Imagine For Girl in the mask

***Sorry it took so long to get this done. It took me a long time to write your ideas in my notebook. But, I've gotten most of it done now, and here goes nothing.***


8. Dream.

Niall turned and saw me standing there and his face went completely surprised.

"You okay now babe?" He asks, and I nod.

"Yes. I-I think." I say, raspiness in my voice going away a little. I can feel more heat in my body, and as I look down, veins are poking out almost everywhere. My skin is pale white and you can see every single little vein. I really almost died. Niall saved my life. My life.

I couldnt help myself anymore, I went over to Niall as fast as my legs would carry me, and wrapped my arms around his neck, hugging him close. I felt like crying, but my body doesnt make tears now. I feel like just curling up next to him and telling him my whole life story while he runs his fingers through my hair and listens so intently. I wish I could have him forever, but I know I wont. Nothing ever works my way, ever. I felt Niall's arms around my waist and I just completely fell into him, my body pressing so close to his. I could feel his steady heart-beat, his slow breathing, and mine. I'm alive. Because of Niall. We're both alive. We're going to be okay, at least I hope. Niall rests his chin on the top of my head, and I let him. I wish I could hold him and never let go. I never want to let go.

Niall takes his hand off my waist and pulls away. He looks me deep in the eyes, tears touching his eyes. And now mine.

"You saved my life." I say, only simple words, very plain. But it was true. He's saved me so many times before, but what much does that count if I would've died.

"I-I think so. I cant lose you." He says, and pulls me closer to him. I feel the butterflies build up in my stomach, and I know what's about to happen. I feel our lips meet, so sweetly, and they seem to fit together. I feel Niall's hands on the back of my waist again, pulling me into him. I cant help my arms from slipping around his neck. I feel the pulse of blood through his neck and I thank God that I'm alive and allowed to live this moment right now. Sure, Niall used to be a little weird to me, but that was before. Before he showed me how much he cared about me. Before he showed me he wasnt a bad guy.

Before he showed me he loved me.

He cant lose me.

He needs me.

And I need him.

Niall pulls away, and slips his hands around me one more time, leaning on me.

"I love you, Niall. I really do." I say, and this seems to catch him off guard. I needed to tell my real feelings before I screw up again. This was Niall, he wont laugh. Worst comes to worst, he would tell me off nicely. But, he wont. He feels the same way I do.

"I love you too. I wouldnt imagine life without my princess." He says, and pulls me into another hug, kissing my cheek. I let a smile come to my face, and I let him see. "But we need to go to the hospital... You need to be checked out."


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