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***Sorry it took so long to get this done. It took me a long time to write your ideas in my notebook. But, I've gotten most of it done now, and here goes nothing.***


7. Feelings Like This Are Hard To Fight

Niall was still shocked as I told him my secret. I didnt know whether he would answer or not, which worried me, does he not like the idea of me being in love with him back? Does he like the chase? I mean, chasing me, trying to get me to like him more, does he like the way I always hold back from my feelings? The way I let him chase me?

"I-I-I cant believe it." Niall says, and for some strange reason, my heart sank. Does he like it or not like it? The idea of me liking him back. Troublesome... I held back some tears, obviously he doesnt really feel the same way... I should give up..

I snapped my pitty thoughts out of my head, and focused on what's really happening.

"I-Is it a good thing?" I hear my own voice blurt out, no doubt I ruined the moment. He stared at me, smiling. I think it's a good thing. I will need to take his word for it, though.

"It's the best thing. Nobody's ever wanted to be my princess. I'm not the most popular in the band..." He says. I put my hand on his shoulder, looking into his eyes.

"Almost the whole world wants to be with you, Niall." I say, and he smiles.

"Yeah, but those are 12 and 13 year old perverted fans. And, to be honest, they scare me. I'm claustrophobic, I get scared in tight places when the fans are overcrowding me asking to get inside my pants, and actually grabbing me there..." He says, his gaze dropping mine.

"They would scare me too. My dad was innapropriate towards me.. All the time. Never anything serious, but it was still bad..." I say, and his gaze instantly meets mine. I try to lower mine, but his eyes are so content on keeping mine steadily on his that I just cant refuse his eyes. They are way too, too, I dont know the word for it. They just seem so... so... They just keep my attention controlled onto his.. He has a way with that.

"I would never do that. That's not what a girl is for. She's to love, not to abusive love. She's my princess, my only princess, no cheats or other descisions.. I would never hurt you, I would never do anything you dont like. I know I rushed you into this date, and I know you've really never been in love before. But, there's a reason everyone wants it so bad. Once you find it, really find it, you cant let it slip. And, I wont let you slip. I'll be your Prince if you be my Princess." He says, and I hold back happy tears. I cant handle this. It's too sweet.

"I'll be your princess." I say, and he smiles, leaning in, kissing me gently on the cheek. "I wont let you slip." I finish. He stares into my eyes, his tearing up as mine do too. He pulls me closer again, and I lean my head onto his shoulder. He sigs a nice relief sigh and puts his head against mine. I feel his heartbeat so close to mine, his heart is as a rabbits, beating so fast. I'm sure I could hear it. His breathing was slow, light and deep. I could hear his every breath as he turned the movie back on. I wasnt concentrated on the movie, instead I closed my eyes and just listened to Niall breathe and felt his heart beat from his neck. I found a soft spot, and leaned down to lay on his chest, which he allowed, and soon enough, we were both asleep. I listened to his deep breaths all night long until one time I felt myself being picked up.

I was so confused in my state of sleep that I started throwing myself  around desperately, hoping it wasnt my dad that broke in here to get me. Those other boys did lock the door, didnt they? I was too wrapped up in Niall and the candles and the rose that I didnt listen for it. I was too focused on my prince.

"Shh, calm down babe. It's alright. I wont hurt you." I heard Niall's voice coming from the person who held me. I knew I was fine then, so I relaxed more, and let him carry me away. "I'm just putting you in bed. You fell asleep." He says, and then I remember, falling asleep to his nice warm breath, his heart beat, and then hearing his deep rhythmic breaths. I stop kicking around, and he sigs another relief sigh. I love that.

We walk a little ways more until I feel myself put down on something soft. Extremely soft. The bed. Then I feel Niall pull the covers over me, warmth engulfing me. I feel the blanket pull all the way to my neck, my whole body warm. Then I feel Niall besides me, arms going over my waist, pulling me closer until I'm right against his chest. I feel his strong arms around me all night, nothing wrong. I feel his heart beat against my back, feel him breathing against me, his breath along my neck. One of the best moments in my life.

I fell asleep a few minutes later, to Niall humming to me lightly. He wasnt singing words, just the beat of them. It was perfect. If I'd been on many dates before this, or any dates before this, I would say this is my best, and most favourite. I wish I could tell everyone about Niall, about how he's mine. No, we're not together together yet, but we could be in a bit. I dont know exactly what happened after that, but all I knew was that I was tired, and I fell asleep.

I dreamt about Niall, about all the things he says to me, the risk he takes protecting me, the way he needs me. No, doesnt need me, wants me. One of the first people besided mum and Car that proved that they like me around, want me around more. Like they need me in their lives. My dream was strange, and it was horrible. It was like a nightmaire.

