.

"Kick his butt, kid! You got something special, now use it to your own strengths, Find his weaknesses, dont let him find yours first." It was my father, he'd never come to one of these before. This was the most important one, the one I would lose no-doubtedly, and he decides to show up NOW?! Of all times, now? I cursed mentatlly as soon as the whistle blew.

I saw Rob charging at me, but I easily dodged away, spinning, waiting for his counter attack. I waited, in ready position for my upper-cut. He broke out in a slower run towards me, getting to me, and I ducked, feeling the heat of his punch go over my head by a few inches. I heard him swear, and try again. He missed, and know it was my turn to deliver. I sent a punch right to the bottom of his jaw, making him bounce back, holding his face. He straightened and came at me again, obviously trying too hard. I dodged, spun, and threw a blow to the back of his head. There were so many cheers coming from my side of the bleachers, as his side was completely stunned silent. He fell down, tumbling on the gym floor. I heard a crack as he hit his head, but he still got back up to his feet. I took another swing, missing his eye by about a centimeter, and he got a good hit to my left ribs. I cried out in pain and swirled to the floor, while he was collecting himself, taking his time rubbing his head. I got back up quickly and spun on him, running a complete circle around him before nailing him in his ribs, The right side. He fell to the ground with a groan, and he didnt look like he was able to get up. But he still did, sweat coming onto his face severely. He made a quick move towards me, but I dodged last second, and spun around, He was quicker this time and was already coming at me by the time I spun. I held a blocking pose and then finally took one last hit to his arm,

A sickening noise made me bolt upright and hope it wasnt what I thought it was. I looked at my own arms, wiggling them around. No pain. I looked over at Rob, my fears were comfirmed. He was rolling on the ground, practically screaming, holding his right arm tightly to his chest, It was twisted in an ugly angle. I'd gotten too carried away, hit him harder than I thought I was going to. I'd broken his arm this time. Part of me wanted to scream 'how does it feel!' to him and continue beating him, but the other part of me stopped myself. I stood there, then ran over to him as two of the refs took my shoulders and held me back. I spun on one of them, and he dropped to the floor, covering his head as if beggind for me not to hurt him. I smirked in my head and quickly spun in the other's direction. He backed away quickly. I had found my strong point, and it was a deathly punch. To someone's arm. Directly below the elbow. I darted out of the room and into the supply closet. There was a knock at my door, I quickly hid behind a barrel. The door opened and my whole team came inside, cheering, I had won the Finals, but also hurt someone way more than planned.

I saw my father towards the back of the group, huge smile on his face and I pushed past my team and over to him. He ruffled my dark hair and told me I did good.

(End of flashback.)

Told By Laylay:

I saw tears in his eyes as he put his head down in his hands, resting against my side. I put my arm around him and patted his back.

"It's okay. You didnt mean it." I say, trying to comfort him. He brought his head out of his hands, showing me his tear-streaked face. I felt a knot in my stomach. I knew I was about to cry, seeing him hurt was a bad thing. I never want to see him getting hurt.

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