(Dream, told by Laylay)

Who was that? An angel? It felt like I was dead, this place looked extraordinarry, way better than places I've been before. The atmosphere was better than being in Niall's arms all night, or atleast it felt that way... I felt myself walking over, not being able to stop. I cant control my movements. Why cant I move myself? Am I trapped in the body of someone else?

I rake some of my hair forwards, holding it out in front of me, just as black as it usually is. Once I get over to the girl, I notice she IS an angel, she has wings. But she's crying. She doesnt show her face, but I know exactly who it is. Mum.

I look aimlessly around for Car, but there's no sign of anyone else. We're alone. Is this real?

I wonder why she's crying, maybe I can help. Then she turns, and I see her face, not beaten like it was in the crash, perfectly beautiful like it used to be... I try to rush over faster, but this body wont move any faster than a slow two  steps a beat. I can feel her looking at me, a worried look over her face. I know I dont know what to say, but she's my mum, she knows all about what's been happening, and I had a feeling. She just couldnt stop it. She was an angel in Heaven, watching me and trying to steer me in the right directions. Finally, I stopped moving, and now I could walk myself.

I took a slow step forwards, and I almost fell, feeling the softness of the ground below me.

"Careful, baby." She says, her voice quavering, almost like I'm seeing a ghost. What was all this about? Does she need to tell me something? What's happened?

"Mum, w-where's Car?" I ask, hearing my own voice strained now.

"No. No.. No! Baby, you arent supposed to be here. Why are you here? You arent  dead. Not yet. Baby, wake up. Please, please wake back up. Dont lie low and let this happen, baby, wake up." I hear here, but her voice is growing strained. I desperately held onto her, trying to see if I could hear more.

"W-what do you mean?" I ask, regarding to her words: 'you arent dead. Not yet.'.

"Baby, go back, get away. Your father is wait--- dont worry--- Car fine. Get away---with boy---father is waiting---" I could only hear parts, and then she faded out. "Wake up, baby, please wake up. No, no, no! Wake up! Please wake up!!" The voice started as my mum's and then, it was Niall again. Trying to wake me up?

(End of  dream)

"Babe, wake up. No, no no, please wake up! Babe?" Niall sounded worried, and somehow I couldnt force my eyes open. Couldnt look forward. Couldnt force myself to move. I felt a tear drop onto me from somewhere, and suddenly, my eyes bolted awake, my body felt strangely colder than normal.

"Oh my god! Thank the lord. I thought you were dead! Babe, you stopped breathing!" Niall's voice said above me, I couldnt see completely. All I could do was breathe the air in so fast, really long breaths, like the air was the only meal I've ever been allowed to have. I felt his arms around me again, and I knew he had me sitting up, my head rested against the wood of the backboard of the bed. Suddenly, the pictures of everything came back, I could see again. There was Niall, looming over me, worry written everywhere. There were some pills lying on the bedside table, tipped over and most of them spilled. I felt Niall's arms around me, pulling me into a hug.

"I-I died?" My voice was barely above a whisper. I could tell it was really weak. My body felt like ice. Complete ice. Isnt that what happens when you're dead? Your body goes cold?

"I think... I dont know. And I'm taking you to the doctors. I cant let you go." Niall says, and I rub my head, my hand feels like ice cubes. Like I'm brushing an ice bag over my head. "Come sit by the fire, you're colder than snow. And whiter than snow." Niall says, helping me up, my legs not working. I cant move, barely. I can only breathe and hope this all goes away. Hope I dont die. But, what was my mum trying to tell me? Get away with the boy -Niall- because dad is waiting for me to come back out? I need to warn Niall. For some reason, I think my dad got in here, didnt take me, but tried to kill me. When Niall took me into the bedroom for sleep, I didnt see the pill bottle there. I know someone did it, and it wouldn't have been Niall. He loves me. But, for now, my guard is on high duty. I need to catch every little detail about everything.

I sat there, by the fire, until I could feel my legs and feet and arms and my whole body. I stood up and found Niall pacing around the hallway, on the phone with someone. I hid behind the door, so he couldnt see me and listened. I needed to strain my ears to hear, but it was worth it.

"No, she was really dead. Right by me. She just stopped breathing." Niall said, then paused, I heard a tiny voice on the other end. I couldnt make out what the other person said. "Yes" Pause. "I used mouth to mouth to get air into her lungs." Then a pause. The voice seemed to be exploding on Niall. I decided to walk out, make myself known.  "Okay, bye. We'll be there in five minutes." Niall said, then he pushed a button and the phone call ended.

"I'm okay now." I said, hearing my voice told me I really wasnt. My voice was sickly raspy. What's going to happen to me now? I know with Niall I was safe.



















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